Nightmare Fuel / Hellraiser
We have such sights to show you...

  • Frank's slow and horrific reconstruction within the first movie. He is in such agonizing pain that the first thing he does when his brain is connected to his shambling heap of a body is manage to scream without lungs.
  • The climax from the first film:
    Larry!Frank: Hush now! Everything's alright now... Frank's here...
    Kristy: *weeping over her father's skinned corpse* BASTARD!!
    Larry!Frank: Your dear old uncle Frank...
    *the lights dim, and the chime of a music box plays, as though from a great distance.*
    Larry!Frank: The hell is that..?!
    *the Cenobites suddenly appears out of the shadows*
    The Chatterer: *gibbers*
    Pinhead: Fraaaaaank....'
    Larry!Frank: No...!
    Female Cenobite: We had to hear it from your own liiips...
    Pinhead: *to Kristy* This isn't for your eyes!
    Larry!Frank: NO!! You set me up, bitch!!
    *Frank attempts to attack Kristy with a switchblade, but chained hooks lurch out of the darkness, embed themselves into every part of him, and stretch him hideously while a horrified Kristy watches*
    Frank: *smirks and flicks his tongue across his teeth while obviously in enormous pain* Jesus...WEPT!! *is torn apart by the hooks*
  • The Hellraiser anthology comic book has some horrifying stories about other people who have stumbled across Lamarchand's accursed box. Of note are:
    • The very first story in the first issue, which is illustrated like a painting and revolves around the wife of a French nobleman who finds the Lament Configuration during a crusade in Jerusalem. Her husband is shattered by the goal of his crusade being a mere ornate box, leading to his wife desperately searching for some meaning to it, along with her friend, a priest. She does, she discovers that it's proof of Hell. By the end of the story, the nobleman, the wife and the priest have all been dragged off, with the Cenobites leaving behind the woman's unborn child which they delivered through an impromptu c-section and left alive and healthy in the chapel.
    • The baby of a woman and her abusive husband solves one of the Configuration boxes and is taken off to Hell by a pair of Cenobites. The mother manages to follow and save him, but there is no escape from hell. Instead, the Cenobites offer her a deal: she'll raise her son in Hell, and one day, he'll be strong enough to escape himself, but for her, there will never be an escape. Hell is forever. She agrees, and the Cenobites take her to her personal hell: a replica of the same apartment, with the same abusive husband in it. Now however, she has something to suffer for.
    • The beloved actor who has a horrible secret to his performances: he's a serial killer who murders people whose faces inspire him for the roles he's cast for, and cuts off their faces, then preserves them and uses them as masks during his performances. He's finally caught after he murders a limbless carnival freak and the poor man's mother recognizes his face on the screen and discovers that his grave had been dug up. However, he isn't punished for it, Pinhead arrives and takes him to Hell where he's made a new Cenobite, known as "Face", who keeps a vast museum of faces he has claimed.
    • The story about the couple who isolated themselves in their house for 7 years after the husband had an encounter with the Lament Configuration at a party where puzzles were solved for fun. After solving it, he went to fetch his coat, and then nobody saw him for three days. When he was finally found, he had somehow been transported to his own house, trapped in the kitchen cupboard, where he was found hovering near death. After coming to, he told a story about how, when he went into the bedrooms where the coats were kept, he heard the door close behind him, and when he turned around, the hallway door had been replaced by a strange gold door. When he turned back, the bedroom was gone, replaced by darkness. When he opens the golden door, it just lead to another door, only a little further away. Then again. And again. And AGAIN. Every time, the door was further away, until it was just a speck in the distance. When he finally reached the last door, it was locked. Using the last of his strength, he banged furiously on it, and that's when he was found in his own kitchen.