Nightmare Fuel / La Mouette Noire

Despite all the silliness and funny stuff in La Mouette Noire, there are some things that are best left alone.
  • Sarena dying her Final Death on board her own ship. She knew that she was on her last life and probably wanted to play it safe. Then, someone came on board and beheaded her...
    • Let's just hope that she didn't suffer too much during her Game Over.
  • Mara as she's down to her last life in Issue 5. To reach Game Over without achieving any of your goals is quite disturbing.
    • Last page of Issue 6.
    • In Issue 7, she's tied to a ship's mast, awaiting her chance to insert a credit to return to her game. She also gets a front-seat view of what awaits her if she doesn't get her credit, as demonstrated by Flockgard's dismemberment.
  • Issue 7, where the deaths and humiliations of Flockgard and her team become less Rule of Funny and more of this.
    • The death resulting in her Game Over has Sarlok impaling her chest with a flame blade. The flame is so hot, it melted her neck, part of her shoulders and her lower jaw. When her fingers touched the flame, it melted them and her arms. Sarlok strangling her before that doesn't help matters.
    • After the above-mentioned, Flockgard's team tried to put up a fight, but realised that their equipment and powers no longer worked. They were then butchered by their enemies.
    • When Flockgard fails to get her credit to continue, she was dismembered and beheaded, while whimpering and crying like a little girl. Before the beheading, she even tries to raise her (bloody) arm stubs as she begs Mara to help her. Worse still, she doesn't even know the concept of credits and continues.