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Nightmare Fuel: Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness the novel

  • Kurtz's house is surrounded by the heads of executed rebels, facing the house!
    • Especially when you think about it and realise that usually, you point the heads AWAY from you (as one is) to deter intruders.
  • The scenes of the labour camps, when Marlow starts comparing the Belgian overseers to demons.
  • Arguably, the most horrifying part is when you then read the history of the Congo Free State and realize that it was actually even worse than Conrad described.
  • The fact that the jungle is portrayed, for all intents and purposes, as some kind of Eldritch Abomination that drove Kurtz insane and into the practice of "unspeakable rites"... I am seriously convinced that Heart of Darkness is an uncredited precursor of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cosmic Horror Story.
    The wilderness had patted him on the head, and, behold, it was like a ball - an ivory ball; it had caressed him, and - lo! - he had withered; it had taken him, loved him, embraced him, got into his veins, consumed his flesh, and sealed his soul to its own by the inconceivable ceremonies of some devilish initiation.

Heart of Darkness the video game

  • The way that Andy can die, would possibly qualify. Right from being eaten to crushed.
  • The reason that the whole scenario happened was because of Andy's fear of the dark. Every Shadow he fights, is a metaphor for his fear of darkness, which would explain the horrible deaths, since that's what Andy fears that could happen to him. If you count the "All Just a Dream"-ending.
    • ...but since the game ends with a "Or Was It?"-ending, it's possible that all that could've happened to Andy, meant that a little child have been barely avoiding death in another world, trying to save his dog and save the world he was at, before somehow going home. A tleast he grew out of his fear of the dark.
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