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Nightmare Fuel: Highschool of the Dead
Of course, being a series about a Zombie Apocalypse, it was inevitable.
  • Any scene involving fanservice on a victim being attacked/eaten by "them". If not by "them".
    • Particularly in the first episode where Toshimi is torn apart on the stairs, when her so-called "friend" abandoned her to die. You see closeups of "them" biting into her arms and legs as "they" drag her further into their midst, 'til all you see is the lower half of her body writhing in agony along with her pleas... which become anguished sobs, which stops once she starts gurgling on her own blood... and then.... Damn, what a way to go.
  • Picture being on a bus during the outbreak, when you suddenly realize that its filled with "them" eating the other passengers, including the driver, and having nowhere to run... knowing you'll be next.
  • Just about any scene exposing the darker nature of humanity.
    • Some examples can hit home a bit too hard, depending on a person's experiences. For example, if you ever experienced even mild Blood Knight tendencies, then Saeko Busijima is more than enough to scare you if you fear becoming a Sociopathic Hero even a little.
  • The first zombie that approaches Takashi and Rei opens his mouth a bit wider than a normal human mouth should open, showing More Teeth than the Osmond Family and some drool.
  • Every single scene involving Shidou's "cult". Shidou himself proved himself horrifying from the getgo, but look at his "subjects". The first one we see (the one with the phone) is clearly on the last vestiges of sanity, and the others are essentially little more than wild eyed, slobbering sex slaves. Perhaps the worst part is that they were all once normal highschool students, but thanks to the depravity and megalomania of a single man...
    • Then finding out in a recent chapter that he is STILL ALIVE.
  • Any scene that show's Kohta's darker side. He's been so traumatized by years of abuse during high school that he's not above killing the living people who made his life a living hell.

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