Nightmare Fuel / Girls und Panzer

  • Even if the series is very light-hearted, and even if they are specifically stated to use non-penetrating rounds and a "carbon lining" that protects the crew from shockwave and spalling, we've seen so far many things that could have perfectly killed the crews even with those safety measures; things like tanks falling in deep water - TWICE (usual result: drowned crew), flipped around by a HE shell over their turrets (usual result: maiming, crushing, ripping apart and/or decapitating the crew), catching fire by battle damage in their ammo bins (usual result: crew burnt alive and/or ammo explosion), being about to fall from a Rope Bridge (usual result: do we have to explain it?), firing machineguns and cannons straight at unprotected crewmen (usual result: not pretty), Mako was once about to be run over by a tank's treads, and Pazomi once showed symptoms (difficulty to remain awake) of hypothermia. In short, even if Sensha-dő is sold as a sport and not a war, it seems to be a VERY risky school activity with the possibility of VERY gruesome deaths. note 
  • This Episode 11 scene (static version as backup). As if the Maus was not scary enough by itself, it causes some horrific (yet non-lethal!) damage
  • Episode 12 brings even more ways of getting killed in an accident. Turtle team about to be crushed, tank and all, under a huge weight (188 tons), and Erika risking being beheaded by popping her head out of the turret while her tank drives under a low ceiling. note 
  • The very idea of being Shiho Nishizumi's daughter and being raised in her house may chill even a warrior's spine. In-Universe, it chills two warriors' spines.
  • If you are looking for some Rule 34 material of G&P, do not even try Takotsuboya's doujin manga. It twists every piece of setting to create a senseless bloodbath, apparently because real WWII is not dark enough. Seriously, Pravda has mass graves? Kuromorimine has concentration camps?
    • The tanks in the doujins don't have "non-penetrating shells" or "carbon-lining protection". No, if a tank gets penetrated by another, the tank blows up in a fiery inferno, with the girls still in it.
    • Limitation on weapons existing in GuP are also lifted, we have girls with sniper rifles hunting down the tank girls, flamethrower tanks torching exposed crew members, Nazis executing prisoners with machine guns, Katyusha rockets barrage enemy lines, anti-tank weapons used by infantry (with associated risks). Note that we haven't changed the fact that the combatants are all still school girls.
    • If all that above wasn't bad enough for you, Uziga Waita has done a work on the series. Yeah, the most infamous guro hentai artist in Rule 34. We'll leave the rest to your imaginations.