Nightmare Fuel: Land of the Lawn Weenies

  • Contains creepy stories such as a girl that found out that when she touched any object and stopped looking at it, it would disappear. Her mom disappeared and then she sat down and cried and hugged herself and disappeared.
  • There was another story about four girls playing a new video game, and three of them lost. And they disappeared. The story concluded with the last one fighting the final boss and just about to die, so she pressed the pause button. And remained in that position forevermore (implied).
  • Highlights include the substitute teacher who is really an escaped lunatic who electrocutes the class, and the positively terrifying "Inside", in which horrible Alien-like monstrosities burst out from inside cows, and the little brother is the only one who can see them. In the end, he points to the big brother and whispers "Inside," then runs away.
  • "The Billion Legger", a story where Hundreds of centipedes cover the kid's ceiling, walls, and floor and then all attack him at once.
  • One where a teenage girl takes the toddler she's baby-sitting to the park. They're the only ones there, until a kid drops out of a tube slide. The girl dismisses this, thinking she just didn't see him go in, but then another kid pops out, and another, and another, and another...until an entire army of Creepy Children show up, swarm the girl, carry her to the slide, throw her in, and she lands on top of what can only be described as a giant maggot that absorbs her for food so the maggot can make more children. There's a bit of Fridge Horror too...what about that four-year-old kid the girl's baby-sitting?
  • The Campfire Weenies one, in which a boy, in an attempt to conquer his fear of clowns, watches one remove his makeup only to become a horrifically frightening monster in the first chapter. In the last one, a monster is trying to escape from the Hall of Forgotten Monsters by instilling his story in the mind of a writer, and the words he's putting into the writer's mind are those that began the chapter. And, of course, he described quite brutally how if anyone even thinks his name, he will be able to come for them, snatch them out of their beds, and doom them to eternal torment. And his name...? Wanderban.
    • Even worse is the extras section, where the author put little things about where he got the ideas from. He says that the final idea just came to him, as if someone were whispering in his ear...
  • In one story a kid catches a fairy while hunting for fireflies,yep that kind of fairy death threats, hunger for live meat, very horribly sharp little teeth and all. It eats the bugs in the jar and tells him that if he gives it some carbon it can make a diamond in exchange for its freedom. He's smart and doesn't want to open the jar and let it out while he puts some charcoal in. Then he gets stupid and gives it some pencil lead by sliding it through the air holes. The story ends when he comes back from school and he finds that the fairy used the diamond to cut its way out of the jar. He concludes that he doesn't intend to fall asleep anymore.