Nightmare Fuel / Life After People

Abandoned towns are already frightening enough, but seeing the entire world with no people is even scarier.

     Original special 
  • Seeing your home city being abandoned in the series combines both Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker.
  • Prypiat, Ukraine. A ghost town which residents evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster.
    • And they just HAD to add creepy child laughter in the background, too...

     The Bodies Left Behind 

  • Atlanta would be overrun with kudzu. However, when the kudzu dries up, it forms a tinderbox. Once lightning strikes, the kudzu ignites and burns down most of Atlanta.

     The Capital Threat 
  • The entirety of Los Angeles being engulfed by a wildfire 10-15 years after people is really unnerving.
    • This is topped by an earthquake 50 years after people that makes quick work of most of LA.

     Heavy Metal 

     The Invaders 

     Bound and Buried 
  • A San Francisco cable car's cable snaps, sending it going downhill. In fact, it goes so fast that it ploughs through a car.

     Sin City Meltdown 

     Armed and Defenseless 

     Road to Nowhere 
  • An oil refinery near Houston explodes just an HOUR after people.

     Waters of Death 

     Wrath of God 

     Toxic Revenge 
  • The dead zones around nuclear power plants.

     Crypt of Civilization 
  • The fate of the titular "Crypt of Civilization".

     The Last Supper 

     Home Wrecked Home 
  • The collapse of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

     Holiday Hell 
  • Salton City. A once bustling resort town turned into what could best described as "desert with a lot of trash in it".

     Waves of Devastation 
  • Just 10 years after people, Sacramento's Folsom Dam will break and the resulting floodwaters would demolish everything in the city.
  • Similarly to Sacramento, many cities in the Netherlands would end up flooded within months.

     Sky's The Limit 

     Depths of Destruction 

     Take Me To Your Leader