Nightmare Fuel / Iron Man 2
"If you can make God bleed... the people will cease to believe in Him."
  • During the montage of other attempts to produce Iron Man suits, one has the upper half turn 180 degrees with a guy inside it.
    Hammer: I'd like to point out that that test pilot survived.
    • That is not comforting. At all.
  • When Rhodey's War Machine armor is hacked. He's suddenly unable to control his own movement and is forced to watch as the armor attempts to kill his friend. At least Rhodey was well-positioned to warn Tony and able to communicate.
  • Having a fusion reactor powered by experimental palladium in your chest doesn't do very good things to the body. Just see the image on Tainted Veins.
  • Mickey Rourke's performance as Ivan Vanko, at times, can be bone-chilling. Two instances in particular worthy of mention are simple conversations with Stark. The first has him making calm threats to Stark while sitting half naked in a holding cell in Monaco... after nearly murdering the man with arc-electrified whips on the racetrack. The second, however? He calls Tony at his home, sitting casually in a holding room at HammerTech. Cool as a cucumber, blood dripping from his hands, he's sitting next to the body of one of the guards assigned to watch him while the other swings from the ceiling. If Vanko wasn't a seasoned killer before this film's events, Tony Stark wasn't a party animal.