Nightmare Fuel: Gladiator

  • The scene where Maximus finds his wife and son crucified is both Nightmare Fuel and a tear-jerker, not unlike the scene where Commodus smothers his father to death.
  • Commodus. He kills his father, lusts after his sister, orders Maximus and his family murdered, taunts Maximus about it later, threatens to kill his own nephew unless his sister marry and have sex with him and later challenges Maximus to a duel to the death but wounds him beforehand so that he'll have the upper hand. He looks increasingly evil and vampiric as the film progresses. Ridley Scott said that he tried to use Commodus's make-up to create the impression that he's slowly turning to stone as he becomes more and more evil.
  • The scene where the female gladiator is sliced in half. Brutal and graphic, and the fact that it was a woman makes it worse.
  • The undefeated gladiator Tigris helmet, which is designed to look like a lions head devouring a human face, with the helmet being the lion and the visor the human face.