Not all nightmares are officially published. In fact, often the only things scarier than a professional writer's nightmares are what the fandom can build from them.

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[[folder:Avatar: The Last Airbender]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fanfic ''[[ The Chong Sheng Trilogy]]''. First installment, ''War'', ends with [[spoiler: Ba Sing Se being carpet bombed to rubble ''while the characters are trapped underground listening to it and freaking out''.]] The second installment, ''[[ Peace]]'', involves among other things [[spoiler: Katara witnessing Jet's torture and murder at the hands of the Rhinos, and subsequently going on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge ... ''using their own blood to rip them apart'']], a side-story involving some original characters [[spoiler: where a troubled soldier tortures his own father by slowly removing his skin in small patches and giving him an occasional hit of opium ''just to keep him conscious through it'']], and lastly, [[spoiler: Zuko confronting and killing Ozai, who has lost his mind entirely to the point that he thinks he's fighting ''Iroh'' instead.]] Also, one of the aforementioned original characters [[spoiler: is a borderline pedophile, and very heavily implied to be sexing it up with Azula.]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fanfic "When All Your Dreams Come True." The premise: Zuko succeeds in capturing Aang and his friends sometimes during Book One and takes them back to the Fire Nation. The reality: Sokka [[spoiler: immediately gets tortured and killed, since the Fire Nation has no use for him]]. Katara [[spoiler: gets her tongue cut out and turned into a gladiator-style "training exercise" for Fire Nation soldiers, to get them to practice fighting a waterbender. She eventually loses an eye, becomes known as the Widowmaker, and evolves into a sort of proto-Hama]]. Aang [[spoiler: gets both his eyes put out and thrown into prison to live out the remainder of his life in misery. He goes insane]]. Toph [[spoiler: wasn't even in book one, but also gets killed off for no good reason but to add angst]]. Finally, Zuko [[spoiler: goes completely mad from guilt and drinks himself into oblivion, conjuring up detailed delusions of himself joining the Avatar and teaching him firebending, falling in love with Katara, bringing down his father, and ending the war]]. After reading, you feel like you want to scrub your brain clean of the images.
* The WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Fanfiction, [[ Bad Ends]], is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. It's a series of one shots depicting a rather different ending to what we're expected from episodes and moments in the show. For example, [[spoiler:Katara, in her little undercover mission to save Haru from the Earthbending Prison, is captured and sentenced to the barrocks for the men to [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil play with]].]] Then, [[spoiler:Remember when Zhao said he wouldn't kill the Avatar, but keep him alive, but just barely? He's [[StrappedToAnOperatingTable strapped to a table and has all four limbs chopped off with red-hot garden shears, and is]] [[EyeScream blinded with a hot poker]] ]]. Honestly, it's a Darker and Edger retelling of most of the series, and once you read them, you'll be glad the Series had the endings that it DID.
** Some of the worse endings include [[spoiler: Appa being killed and eaten by the swampbenders (and then when Aang is freaking out, they ''offer some of the meat to him'')]], [[spoiler: Suki being killed on the day of the comet leading to Sokka being incinerated by Fire Nation soldiers and Toph falling to her death, Azula's lightning hitting Katara at the Last Agni Kai and Zuko inadvertently gutting her with his swords, young!Azula and young!Zuko being caught listening in on Ozai and Azulon and]] [[spoiler: [[OffingTheOffspring Ozai murdering Zuko with lightning right there]], Katara accidentally ripping Aang, Sokka, and Toph apart with bloodbending.]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fic [[ 31 Days of Maiko]] is mostly HeartwarmingMoments with a bit of TearJerker thrown in, but Chapter 17 is definitely nightmarish. Azula, after an indefinite amount of time being mistreated by the asylum guards, decides that enough is enough. She spends her time collecting small sharp objects, which the guards and doctors don't notice, and waiting for Zuko and Mai to visit her. And when they do...
--> '''Azula''': ''(falsely cheerful)'' I feel as though good things are coming. I think I'm going to make a mark.
