[[AC:1933 Film]]
* The [[FridgeHorror implication]] in the original movie that the natives have been giving their ''own'' women to Kong for many years... and Kong either killed them or just ignored them to wander around and die alone on Kong's side of the island.
* A scene of crewmen being eaten by giant spiders, was considered too scary (the producers insist the scene was cut for pacing and production concerns); the 2005 version reinstated the idea, and director Jackson also produced a scene for the 1933 film's DVD release, depicting how the scene might have looked had it been made as written. Andy Serkis himself described the monsters in the 2005 version as "Freudian penis monsters."
** It has a special ability to frighten New Zealand viewers, knowing that some of the insects are actually GIANT WETAS, bloody ugly insects native to their fair land. And while they normally live in forests, they can turn up anywhere, and they're big enough as it is, so the concept of wetas the size of a dog would freak any [=NZer=] out...
** Their NAME (Wetapunga) means 'God of Ugly Things' in Maori. Worse, the leech-like things are real, too... they're bloodworms, a carnivorous worm with protruding... er... lips.

[[AC:2005 Film]]
* The way the crew members die...many of them EatenAlive. Special mention goes to the CruelAndUnusualDeath of [[spoiler: the cook, devoured one limb at a time by the mutated bloodworms]].
* During the scene with the bugs, one of the men tries to climb up the canyon wall... and is suddenly grabbed by a giant pincer bursting from said-wall and gets dragged screaming into the hole.
* The deleted swamp scene (featuring the Piranhadon) wasn't much better. [[spoiler:Two of the crew are ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice on its teeth, but one is swallowed whole, as he futilely reaches from between the teeth. It very nearly does the same to Jack Driscoll.]]
* A lot of the creatures on Skull Island .
** The coffee-table book has some ''even creepier'' examples. Yes, even creepier than the giant worms.
* Not just the insects, but the ''natives'' of Skull Island. When you hear the term "savages" used to refer to aboriginal cultures, it's usually an insulting description of someone with a different culture. ''This'', however, is the culture the word was made for. Emaciated, wearing scant clothing made of human hair and teeth and small animal bones, and [[GoMadFromTheRevelation driven to feral insanity]] by living on an island crawling with monsters... They're pretty creepy in the ''Natural History of Skull Island'' coffee-table book, too.
* Everything about Kong's situation- drugged, kidnapped, put on stage in chains... It's a great overlap of this and TearJerker.