Nightmare Fuel / Les Légendaires

Despite the major humor in the series, Les Légendaires include a large amount of Nightmare Fuel.

  • Gryf's hallucination of Elysio having an especially scary Slasher Smile (coupled with Red Eyes! Take Warning) before leaving him fall from a cliff. bonus point due to it being some kind of nightmare.
  • Halan's soldiers' fate in Book 5; when the Legendaries and Halan arrive in the camp, all they can find are empty clothes. They are then attacked by Chaos Shades. They fight them, destroy them... and then Danael reveals Chaos Shades actually are humans transformed through Darkhellion stingers, implying those they just killed were the soldiers.
  • Gryf's expression when in Chakounia state can be quite frightening.
  • Anathos' No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the Legendaries in Book 10: he reincarnates in Danael, stabs Jadina, scars Gryf all over his body, pierce Shimy's eyes with a Flaming Sword and cut off Razzia's arm. In a series that until then mostly relied on Bloodless Carnage, this scene is incredibly violent and graphic.
  • The victims of Anathos' plague in Book 11. Large amount of Body Horror involved.
  • Similarly, Dark-Jadina's hinted Mind Rape of Tenebris. All we get to see from it is Dark-Jadina licking her lips while wondering how though Tenebris' spirit is. Later, when Jadina arrives, she is shown a broken and heavily injured Tenebris. God knows what they did to her.
  • Anathos' execution of Dark-Jadina: after failing, she goes to him begging him to forgive her. Anathos states he forgives her, and the two seems to share a moment... then Anathos cold-blooded bow her head off.
  • Kasino's death in Book 13: when first shown, it's from the Legendaries' point of view, who see Jadina impaling him on her bare hand and sucking his blood on her thumb. It's later revealed it was actually Tenebris doing it and their vision of Jadina was because of Abyss' illusion.
  • Jadina's deadbody being found in the final panel of Book 13.
  • Jadina, being sentenced to death, gets a visit from her father who, believing her to be an impostor, wishes her to rot in hell before leaving. This causes her to have a huge Heroic B.S.O.D. and screaming of dispair. Cut to Vangelis apparently hearing the scream and pointing out how beautiful of a day it is.
  • Abyss' Villainous Breakdown is quite disturbing on many level, especially the way he suddenly turns out to be a cruel homicidal sociopath when he was so nice at the beginning. His attitude with Tenebris and his apparent death only makes it worst.
  • Book 15 open with Skroa and new villain Sheyba attacking and savagely mauling a whole monastary to get their hands on their idol's heart. Her Dragon Razorcat savagely slaughters the monks on her order, and is then seen eating them.
  • Amy's reaction to seeing Skroa again after all those years; That is all.