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Nightmare Fuel: Joy Division
Joy Division's music has never sounded happy to begin with. Their band name was even inspired by a prostitution wing in a Nazi concentration camp. So it will come as no surprise that their gloomy music features lyrics with images that seem to come from your deepest nightmares.

Also impossible not to forget is the fact that the lead singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide before the group actually broke to the mainstream. This paints a black shadow over their entire oeuvre.

  • "Atrocity Exhibition" about people who pay to see a barely living man in an asylum. "For entertainment they watch his body twist."
    • "You'll see the horrors of a faraway place/ Meet the architects of law face to face/ See mass murder on a scale you've never seen/ And all the ones who try hard to succeed..."
  • "Wilderness": Curtis singing as if he's an ancient traveller who saw nothing but mankind's misery and despair around him.
    • "I travelled far and wide through prisons of the cross/what did you see there?/the power and glory of sin/what did you see there? The blood of Christ on their skins."
    • "I saw the tears as they cried. THEY HAD TEARS IN THEIR EYES. TEARS IN THEIR EYES!"
  • "Dead Souls". The haunting refrain of "They Keep Calling Me" just tops it off.
  • "Heart And Soul". Something about the song feels so ancient, and Ian's mind-state at the time really shows. It doesn't help that his vocals are slightly off-key the whole time.
    An abyss that laughs at creation,
    A circus complete with all fools,
    Foundations that lasted the ages,
    Then ripped apart at their roots.
    Beyond all this good is the terror,
    The grip of a mercenary hand,
    When savagery turns all good reason,
    There's no turning back, no last stand.
    Heart and soul,
    One will burn
  • "In A Lonely Place". The song was recorded a few days before Ian Curtis hung himself, and boy is it unnerving. Mind you, the New Order version is pretty creepy as well, but the production work, and Curtis's slightly ghostly sounding voice just cranks up the nightmare fuel factor to a whole new level. And it goes without saying that the final lyrics of the song are eerie as all hell.
    The hangman looks round as he waits.
    The chord stretches tight, then it breaks.
    Someday we will die in your dreams.
    How I wish we were here with you now.
  • "She's Lost Control": Curtis wrote this song about an epileptic woman he once knew. The nervous rhythm closely follows her own mental breakdown.
  • "I Remember Nothing", a loosely-structured 6 minute dirge based around sinister chanting and murming, punctuated briefly by broken glass.
    Weeee... were straangers...
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