Nightmare Fuel: Life After People

Abandoned towns are already frightening enough, but seeing the entire world with no people is even scarier.

     Present-day populated locations 
  • Seeing your home city being abandoned in the series combines both Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker
  • The entirety of Los Angeles being engulfed by a wildfire 10-15 years after people is really unnerving.
  • A San Francisco cable car's cable snaps, sending it going downhill. In fact, it goes so fast that it ploughs through a car.
  • The dead zones around nuclear power plants.
  • The fate of the "Crypt of Civilisation".
  • The episode "The Last Supper" is not for the weak of stomach. Here's a pleasant image: an entire supermarket filled with rotting food and infested with rats and insects.
  • An oil refinery near Houston explodes just an HOUR after people.

     Present-day abandoned locations 
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