Nightmare Fuel: Geist: The Sin-Eaters

  • The Wretched are sin-eaters that have become Meat Puppets for their geists, surrendering control to their geists some or all of the time. Some are blessedly unaware of what their bodies are doing, like La Diabla Blanca, whose geist merely possesses her in her sleep. Others are not so lucky, and must watch from inside their own heads, unable to do anything as their geist wears them like a skin suit.
  • Good news: you can come back from death if you're ever killed! Bad news: someone else has to die in your place, and you get to experience how they die just as you come back to life. And yes, you are aware that it's your fault, and yes, the experience can drive you mad.
  • The Stigmata Key. It makes its user bleed, it makes a sin-eater's enemies bleed, it makes the walls bleed... oh, and it can be used to command ghosts, who can in turn possess people.
  • A bit of Fridge Horror: geists used to be people. Now go back and look at the example geists, and realize that could be you someday.
  • The Phantasmal Caul lets a sin-eater literally become someone's worst nightmare made flesh. Given the image that accompanies this power in the core book, it's not surprising that merely looking upon a sin-eater using this power is a good way to go insane.
  • Fetters are mementos that are powered by ghosts trapped within them. They are still quite conscious, but live only as tools for sin-eaters that want to make use of their numina.
    • Soulsteel objects are quite handy, with generally good equipment bonuses and the ability to be used anywhere in the Underworld. Unfortunately, soulsteel is made of exactly what it sounds like, and the implication is that they are still quite conscious in their current condition.
  • Kerberoi are ancient death spirits that govern the Dead Dominions, enforcing the Blue and Orange Morality of the Old Laws. They're usually very powerful, very old, and very unforgiving of anyone who breaks the laws in their Realm. They also usually have no resemblance to any living thing, and often have a peculiar agenda of their own.