!!The comic:
* Skinbender has an ability to transform anything she touches, which leads to lot of BodyHorror.
* The first issue of the ''All-New Ghost Rider'' has Robbie surrendering to what he thinks are the police...only to be shot a dozen times. His dead body is left beside a flaming car and then gets set on fire, too, completely consuming his flesh, until all that's left is ''bone''. ''And then he wakes up screaming.''
** In the following issue, Mr. Hyde punishes a subordinate for a relatively small failure by tearing his eye out before giving it to his new second in-command as a warning...

!!The Film:
* ''Quite'' a lot. Where to start...
** [[https://youtu.be/-zQ8KpzLPL8 The first time Johnny turns into the Ghost Rider.]] One Youtube commenter described it as ''"what happens when [[Manga/DragonBall super saiyan]] goes wrong"''.
** His dispatching of the three elemental demons, complete with them screaming.
** The first time he uses Penance Stare.
** Every time he says '''LOOK INTO MY EYES.'''
* Blackheart's occasional transitions into his devil form are a bit cheesy, but Mephisto's subtle morphing can make you shiver.
* During Mephisto's introduction, we briefly see a shadow of his true self.