--> '''Zuko''': Oh? How?
--> '''Azula''': I've been planning something.
--> '''Mai''': ''(knows this is leading nowhere good and tries to pull Zuko away)'' Let's go, Zuko. We should go. ''(Zuko won't move)''
--> '''Azula''': ''[[spoiler: (whips something sharp out of her pocket and [[DrivenToSuicide slices her own throat open]], [[BloodSplatteredInnocents spraying Zuko and Mai with blood]])]]''
* ''[[ Reluctant Hero]]'' has a subplot about the spiritual imbalance in the world, since the Avatar was unable to serve as a bridge between the two realms. It's introduced by Sokka, Katara, the Kyoshi Warriors and the children they are keeping safe stranded in a mountain full of jiangshi - hopping zombies sucking the life-force out of you. They're impossible to kill since they're already dead, so they need to be buried in rice, or a sacrifice has to be made to the Mountain Spirit.
** The reason why Sokka is so afraid of spirits? When he was young, he met some old man who talked about two villages from the South Pole, which disappeared in one night when [[EldritchAbomination something]] came in the night. The old man was the SoleSurvivor, but he knew the spirit was after him and begged Sokka to not look what was going to happen to him. Sokka ran home but still glanced back and the thing ''crawled'' within him. The boy did his best to keep quiet about it as he feared the thing would gain power from acknowledgement, but when he confronts the Mountain Spirit, it identifies the thing as a seed of {{wendigo}} and "purifies" Sokka by making him vomit. Oh, and the wendigo being gone means ''something else'' can now try to take its place inside Sokka.

[[folder:Axis Powers: Hetalia]]
* An Axis Powers Hetalia fanfiction called ''[[ Awakening]]'' has Canada and America being taken as prisoners of war by the Germans. They are then sent to Auschwitz and experimented on by Dr. Mengele. Canada [[spoiler:has blue dye injected into his eyes]], while America is [[spoiler: dissected alive and infected with tuberculosis and typhus.]]
* [[ The Weakest Link]] combines AdultFear and ForcedToWatch to ensure maximum NightmareFuel. Four of the youngest nations; [[spoiler: Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, and Sealand]]; are kidnapped by a villain who sends [[spoiler: America, Sweden, England, Lithuania, and Russia videos of the children being tortured.]] Scenes include [[spoiler: Latvia's]] vivesection and [[spoiler: Estonia]] being set on fire to make sure you can't sleep.
* [[ Seven Little Killers]], an Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia fic in which... well, [[spoiler:everybody dies.]] It starts when [[spoiler:Switzerland is murdered, and Italy walks in on his dead body. Everybody blames one another, and at first it's all just he-said she-said and pointing fingers, but then the bloodbath starts.]] The fic is based around the idea that there are seven killers on the loose, each named after the color of the mask they wear, lead by the infamous, shadowy Black and trying to kill off enough nations to completely reform the world order. Japan, Italy, and Germany are the [[AmateurSleuth ones on the hunt for the truth]]. [[spoiler:Some of the nightmarish highlights are America masquerading as Canada masquerading as America killing several characters and crushing Japan's fingers as payment for letting his other captives- including Canada-as-America-as-Canada- free, China murdering New Russia on the orders of the killer Yellow and then going bonkers over it, several cities being completely decimated to weaken their nations, America manipulating Canada into killing a boatload of people, including Alaska and Hawai'i- whose death scenes are both cut right away from, although Hawai'i's is over ''Facebook'', for crying out loud- and... well... the entire thing really.]]
* The [[ comic version]] of the Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia AU fic ''[[ The First Cut: Or, The Angels of the Rye]]'' takes the implied horror of what the protagonist witnessed and shows it to the reader/viewer, showing aptly just why the titular first cut was hidden away. [[spoiler:Namely the haunting images of Poland and Lithuania, who were last reported killed during the Terror several decades before the story, ''staring right at you,'' pleading for help. Also, the protagonist is their ''grandson.'']]
