Nightmare Fuel / Garfield and Friends

  • Binky The Clown's old design from "Rip Van Kitty".
  • The episode with the killer fern.
  • "The Sludge Monster", especially Jon's song.
  • "Nighty Nightmare", which culminates in giant Garfield being abducted by aliens who want to eat him.
  • The panther that stalks Garfield, Odie, and Jon throughout "Garfield in the Rough".
  • "Unreal Estate", especially the random skeleton scare and the horror music.
  • Venemous appearance during "Magic, Monsters and Manicotti"
  • The episode with the evil revived sabertooth cat who superglued cement fangs into Garfield's mouth to frame him for the havoc he caused. Yikes.

U.S. Acres:
  • Wanted: Wade could be this for kids younger than the show's demographic, what not with the fantasy sequence and its close-ups of Wade and Orson's faces, and the somewhat creepy voices of the cellmates.
  • "Dr. Jeckyl And Mr. Wade", particularly with the way Orson's brothers randomly sneak around the farm.