Nightmare Fuel: Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

  • An in-universe example at the beginning. In the opening cut scene, Hamtaro dreams of Spat destroying relationships in Fun Land. Then, from Hamtaro's perspective, Spat charges toward him until his face fills the entire screen! Hamtaro flies into nothingness until he is woken up by Boss.
  • Many scary moments in Boo Manor, a mansion full of ghosts.
    • The background music which includes chilling moans can be enough to freak anyone out.
    • In one room, a painting's eyes follow you wherever you go...
    • Bijou will even mention this if you PUT HER FACE RIGHT TO THE PAINTING.
    • Some of the ghosts are downright sadistic. One of them kidnaps a female hamster and locks her in a wardrobe. You're forced to play a game to save her and regardless of the result, he kicks you out through the wardrobe once it's over.
    • If you make Hamtaro run over a rug in one of the rooms, he suddenly flies into the air. It looks like a ghost decided to mess with him but he just tripped.
    • Dexter getting locked in a coffin. When the coffin's empty, if you Hif-Hif in front of it, Bijou and Hamtaro will remark that something smells old. They will look horrified before realizing they were actually smelling the roses around the coffin.
    • The final room with all the creepy dolls. Even worse, one of them turns out to be Spat!
  • The rides going haywire in Fun Land. The roller coaster in particular has Stan and Sandy riding it on a continuous loop.
  • The birds in Wildwoods, which peck and chase you away if you hit the circling ones too many times.
    • The crocodile in the mud swamp that appears if you Lookie next to it. Not to mention Spat would have been eaten by it if not for his wings.
    • The bees in Wild Woods.
You NEED to upset them to progress. The first time, they'll get Spat for you, but if you come back and disturb them again, they'll chase YOU. Cue Hamtaro running to the next screen, where the bees won't follow.