Nightmare Fuel: Kung Fu Panda 2

  • The flashback to Po's past in 2-D animation makes the wolves and Shen look like real monsters.
    • Pretty much the only time when the iconic scream of the Indian Peafowl became genuinely terrifying - when he uses it to set the pogrom on the panda village in motion.
    • Then when Shen sees baby Po, he points at him and orders his wolves to "get them all!" Shows that he wouldn't even hesitate to kill a baby panda!
  • The opening narration where Shen is absolutely ecstatic about killing all the pandas is pretty creepy. The reaction of his parents when Shen bursts into the room with a look of sheer joy and excitement on his face is likely the same as the audience.
  • Shen himself is an incredibly frightening and intimidating foe. Let that sink in for a second: DreamWorks found a way to make a peacock, one of the goofiest and gaudiest-looking of all animalsnote , into an even more frightening and intimidating character than Tai Lung, a snow leopard. Who knows martial arts.
    • "Oh, this? It's a gift! It's your parting gift…in that it will 'part' you. Part of you here, part of you there, part of you waaaay back there STAINING THE WALLS."
  • Tigress's glowing eyes during the boat scene is pretty creepy in itself. Note that this is a trait she shares with Tai Lung.