Nightmare Fuel / Life After People

Abandoned towns are already frightening enough, but seeing the entire world with no people is even scarier.

     Present-day populated locations 
  • Seeing your home city being abandoned in the series combines both Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker.
  • The entirety of Los Angeles being engulfed by a wildfire 10-15 years after people is really unnerving.
    • This is topped by an earthquake 50 years after people that makes quick work of most of LA.
  • A San Francisco cable car's cable snaps, sending it going downhill. In fact, it goes so fast that it ploughs through a car.
  • The dead zones around nuclear power plants.
  • The fate of the "Crypt of Civilization".
  • The episode "The Last Supper" is not for the weak of stomach. Here's a pleasant image: an entire supermarket filled with rotting food and infested with rats and insects.
  • An oil refinery near Houston explodes just an HOUR after people.
  • The fate of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Doesn't help that it's similar to what happened to chunks of the boardwalk in Hurricane Sandy.
  • Atlanta would be overrun with kudzu. However, when the kudzu dries up, it forms a tinderbox. Once lightning strikes, the kudzu ignites and burns down most of Atlanta.
  • Just 10 years after people, Sacramento's Folsom Dam will break and the resulting floodwaters would demolish everything in the city.
  • The collapse of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

     Present-day abandoned locations 

  • The mind-blowingly slow death of a lone caiman in a zoo's water tank. It won't escape, but being a reptile it will take it more than a year to die of hunger, and this wait will be entirely in the dark because the lights will go out long before that.
    • Not like the other fish fared any better. Most of them would end up choking to death once oxygen levels go down. The rest would eventually die of starvation. Keep in mind this is within a week after people.