Nightmare Fuel / Frequency

The Movie

  • With John's dream (as the timeline changes again), the audience is led to believe that it's a remnant memory of his father's funeral before the changes in the past. Then we find out it was his mother's funeral.
  • In a rather frightening case of What Might Have Been, Frank gets caught by Shepard (the Nightingale killer) while trying to protect the nurses and almost becomes a victim himself. It's only by the grace of two hippies interrupting Shepard that he was spared.
  • Shepard find his way to Frank and Julia's room...while Julia thinks he's Frank.
  • Shepard's hand getting shot off in the past and thus necrotizing and withering away to nothing in the present.
  • While we know what's really going on the whole time, the first contact through the radio is quite disturbing from Frank's point of view, as a strange man suddenly contacts him, is unusually knowledgeable about his family, and finally states that he can see how Frank just burned his desk.

The Series

  • Frank reacting to not only hear of his death but also how for twenty years, he's been made out to be a dirty cop.
  • Raimy's stunned reaction when Daniel makes it clear he has no idea who she is...after she had found the engagement ring he had bought for her.
  • The way Raimy's mother takes the place of a nurse visiting a wounded Frank...and thus the target of the Nightingale Killer.
    • Just the scene in itself, in which both Julie and Raimy are unknowingly sharing an Elevator with the Nightingale Killer, until the audience sees the rosary beads the man is carrying.
  • The idea how many lives Raimy's mother saved over the years are now affected (and perhaps ended) because she wasn't around.
  • That in one single instant, thanks to how Raimy changed the timeline, a dozen innocent women winked out of existence as "new" victims of the Nightingale Killer.
  • Raimy finding Christa's mummified corpse in the Nightingale's house.
  • Julie, with young Raimy and Gordo, being held at gunpoint by Robbie, aka. the Nightingale, in 1996!