* [[ This]] ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fic tells about five times in history that France died. Four of them (the Black Plague, the Battle of Hastings, the American Revolution, and the German invasion of France in World War II) were frightening enough, but the worst was [[spoiler:the French Revolution, which tells how France was beheaded in front of his own people, was still conscious [[AndIMustScream some time after]], and finally awoke to represent France as a republic.]]

[[folder:Buffy the Vampire Slayer[=/=]Angel]]
* [[ Counts of Blood]] is a good ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' that crosses over with the ''Muppets'', but its portrayal of Count von Count is ''terrifying''. For starters, [[spoiler: he apparently cut up a mathemetician into over a hundred pieces and put them in small boxes,]] and early on in the story, ''[[spoiler:removes the feet of the poor sap who took the pills he needs to curb his violent tendencies!]]''
* [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Angelus]] in ''[[ Zeppo: Halo]]'' is far more terrifying than canon where he was occasionally [[{{Narm}} narmful]]. He kidnaps Harmony, tortures her to death, then leaves her strung up from a lightpost as a message to [[EmpoweredBadassNormal Xander]]. Angelus also kidnapped Cordelia, torturing her into insanity and while we don't know everything he did, [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil what]] [[FinGore we]] [[EyeScream do]] is incredibly horrific. It's even mentioned that only a considerable amount of healing magic has kept her alive for the past two weeks. Finally, Angelus is still pretending to be Angel around Buffy and having sex with her almost nightly.

[[folder:Doctor Who]]
* Old, old [[Series/DoctorWho Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane]] fanfic in which SJ awakens from a nightmare, in which she and the Doctor [[spoiler:have suffocated in the TARDIS control room.]] At which point he comforts her, pecks her on the forehead, and [[spoiler:carries her through the closed doors of the TARDIS, holding her so that she can't see the two dead bodies on the control room floor.]]
* [[ This Doctor Who Auton-centric fanfic]] has a moment at the beginning that involves a girl falling into a vat of plasmatically-charged plastic...and [[AFateWorseThanDEath being torn apart, molecule by molecule]] (though she gets better eventually, by [[spoiler: being reborn as a non-Auton living mannequin]]). Doesn't help that one of the [[OriginalCharacter original characters]] is a serial killer bent on "tying up loose ends", and the implication that [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou all of the Doctor Who monsters are real]].
** [[ The sequel]] features--among other things--Seducer Autons, female Autons that [[CruelAndUnusualDeath drown their victims in liquid plastic while kissing them]].

* ''Fanfic/{{Dalton}}'' contains the thoroughly crazy stalker [[spoiler:Adam Clavell.]] He's got a wall covered in photos of his lust object, [[spoiler:Julian]], he stuck them to the wall with ''his own blood'', and he's made a hit list consisting of a bunch of photos with the faces mutilated and the words ''off with his/her head'' written on the back.
** The final part of chapter 26 begins with this author's note:
--> [[spoiler: TRIGGER WARNING for blood, violent acts and images, and the behavior that revolves around this theme. If you are not comfortable with these types of scenes and images, I strongly urge you NOT TO CONTINUE.]]
* [[ Missing]] has Sebastian kidnap Kurt and hold him captive for a year, heavily drugging him, [[MindRape conditioning]] Kurt to be his baby, and threatening to kill him if he resists his "daddy." The forced infantilism is bad enough, but the scariest parts of it are Bud and Kari (Sebastian's friend and the girl ''he'' kidnapped and conditioned the same way) and their [[AbusiveParents relationship]], and [[spoiler: both of the sex scenes.]]

[[folder:Harry Potter]]
* The description of Azkaban in ''Fanfic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality''--especially the woman who accidentally killed someone, immediately went insane with remorse, and then is forced to relive the moment of the murder over and over by the Dementors. Also, the scenes where Harry is walking around protected by the [[spoiler:True Patronus]], giving momentary relief to the prisoners in the cells he passes, but forced to keep walking and leave them again to the Dementors, and hearing their screams to stay. The in-story Aesop is that Azkaban is simply evil, and afterwards Harry concludes that because the nominally democratic magical government allows Azkaban to exist and in fact runs it, he is under no obligation to obey the wishes of the majority.
