Nightmare Fuel / Haunted
aka: Haunted 2005

Chuck Palahniuk stated that his goal in the story was to create horror among ordinary things. It works.
  • Comrade Snarky wakes up after being thought dead and eats some of the flesh her 'friends' cut off her.
    • "You fed me my own ass?!"
  • 'Hot Potting' is probably the most horrifying story in this book. After several descriptions of people falling into hot springs and dying horrible, horrible deaths, the Baroness Frostbite tells her own story. A religious chef wandered off to the hot springs, slipped, and fell partially in. He was able to climb out, but ended up pulling off half his flesh and lower body in the process. Then the wolves come.
    • Only gets worse knowing people have died that way in real life, although the anecdotes in the story are probably false.
  • 'Speaking Bitterness'. Keysdon'tgotherekeysdon'tgothereKEYSDON'TGOTHERE...
  • 'Guts', which amongst other things includes a teenage boy getting wax stuck in his bladder as well as another boy accidentally having most of his "large intestine sucked out of his rectum" while being dangerously close to drowning. In order to save his own life, he winds up having to chew through his own intestines in order to get free of the suction. This is the first story in the book.

Alternative Title(s): Haunted 2005