Nightmare Fuel / LEGO Adaptation Game
He is always watching
When you think about LEGO games, you'd think it's all funny and cheerful. That Traveller's Tales Games renact disturbing, serious or sexual innuendo filled scenes and even erase Nazi symbols in the LEGO Indiana Jones games so it can be family friendly, right? Well, most LEGO games have a European PEGI 7+ rating because of FEAR.

LEGO Star Wars I, II & III

  • The Emperor's Force Lightning during the battle with him, especially if you aren't aware how to stop him.
  • Lego Star Wars 3 has the level with the Zombie Geonosians.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 & Years 5-7

  • In the the Forbidden Forest level from the First Year, you can see evil white eyes in the dark watching you. And yes, the level has John Williams' creepy theme.
  • Bowtruckles are pretty harmless (at least they don't try to rip off your eyes like in the books) and helpful to create stairs, but they make some weird noises and howls enough to make you jump.
  • The Grey Lady coming from a corner in the Mirror of Erised level. She doesn't make noises and doesn't hurt you, but it's very unexpected.
  • Ghost characters make a creepy howl while attacking. The noise is much creepier in the Years 1-4 videogame.
  • Aragog and his family chasing Harry and Ron in the Ford Anglia.
  • When casting Crucio, it puts the person you're holding in extreme pain, eventually killing them. When you're using it as Tom Riddle, he laughs.
  • Destroying a Dementor leaves pieces of its skeleton bouncing around on the floor.
  • Voldemort's death is just as bad is in the last film. Instead of ashes, he turns into small LEGO pieces that get flown away but his face also shows pain.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

LEGO The Hobbit

  • Arachnophobes won't like the Spider Bomb weapon. It's a spider's egg sac that explodes into a swarm of spiders when thrown. If an NPC is in the area, they will swarm around them and damage them. Several bombs can be thrown to create a large mass of them, but they eventually fade.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Davy Jones' heart is not as crude and realistic as in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End but rather a cute little heart, similar to your health hearts, wearing Davy Jones' hat. Just like in the movie, Jack Sparrow is about to stab it, but the cute little heart is so scared to die that you could only put your hands in your mouth when Jack stabs it out of shot. For a game that loves to bowdlerize, it's quite disturbing.

LEGO Jurassic World

  • The Indominus rex stalking Owen and Claire in the old Visitor Center from Jurassic Park as pictured above. First time you see the dinosaur abomination, her red eye is just there lurking at you through a hole. Afterwards she'll try to attack Claire and Owen through jumpscares Dino Crisis style. Poor Claire, she is naturally scared of it.
    • The Indominus' first moments stand out as more than a little creepy too. First, while the raptors have plenty of things to play with in their pen, the Indominus has only scattered bones laying around (of what, is unclear, and she's only fed by food crane. What happened to the sibling?), out of which she makes angry faces. Also, the sides of her pen have insane scribblings of her terrorizing humans. Finally, when the Indominus breaks out of her pen in the movie, she crashes the gate open. In this version however, she sticks her hands through the gate, rippling her fingers around the edge in a incredibly disturbing manner. The music doesn't help too.
    • Indominus in general is a lot creepier in the game than in the movie. Even though several of her scary scenes are toned down, she acts much more humanlike than her movie counterpart. Examples include her throwing a car at Zach and punching down a tree just like a human would.
  • The Velociraptors are still very scary despite having very funny moments in key creepy scenes. They are the dinosaurs that do more Jumpscares specially through ambushes and will attack any character even if it is Kelly or Timmy.
    • When fighting the "Big One/Clever Girl" in the "Restoring Power" level, as she gets defeated in a failed ambush, she runs away with a scream that sounds very human...
      • Heck, that whole section! You're making your way through the jungle, and every so often out of nowhere a raptor will jump out and try to maul your character whilst they desperately try to fight them off via QTE. And this happens multiple times.
  • The "Restoring Power" level. It's a dark place with very little light and has a Velociraptor disappearing with a Scare Chord.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the level where Tim and Lex have to escape from the velociraptors in the kitchen is extremely unnerving and feels like a level from SIREN.
  • During the level in which the raptors have teamed up with the Indominus rex, the game cuts back to Claire and the boys in the ACU ambulance talking to one another, when they hear rustling at the door and a raptor eye peering through the crack in the door.
  • Another thing that's kind of creepy... the Spinosaurus doesn't have any iris's. It's eyes are just a blank beige... it's more then a little unsettling.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • Venom's level. It's loaded with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows levels of symbiote goo which you can get caught in, the enemies are half-possessed symbiote victims, and then there's Venom himself. Special mention goes to Venom's rather unexpected Jump Scare.
  • Venom can also become a Big Fig (similar to Hulk and Abomination). Only problem is he literally TEARS HIMSELF IN HALF to do so! With the looks, and the screeches of pain, it looks very horrifying. Considering that he shows a host inside him during his battle, the transformation must be excruciating.
  • Lizard's grab involves him eating his opponent.
  • Ant-Man's special has him shrink himself further than in normal gameplay, enter his opponent's body, and explode them from within.
  • The final boss of LEGO Marvel Superheroes is a brainwashed Galactus. Loki plans to make him devour Earth and Asgard.

LEGO Batman

  • The Scarecrow fight in the fourth level of Batman 2. He uses fear gas to make Batman and Robin hallucinate that he's giant, and by the point that he throws all three fear gas bombs, the screen gains a wavy effect like you were viewing it underwater and tinged yellow-green. A brilliant choice of suit makes it so that fighting the Mooks as Batman makes them appear as skeletons due to the Sensor Suit's X-ray vision when next to a character, all while seeing a towering Scarecrow laughing in the background.
  • There's just something unsettling about the bright red eyes on Joker's Batman Beyond skin.
  • Black Hand is in LEGO Batman 3, with a surprisingly horrifying character model. Mercifully, he's not in the main game.
  • While they rather mercifully cannot hurt you, the Weeping Angels are shown to exist in the LEGO Batman universe.
  • The statue of Abin Sur during the Indigo Tribe level in LEGO Batman 3 might not make any sense at first, but comics fans will know that this is because Indigo-1 murdered his daughter. This means that when Flash, Cyborg and Martian Manhunter step foot on the planet, they're fighting a child-murdering sociopath at the head of an equally sociopathic group of criminals.