* [[ We Are Nothing]], a crossover between ''Literature/HarryPotter'' and ''Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet'' by Ruskbyte. While the murders featured in the story are par for the course for Freddy Krueger...geezus. When someone is able to make you [[AlasPoorVillain feel sorry]] for Umbridge or cringe at BigBad Voldemort getting curbstomped to death, you know that evil has just been turned UpToEleven.
* In ''[[ Core Threads]]'', the horcrux in Literature/HarryPotter is shown to have been influencing the Dursleys. Unlike the usual FandomSpecificPlot, it doesn't make them more violent, not directly. Instead it leaves them feeling like there's a horrific monster in the shape of a small child inside their house. Before Harry destroyed it, Vernon would sometimes black out and see horrible red eyes and hear Voldemort's laughter and when he came to, he'd see Harry's beaten form at his feat. Likewise, the Dursleys not only had constant nightmares, but Vernon likened sleep to knowing there was a monster sitting in the corner watching him and waiting for him to open his eyes. Vernon stayed home as often as possible (cutting ties with many friends and giving up his hobbies) because he refused to leave that ''thing'' alone with his family.
* ''[[ Evil Be Thou My Good]]'', a crossover between ''Literature/HarryPotter'' and ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}''. While the story is very well-written and absolutely terrifying, here are some choice moments:
** The off-screen seizing of [[spoiler:the Dursleys]]. This is also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for everyone (read: the entire fandom) who wanted these characters to get their just deserts. The same goes for [[spoiler:Fudge and Umbridge]] at the end.
** The entire scene in the Great Hall. Voldemort orders Harry to open the Lament Configuration for him. If you've ever seen a ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}'' film, you know what happens next.
** Harry's own disturbing nature throughout the whole thing. After [[spoiler:opening the Configuration as a boy and causing the death of the Dursleys]], he ends up... well, different. His obsession with [[spoiler:rebuilding the box]], his BriarPatching to get Voldemort to call upon Pinhead and company, and especially the steps he's willing to take, including [[spoiler:allowing Ron and Hermione to get hit by the Cruciatus Curse]] to reach the above, show how warped he's become.
* There's a sequel which is even more disturbing, ''[[ All Problems Solved]]'', due to the constant undertone of dread that permeates it. Draco wakes up at St Mungo's with a hole in his memory and slowly begins to realize that ''something'' has happened to his wife Pansy Parkinson and most of his associates. As he tries to fill in the gaps in his memory, it's pure ParanoiaFuel with a bit of AdultFear to spice things up. The worst part is what's become of Harry and the puzzle box: Harry runs a successful company that creates things based on the magical theory behind the box. As for the box itself, [[spoiler: [[SchmuckBait he keeps it at company headquarters, behind security that's laughable, despite the numerous attempts to steal it]] ]]. He and his circle even had [[spoiler: a bet going on how long it would be before Draco came for the box.]]
* [[ The Never Never Land]] A Harry Potter fanfic where [=McGonagall=] takes in the grand-daughter of an old friend. It turns out the grandmother had possibly gone mad and created a series of potions to freeze the girl at ten. It's implied that the girl has also [[spoiler: been kept locked up in the house for years with only granny and a house elf for company and was probably abused emotionally as well]]. Also, the kid is one CreepyChild. She talks like a robot and needs precise directions. When the grandmother kicked it [[spoiler: she spent about four days in the house with the dead body, going about her business]]. The author promises {{Body Horror}} in later chapters.
* In ''[[ Broken Chains]]'' after getting abducted by Sith Lords, Harry is paralyzed and ForcedToWatch as they dissect Sirius right in front of him.

