Nightmare Fuel / Freddy vs. Jason

  • The flashback sequence at the beginning of the film. That along with Freddy's narrating shows every terrible thing Freddy's ever done to the kids of Springwood. And he's proud of it.
  • Lori's last nightmare after she fails to bring Freddy into the real world. Her terrified scream and yelling "Wake me up!" as she sees her father carrying a blade towards his bedroom. Upon seeing her mother's bloody body, Lori assumes her father is going to murder her, only to realize Freddy is the real murderer, who gleefully repeats his crime in front of a screaming Lori. Unable to escape, Lori is subjected to Freddy giving her cuts on her breasts as he grins sadistically and almost perversely. Then Freddy slides his finger blade up her thighs while she is unable to get up, and pulling her skirt up, revealing her bare legs as she whimpers and writhes on the floor as he tells her "the first time tends to get a little.. messy". Instead of killing her in a gruesome fashion or use his powers to torment her in a truly nightmarish fashion, Freddy decides to do to Lori something more akin to real world attackers and potentially more damaging to her, he decides to rape her.
  • Mark's nightmare is probably the scariest scene in the film. He quickly realizes exactly what's going to happen and that there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.
    "Somebody please wake me up! Please!"
  • Freddy Krueger's past is laid out in a prologue that features an offscreen murder of a little girl — who's later seen in a dream sequence with her eyes cut out. Say what you want about Freddy's Villain Decay, but he got his reputation for a reason.
    • Basically, that was the scene that instantly reversed two-decades of Villain Decay for Freddy: even with the stupid gags, even with the lame jokes, he kills children for fun.
    • There's also the way he slowly licks her photo before pasting it in a book filled with newspaper articles about missing kids in Springwood and photos of all the kids he's killed. It's quietly terrifying and leaves you feeling fouled just by seeing it.
  • Freddy's torment of a young Jason after their Dream World fight is horrific — especially considering Jason is a little boy and Freddy is a child murderer.
    • If that's not bad enough, in one of the unused scripts for the film Freddy was to be a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake and molest him.
  • The opening scene of Jason's nightmare - assuming it's accurate to his history and not Freddy making it seem even worse - makes his origin-story even crueler than it had been, revealing that he hadn't just been out swimming when he drowned. A pack of bullying young campers chased him into the lake, taunting and throwing things at him, then stood jeering on the shore to watch him die. And presumably never owned up to it, given Pamela Voorhees' sincere belief that it was solely the counselors' fault.
  • Kia lampshades the nightmare of having to deal with both Freddy (who attacks in dreams) and Jason (who attacks in reality) with one line: "We're not safe, awake or asleep!" Lori downplays it a bit by reminding her it's their dreams that's killing them, not sleeping.
  • Jason's dream at the beginning of the movie. It's a typical scenario that ends with Jason killing a lusty half-naked camp counselor in the woods at night. Then he starts to hear his mother's voice calling him. Then the girl he just killed comes back to life, morphing into his other victims, all of them saying they deserved to be punished. After this, Pamela Voorhees appears. It's a very eerie look into Jason's psyche, even if it does turn out to be part of Freddy's plan.
    Pamela: Jason. My special, special boy. Do you know what your gift is? No matter what they do to you, you cannot die. You can never die...
  • There's something mildly disturbing in seeing Jason come back to life. You get a close up of his open chest cavity, with discolored bones and decaying organs that have vines growing through them. And that excuse for a heart starts pumping.
  • The scene where Freddy deliberately drowns kid Jason and the real world scenes of adult Jason suffering for them. It's one of the few times, both the characters and to an extent the audience are worried about what's happening to Jason.
    • That and when Jason is woken up, his kid self vanishes, leaving Freddy so pissed he looks up at Lori before lunging out of the water as everything turns red, now looking more like a burnt demon version of himself. Freddy's made it perfectly clear that now, he's not gonna hold back with her.
  • Jason killing Trey. He stabs him numerous times with the machete, then pulls both ends of the mattress he's lying on together, viciously contorting his butchered body while he's still barely alive. It's pretty horrible to look at, and rightfully fucks up Gibb when she sees it.
  • Blake wakes up after nearly being killed by Freddy in a dream. While catching his breath, he realizes his dad is sitting right next to him, staring out at nothing. He touches his arm to see what's wrong, and his dad's head rolls off his shoulders and lands in his hands. Horrified, he then turns around to see Jason standing right there on his porch. There's a very raw cut away as Blake screams and actually tries to shield himself with his father's severed head just as Jason goes all Machete Mayhem on him.
  • Freddy lures a drunken, sleepy Gibb away from the rave by taking on the form of her dead boyfriend. This being Freddy, he doesn't make him at all appealing and in fact just looks like a living, clothed version of the broken, mutilated corpse Jason left behind. It's creepy watching him stagger off into the cornfield and threatening her if she doesn't follow.
  • Gibb is freakishly unlucky. First she's traumatized by the sight of her brutally murdered boyfriend (who was already verbally abusive), then she's lured into a dream by Freddy who slowly hunts and terrorizes her. Immediately after passing out in a cornfield, a man starts molesting her unconscious body. Before Freddy can kill her and the man can rape her, though, Jason impales both her and the rapist. Poor girl could not catch a break.
    • Actually, Jason killing her WAS pretty lucky for her given the alternatives.
    • Freddy's livid reaction to Jason killing Gibb right as he was about to do it himself.
    Freddy: NO! She's mine! Mine! MINE!
  • Just imagine, you're at a rave, probably a little drunk or stoned (and definitely not taking the recent murders seriously)... then Jason comes walking out of the corn field, engulfed in flames, and starts slaughtering everyone in sight as the fire starts to spread. Hope you have the car keys, otherwise you're in for a very ill-fated run for your life.
  • The part in their last fight where Freddy stabs Jason in the eyes with his finger blades, and you see Jason convulse and shake as the blood jets from his eyes. It makes it clear that while these are virtually immortal monsters, they can and have endured tremendous agony over the years and felt every bit of it. Ouch.
  • Let's not forget the scene where Kia is forced to give mouth to mouth to an unconscious Jason Voorhees, as he's drowning in a dream and coughing up liquid.
  • How about the theatrical ending, where once again it is blatantly illustrated that, no matter how hard you try to kill them, Freddy and Jason will simply never die.