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Nightmare Fuel: Hoodwinked
  • When Boingo snaps.
  • The speed and pitch of the chimes on the roof of Kirk's schnitzel truck. Based on the sound, are apparently tied in to the driving speed of the vehicle, much like an old-fashioned siren... as we discover after Vincent and Lisa steal it and drive it very slowly up the mountain. Compare it to the noise the chimes make during the "Schnitzel Song" when they're working at regular speed. It sounds creepy when it's wound down.
    • Then again, they had outfitted it with tank treads to suit it for off-road and alpine terrain (almost like a snowcat conversion). It was going to drive slower no matter what.
  • Hansel and Gretel's Slasher Smiles are quite creepy.
  • The mine carts take on two levels of this - one from "Be Prepared" and another from the Wolf's story. They're gravity powered, and apparently they even ride around driverless with dynamite stored in the back, and matches. And that dynamite is loose, and if someone should so much as mistake it for a box of candles, you can end up blowing up a trestle easily.
  • In Red's story: the lighting when she falls from the cable car. There is very little sunlight, only a few beams getting through the trees. And the Wolf shows up out of nowhere. And the Wolf-Away part of the encounter gives a jump scare.
  • That entire mine cart section of "Be Prepared" is an In-Universe one for Red. She has the appropriate reaction that a normal person should have, while you're paying more attention to Japeth's song.
  • Little Miss Muffit's Spider, with its Red Eyes, Take Warning , Sinister Silhouettes, and More Teeth than the Osmond Family aspects. Its also implied to have eaten Miss Muffit.

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