[[folder:Invader Zim]]
* An ''WesternAnimation/{{Invader Zim}}'' fanfic called [[ Dark Harvest]]by Swing-21. Even the name screams Nightmare Fuel. A fanfic rated M for a very, very good reason. Starts out creepy, ends up with a horrifying TwistEnding... of [[spoiler:Dib actually kidnapping Sara, and the poor reader learns that HE is the one that is stealing organs to keep Zim alive, who had apparently lost his own.]] Zim [[spoiler:isn't stealing organs this time... ALSO, the mental image of Keef, loyal to Zim and...ahem..."donating" his organs, covered in blood and stitches]] gives the chills. DarkerAndEdgier, anyone?
* ''[[ Possessed]],'' an ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'' fanfic where the Irkens brainwash Dib into thinking he's an Irken invader named "Bid". At the same time, Professor Membrane and his team of scientists kill GIR offscreen and perform horrific experiments on Zim, eventually CUTTING OUT PARTS OF HIS BRAIN to make him more tame and completely forget who he is, reducing him to [[LossOfIdentity a shadow of his former self with the naive personality of a young child.]]

[[folder:[=JoJo=]'s Bizarre Adventure]]
* ''[[ Not His World]]'', a ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' fanfic, has Dio resurrect Jonathan as a vampire using the same method he used to revive himself... and it's played for horror, especially with the WhamLine at the end of the fic:
--> ''[[spoiler: Frozen in time, Jonathan Joestar stares horrified at the star shaped birthmark at the back of his neck.]]''
* There exists [[ a short comic]] from [[ChildrenAreInnocent Jolyne]]'s point of view. It starts off adorable, and quickly descends into creepy when she starts to talk about a friend only she can see. Hint: [[spoiler: it is '''not''' her stand.]]
-->My name is Jolyne Cujoh\\
Mama call me [=JoJo=]\\
I love Mama\\
[[spoiler:I like K too\\
K is shy\\
Only I can see him]]\\
[[spoiler:''[a crudely drawn picture of Kakyoin with his eyes seemingly gouged out and his torso bleeding out]'']]
** Is it any wonder that [[TheStoic Jotaro]] [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness is scared to death, with his eyes open wide upon discovering Jolyne's drawing?]] [[spoiler:Kakyoin]] was his friend and a fellow Crusader, and he was [[spoiler:brutally killed by DIO via the World punching a hole in his abdomen]].
** [[spoiler:Then Kakyoin shows up for real.]]
** [[ Now animated in SFM!]]

[[folder:Miraculous Ladybug]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug'' fanfic ''[[ Lila and the Anger Management Class]]'' has a few, mostly centered around Lila... And just how ''twisted'' she is, even when trying to do good deeds:
** When [[AlphaBitch Chloe]] threatens her [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections using the fact she's the daughter of the mayor of Paris]], Lila shows she was recording the conversation, reminds her she's [[MilitaryBrat the daughter of two high-level foreign diplomats]], and [[ShameIfSomethingHappened wonders what would happen if a foreign power were to give the French government evidence the mayor of the capital is abusing his power to spoil his daughter]]... Or, in other words, threatens to ruin the political career of Chloe's father if she doesn't stop using her father's position to get away with everything.
** Lila is later seen talking to Chloe, and admits to Adrien she's basically blackmailing her into being nice... By threatening to ruin Chloe's friendship with Adrien. And she admits it after ''proving she could have''. Her only saving grace is that she plans to admit to Chloe it's a bluff after she had a few days to realize that GoodFeelsGood and told Adrien about it to make herself unable to do so...
** Apparently, Marinette and Adrien used to have nightmares about Volpina, Lila's SuperpoweredEvilSide created by Hawk Moth, even if they are the heroes who defeated her... And after the above incident they fully expect them to resume.
** The fic is named after the anger management class that Gabriel Agreste, upon realizing her temper, offered her because, in Lila's own words, he fears her to snap and turn in a junior high school shooter, even if she says that would never happen... Because all the guns in the Italian embassy (where she lives) are under heavy guard. Good thing she accepted those classes...
