[[caption-width-right:294:''Your time has come.'']]

->''"You'll never sleep again!"''
-->-- Tagline from 1997's event

While really every single aspect about Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is basically high octane nightmare fuel, there are plenty of specific examples we can describe of things that, well, stick out to us in particular when it comes to this trope.


* The Director. An AxCrazy snuff film director who lets his actors get only '''one''' take. He calls it [[TroubleEntendre a short take.]]
* Lady Luck's monster form. She'll turn into this whenever you lose.
* Eddie Schmidt. While he was shafted in the year 2001 due to 9/11, his backstory and eventual return as an icon still makes him downright terrifying. A full blown psychopath who runs a chainsaw gang hellbent on causing as much carnage and chaos as humanly possible. According to his lore, he is a movie buff obsessed with slasher movies, hence his love for chainsaws. He was supposed to appear in the attraction called RUN, which was a gameshow type of attraction where the only goal is to survive Eddie and his gang. Eventually, he returned in 2006 for Sweet 16 with an attraction called RUN: Hostile Territory. Basically, it is like Hostel, but worse because Eddie is running this murder-for-hire business. Oh and to top it all off, he's Jack the Clown's brother.
** [[http://www.hhncrypt.com/years/icons/eddie4.jpg Here's a picture of what Eddie looks like.]]
* [[EldritchAbomination Fear]].
* Jack the Clown, mostly if you have a fear of clowns.
* The Caretaker. Not only does he look creepy, but he will ensure that you die feeling as much pain as possible, due to his desire to perform "living breathing autopsies".
** One of the particular promo images of the Caretaker (shown right) certainly sticks out as, well, frightening. (Hence why we used it for this page).
** Back in 2002 they slapped this image on billboards all over Orlando. No one in that town slept well that year.
** It should also be pointed out that on some of the billboards they even had his eyes glowing soullessly white.
* [[http://www.illustratorworld.com/users/c/cy/cybaBABE/a4967.jpg The famous promo art from HHN 1997]] which depicts a creepy little goblin biting the eyelid of some man.
* [[http://www.hhncrypt.com/years/eventart/9guide.jpg The promo art for the 1999 year]] featuring a close-up of an undead mummy's face qualifies too.
* Then there's also the [[http://hhncrypt.com/gallery/1998/slides/8guide.jpg 1998 promo art]].
* Heck, even [[http://www.hhncrypt.com/years/eventart/2guide.jpg the art for the 1992/1993 years]], showing a pumpkin getting chainsawed counts.
* Much of the music used during the event. (Thank you very much, Music/MidnightSyndicate.)
* The whole "Terra Cruentus" world from the 2005 event (set inside Islands of Adventure). It's a world that literally operates off of the "sacrificing" of victims, as basically everything in that world needs blood, including for the soil, harvesting, and for the creation of weapons. So naturally, the murdering of people is commonplace there.
** The 2005 website fittingly describes it as "''A horizon of horror you were told exists only in nightmares.''" and, "''A world that the practical mind refuses to see, the rational mind will not accept, and the stable mind dismisses as impossible.''"
** On a side note, we should add that really much of the 2005 website is pretty heavy nightmare fuel, with its rather disturbing descriptions of the different sections of Terra Cruentus as well as creepy music and occasional jump scares to boot. You can find an archived version of it [[http://horrornights.be/websites.php here]].
* 2008's Reflections of Fear website was a full-blown interactive story, focusing on a fictionalized "origin" of the Bloody Mary legend. The story follows Dr. Mary Agana, a psychologist, attempting to cure her patients of their fears through a dangerous experimental therapy - place them in dangerous situations where they're forced to face their fears, or face deadly consequences. However, one of the experiments really does end up killing a patient, and Mary begins to realize she ''enjoys'' watching her victims suffer and eventually die, leading her to set the experiments up with no possible chance for her victims to escape them. The site decays right along with Mary's mental health. Her pristine lab becomes a dark, chaotic mess. Her professional notes [[ApocalypticLog turn to]] [[NightmareFuelColoringBook childishly morbid scribbles]]. The worst part has to be her narration, which go from a desperate bid to maintain control over herself, and fully giving herself over to her sadistic pleasure, with the glee of a kid in a candy store. [[NightmareFetishist The humming and giggling and moaning]] peppered throughout does not help.

* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIsIS6uF0Tk Halloween Horror Nights 13 commercial]] featuring the Director doing a SlasherSmile after electrocuting his victim in a [[ElectrifiedBathtub bathtub]]. Needless to say, you would not want to go to bed after watching it.
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwol6OZfNas commercial]] where he's forcing a jester to smile by putting hooks in his mouth is even more horrifying.
*** Even more unsettling is how they pulled off the effect without actually harming the actor: [[http://www.makeupfx.no/UPfx/FO_Universal_HHN_Silicone.html by making a complete 100% replica of the jester's face out of silicone.]] The results are shockingly convincing.
** The radio ads for Halloween Horror Nights 13 qualify too. Especially the Coca-Cola radio ad. The victim screams loudly while getting killed and tortured by the Director.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peHsY_HShmA commercial for HHN 18]] where [[JumpScare Bloody Mary is shown coming out of the mirror and screaming bloody murder.]]
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7lydPoqgLU 2002 Islands of Fear ad]] where The Caretaker says "Eenie, meenie, miney, moe." in an eerie voice while deciding which weapon of torture he will use to tear his victim apart from the inside out.
** That [[JumpScare Jump Scare]] at the end too.
* The Storyteller in the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VNgaYFZTl4 Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror ad]]. She looks friendly at first, until she's revealed to be a psychopath that's about to brutally murder a young man.
** The horrific scream her victim makes just before an anvil drops and pushes him down into a bed of nails certainly doesn't make things better.
** On top of all that, you can also hear some faint creepy singing in the background at certain points.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj0-lNfjhLk one for the 2004 Halloween Horror Nights.]] Just imagine being in a room that's going completely insane. And it's a room you can never escape from.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIVUqpoIQis commercial for the Sweet 16 year.]] Waking up trapped in a glass box is certainly not a pleasant situation.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYTWNc78Fz0 26 commercial]] has [[Series/AmericanHorrorStoryFreakshow Twisty]], [[Franchise/TheTexasChainsawMassacre Leatherface]], [[Series/TheWalkingDead Walkers]], and [[Film/TheExorcist Reagan MacNeil]] going after a guy who screams in terror, which is bad enough. But the opera music somehow makes it creepier. Chance's own scream at the end [[SensoryAbuse doesn't help either]]. "Face horror beyond your wildest screams" indeed.

[[folder:Haunted Houses]]
* Possibly 2008's house of the year, '''Dead Exposure''' had one room that made about 75 percent of the people entering want to turn back. It involved about 20 zombie mannequins with two or three real ones. We'd also like to acknowledge this house's only lighting was from the timed flash of a "camera."
* The general idea behind the '''Scary Tales''' houses. Normally, you would associate fairy tales with innocence and safety. Not here. In these houses, they've been twisted and corrupted beyond belief.
** The third Scary Tales house more so. The first two were basically just tongue-in-cheek Disney parodies set inside some wacky funhouse, but with Scary Tales 3, that's where things got truly dark and disturbing.
* For people obsessed with hygiene, the bathroom scene in the '''Psycho Scareapy''' houses.
* The 1999 house '''Psycho: Through the Mind of Norman Bates''' had this particularly unsettling scene that featured hundreds of eyes staring right at you.
* A scene where a screaming victim is having their spine ripped out has been used in several houses for good reason.
* '''Terror Mines''' involved groups of people going into a near-pitch black environment with all sorts of terrifying creatures lurking about. The only source of light was from a miner hat that was given to one person per group.
** [[AndIMustScream Did we mention that there were times when the light on the hat would flicker out?]]
* It's worthy of note that there was a house that was so unspeakably scary that the higher-ups actually pulled it at the last minute, fearing potential guest controversies. It was known as '''Severe Fear''' and was originally planned to be at the 2003 event. For most of the house, you would have been all by yourself, and the scareactors would've been allowed to touch you as well as blindfold you. [[SchmuckBait Read all about it]] [[http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/forums/index.php/topic/2660-severe-fear/ here.]]
* The premise of 2014's '''Giggles & Gore Inc.''' alone is pretty chilling - that kidnapped people are taken to this factory and get gruesomely mutilated and then brainwashed to be evil clowns. The actual content of the house is not much better, as you get to ''see'' the mutilations and brainwashing up close.
* The '''La Llorona''' houses from Hollywood's Horror Nights events feature some particularly frightening scenes of the urban legend in question, such as her [[http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/636/228/ac2.gif eating a little girl whole]]. Pictures from these houses have become very popular on the internet to use for creepypastas or other scary content.

