Nightmare Fuel / Kushiel's Legacy

Phedre's Trilogy

Kushiel's Dart
  • Melisande drugging Phedre and Joscelin, torturing Phedre for information and selling them both to the Skaldi.
  • Phedre is almost raped by two Skaldi in Selig's steading while on her way to farewell Gunther's people.

Kushiel's Chosen
  • The brutal murders of Fortun and Remy.

Kushiel's Avatar
  • Pretty much everything the Mahrkagir does qualifies.
  • The portion of Avatar set in Darsanga when it's not being Fetish Fuel.
    • Of course, as Phèdre points out, it's possible for something to be both horrific and Fetish Fuel at once.

Imriel's Trilogy

Moirin's Trilogy