Nightmare Fuel / Horton Hears a Who!

  • Being an example of Dark Is Evil, Vlad the Vulture could definitely qualify.
  • And in the movie: Katie. Seriously, some of the faces she pulled will haunt your dreams.
  • While in the animated special, the Wickersham Brothers singing their song can be seen as eerie.
    • Especially when their song references McCarthy's campaigns.
  • Had it not been for JoJo's epic "YOPP!" he and the entire Whos would've died. Including his 96 younger sisters.
  • When Vlad drops flower carrying Whoville, we get a close up of the building being crumbled. Luckily, it turned out all right. But still, it's very unnerving.
  • Pretty much the entire story. Horton just wants to listen to his shiny flower and the other animals just cannot -deal. Shades of George Orwell.
  • When you get right down to it, the situation for the Whos is pretty terrifying. Their world is a tiny speck of dust in a ''much'' bigger world they can't directly perceive or interact with, but they experience all the repercussions that come with it. The clover falling to the ground? Huge earthquakes. Something moving over it? Total Eclipse of the Plot. Being out in the cold? Dramatic changes in the weather. They're constantly teetering on the edge of an ApocalypseHow, all the way up to a Class X .
  • When Horton is described as "more dead than alive" while searching for the clover.