[[folder:Scare Zones]]
* '''JP Extinction'''. Jurassic Park going haywire with the electric fences glitching out with huge sparks, Velociraptors roaming freely and popping out of the dense foliage, gruesome mutant half-human half-dino hybrids lurking through, and terrified JP scientists futilely trying to hide from all the insanity.
** If you truly want to be scarred for life, take a look at some of the concept art and masks for this zone [[http://www.makeupfx.no/UPfx/FO_Universal_HHN_Dinos.html right here.]] [[http://www.makeupfx.no/UPfx/FO_Universal_HHN_Animorphs.html And here.]]
* The '''Island Under Siege''' zone qualifies as well. Here, all of the Marvel super heroes have either been killed in battle or given up and fled. Super villains roam the streets with no opposing force to stop them, and the remaining police force has apparently been zombified. All this happens while the villain Carnage stands proudly atop a building, announcing his final victory against all good as the city falls into chaos.
* [[http://hhncrypt.com/gallery/2002/slides/HHNXII066.jpg Treaks]] and [[http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100926043127/halloweenhorrornights/images/2/29/Treaks_and_Foons18.jpg Foons.]]
* 2004's '''Field of Screams''' zone was definitely unsettling with its cornfield setting. [[NothingIsScarier Just imagine what it would be like to walk through there alone...]]
* The mutated people in 2003's '''Toxic City''' and 2009's '''Containment'''.
* The '''Path of the Wicked''' depicted the Wicked Witch of the West conquering all of Oz, and all the usual Wizard of Oz characters heavily twisted. A Not-So Cowardly Lion, a (literally) AxCrazy Tin Man, creepy munchkins, flying monkeys swooping down, and so on.
** It's worth mentioning that the Scarecrow was also in the zone carrying around a backpack...[[FridgeHorror with Dorothy's clothes in it.]]
* Then there was also '''Asylum in Wonderland''', which, while actually a bit more playful than the typical scarezone, still managed to feel like a giant acid trip from hell, with its disorienting lighting and creepy background noises.

* For 2006, they had a show called '''The Arrival''', which featured each of the four HHN icons at the time being brought back to wreak havoc. Each icon would kill a person in particularly gruesome way.
** The Director repeated the "electrocution in the bathtub" stunt from the aforementioned 2003 commercial, but this time with a girl as the victim.
** Jack the Clown had a man placed in a giant blender...and then proceeded to turn it on...
** The Storyteller, with her scissors, goes in and brutally cuts a man's tongue out.
** The Caretaker performed one of his "living breathing autopsies", happily ripping the victim's organs out one-by-one while he screams in agony, until he finally ''rips the victim's heart out''.
* 2007's '''Carnival of Carnage''', while a bit more comedic, had several examples of this as well. The storyline of the show was that Jack had "selected" several people to be in his carnival show, and knowing the nature of the event, you can probably imagine what happens to them before we actually tell you in detail.
** Each victim is killed in a certain way, such as one being slowly shoved into a wood chipper, another chainsawed to death, while another had their head literally bashed to pieces by a sledgehammer.
** Even a security officer attempting to intervene got placed on the classic rack device, which subsequently ''rips his torso in half'', causing his intestines and blood to splatter out everywhere.

[[folder:Queue Line Videos]]
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNhTZr1POFY one for Screamhouse]] shows a wide range of disturbing imagery mixed with unsettling police reports.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZYcEmj4RFM Cold Blind Terror queue video]] is '''extreme nightmare fuel.''' It combines some of the most horrifying and gruesome clips from movies like [[NightmareFuel/DayOfTheDead1985 Day of the Dead]] and [[NightmareFuel/TheRing The Ring]] and adds on a disorienting effect to the clips combined with disturbing sounds. '''Viewer discretion is heavily advised.'''
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahW2F_buRng queue video for Blood Ruins]] ([[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfgOo9IqfEg second half of queue video here]]) again uses clips from different movies such as Film/TheNameOfTheRose and Film/TheCell, this time to give off a hopeless and apocalyptic feeling. The clips include (but not limited to), people being burned at the stake, someone's intestines being removed in the most painful way imaginable, and people being subjected to a wide variety of classic torture devices.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcwsz5r3fNE Demon Cantina queue video]], especially the really unsettling sound of revving engines at the beginning and end of it. You may never look at (or hear) motorcycles the same way again.
* Special mention also goes to the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPQcthxhBC4&list=PL417361CAD1893B42 queue video for The Skool]]. One of the scariest pieces of music you'll ever hear combined with clips from ''The Children of the Corn''. Yeah, good luck with sleeping.
* In the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlFtTi0cwV4 Screamhouse: Resurrection queue video]] the Caretaker and his minions are shown literally ripping a young man apart internally and happily partying around with his organs. All while he's still alive. And you can assume there's no anesthesia involved here.