Nightmare Fuel / Gone

Gone, following in the tradition of the books that Michael Grant co-wrote with his wife, are filled with Nightmare Fuel. Unmarked spoilers follow.


  • The first time we see Lana in GONE, she's in the passenger seat of a truck being driven by her Grandpa Luke. Then her grandpa disappears, leaving her and her dog trapped in a truck out of control. What happens next is grisly in its own right, and Michael Grant's description of the next few minutes for Lana is enough to haunt the reader for a long time. She gets turned into a damn ragdoll in that truck, and at the end of it all not only is her body graphically twisted, but her right arm is horrifically broken, which the author graciously describes in great detail, graciously mentioning how her arm has broken bones nearly poking through the flesh.
  • Most of Drake's dialogue towards Astrid. He's talking about killing her (which is scary enough considering it's Drake) but it sounds like he's planning something else...
  • Interestingly enough, the scariest part of book 1 was descriptions of Mary purging. It was just so graphic and realistic.


  • In the very first chapter of the book. E.Z. getting eaten alive by the Zekes. The descriptions were very graphic and horrifying, as were the tragic reactions of Sam, Edilio and Albert.
  • There's also the descriptions of Brittney getting buried alive in Hunger. It'll make you claustrophobic on the spot.
  • Drake beating Sam almost completely to death with his Combat Tentacles in Hunger.
  • There's no specific moment, but the descriptions of anyone that the Gaiaphage Mind Rapes are pretty scary. A particular shout-out goes to Lana and her Heroic B.S.O.D..



  • Dekka is half eaten alive by bugs which burst from her stomach...She is then fully-conscious as Sam literally burns her flesh to kill the bugs, with Lana healing her horrific injuries so she can't pass out/die. She actually begs Sam to kill her.


  • Poor, poor Diana in FEAR had to give birth in a hot, dark mine.
    • And she was being slave-driven by Drake, Brittney and Penny before hand. Just before she goes into a agonizing and undignified labor, Penny makes her believe that her baby is bursting out of her stomach...And that it's a giant bug with Caine's face which is eating her. According to Penny, she didn't just see it, she truly felt it.
    • After she gives birth, Penny makes her believe she is pregnant with 1000 rats which chew through her womb.
  • Mary and Francis's fate in FEAR...They are so horribly deformed that the people who found them thought they were road-kill.
  • Cigar's treatment at the hands of Penny, which leads to him spiraling into insanity, horribly mutilating himself, and as a consequence experiencing a Cruel and Unusual Death, thanks to the infamous Zekes. Turns out that leaving someone with an extremely sadistic Master of Illusion isn't really good for them.


  • The descriptions of Astrid biting off Drake's nose and gouging out his eyes is pretty graphic in LIGHT.
  • In Light, every scene with Gaia, who possessed Diana's baby girl, using her powers to murder helpless children, and killing Brianna.
  • The adult's reactions to the kids in "Light". They see the way the kids have been living and just what has been going on, and they're horrified. Many of them are initially calling for every kid in the FAYZ to be killed, thinking that they're all evil and beyond saving.