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Nightmare Fuel: Lords and Ladies
  • The elves provide the page quote for The Fair Folk for a reason. They're sadistic Eldritch Abominations that manipulate the thoughts and emotions of mortals into worshipping them and feed off the pasts and futures of other universes because their own is nothing but a barren eternity of ice and snow.
  • Pratchett manages to do it with just one word. So horrible it's almost funny:
    The elves had killed the fish in the pond. Eventually.
  • There's one sentence about a "nest of newborn rabbits" and an anthill providing "some amusement"... Cruelty is fashionable right now, and yet this sentence is just... pure nightmare fuel.
    • And this, from beings that gloatingly expect that the land of Lancre will be pleased to have them back. How alien/evil a mindset is that?
  • Fridge Horror: It's a passing remark, but Granny Weatherwax tells Ridcully that elves and humans have bred in the past. Given that the elves have no empathy and their presence is Mind Rape to mortals, the circumstances were probably not pleasant. (Let's hope it was instead a case of Love Redeems.)

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