Nightmare Fuel / Lucky Star

Even this show has its moments of this.
  • The extreme close ups of the fly and mosquito in Episode 20.
    • There's also a realistic closeup of a cicada being dismembered and eaten by ants.
  • The ending of the OAV especially comes to mind.
  • Keroro and Tamama's cameo in the OAV.
  • Also Konata's prank on Tsukasa in Episode 6. According to the liner notes, it was based on a Peek-a-Boo Corpse moment in the detective movie Sukekiyo Inugami. So...yup.
  • Hiyori fell into this a bit in Episode 19. Something about her "frustration pose", with her eyes going blank behind her glasses, a borderline Slasher Smile, and the way she occasionally bobbed her head back and forth...
    • She also underwent a somewhat disturbing Art Shift when she tripped and moved to avoid injuring her drawing hand.
  • When the deer snarl at Tsukasa in Episode 21, they straddle the line between this and Crowning Moment of Funny.