Nightmare Fuel / Incarceron

  • Incarceron is running out of organic resources, so sometimes people and animals are 'born' with mechanical parts. And organic matter is recycled.
  • Finn's memories of his first few years there.
  • Though rare, some people are literally born via Incarceron.
  • Finn encountering the Beast in the Cave.
  • The Half-Men are people who have been "repaired" by Incarceron with robotic components.
  • The Chain-gangs are groups of people fused together and sharing a consciousness. They assimilate their victims.
  • Incarceron and its eyes are everywhere, it can speak to you at any time, and it's very proficient at breaking people.
  • If Incarceron were to Escape, the entire prison would suffocate, freeze, and die in darkness.