** Lila's [[BilingualBonus rant in Italian]] about why she never got those classes before, in which [[spoiler:she calls her father a "sperm donor" and her mother an "incubator" and details how she's going to ''scam'' them into letting her go to the anger management classes]], hints at [[spoiler:[[AbusiveParents her being the victim of severe parental abuse]]]]. Marinette, [[BilingualBackfire who understands Italian thanks to her grandmother]], is obviously unsettled...
* The ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug''/''Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse'' crossover ''[[ What the Cat Dragged In]]'' offers many:
** A superhero willing to use lethal force going against an Akuma victim without knowing they're possessed and can be cured. Good thing Adrien warned Tony ''before'' he blasted the first Akuma victim he met...
** The effect Akumatizations could have had on Paris had not the mayor not clamped down on the news.
** Speaking of the mayor, can you imagine what he thought when Nick ''Fury'' showed up in a setting full of {{Meaningful Name}}s and with a supervillain capable of corrupting anyone into a supervillain from moments of emotional weakness? It was PlayedForLaughs, but Andrè Bourgeois all but dragged Nick out of the city limits and started stonewalling SHIELD because he was ''terrified''.
** Clint is scared when he enters Adrien's room... Because there's no mats under his climbing wall. The fact Adrien is not injured in the least doesn't calm him down.
** The powers of the various Akuma victims are reviewed, and they're obviously as scary as in the show. Then there's the Puppeteer, whose power to turn anyone into a minion by enchanting their dolls is made much scarier when Tony pronounces three words: "Hulk action figures".
** The theories on why Papillon targets Marinette and Adrien's school so often: he figured out they're keeping an eye there and is using the place as a trap, or that Alya's determination to find out Ladybug's secret could help him. And he may have had the idea from her revealing to the world she has a history book from that specific school.
** The SHIELD's theory on Papillon's long-term plan to get the Miraculouses: ruin Ladybug and Chat Noir civilian lives and cause them to become vulnerable to Akumatization. Then there's the question of what would happen if he Akumatized a serial murderer or a convicted inmate... Or the fact his habit of targeting whoever helped Ladybug against an Akuma means he may now aim to Akumatize ''Black Widow, Hawkeye or Iron Man''.
*** And Papillon then ''does just that'': when Fury orders the Avengers to pull out before they're targeted, Tony, who has started seeing through the glamour that keep Ladybug and Chat Noir's identities secret, gets angry because he wants to stay and clean up his own mess, and as soon as he leaves the room to try and calm down an Akuma swoops in.
** The potential uses of Cataclysm are brought up. Good thing it's Chat Noir to have it... And not, say, someone willing to drop the Eiffel Tower on someone, as was once done by ''Ladybug''.

* The entirety of "[[ He had no fingers]]", a sort of CosmicHorrorStory ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' fic, starting with Naruto's body and spirit getting warped beyond recognition by the Nine-Tails until... well, the title is indicative. "Highlight" right at the beginning: [[spoiler:Naruto's belly opening up and DEVOURING Kakashi (and Naruto then feeding the bits to passing strays).]] And that's the mildest thing in the whole fic.
* The [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Uzumaki Clan]] in ''[[ The Uzumaki Massacre]]'' are TheDreaded for a very ''very'' good reason, shown when Oonoki and other veterans recall killing them during the Second Shinobi War.
-->'''First Old Man''': "I saw a woman. Couldn't have been younger than ninety, probably a hundred, they live that damn long you know. She was holding a sword in her left hand, because she'd lost her right arm, and pretty much everything, shoulder to hip, sternum out by the time I saw her, looked like it had been blasted off by a [[ShockAndAwe raiton]], but I saw that old woman cut down no less than fifty trained ninja before some poor bastard finally cut off her head but... That old lady's body kept going, that headless body cut down five more men, before she fell and drove her sword into the heart of the man who beheaded her. One of my buddies set her on fire, just in case. I...I don't know if I was seeing things, but that blackened, headless corpse, it looked like it still tried to get up again."
-->'''Second Old Man''': "My brother and I were in that hell together. We saw a kid, maybe three years old, crawling through the blood and muck, missing both his legs, looking like he'd been coughing up blood. My brother went to put the kid out of his misery. The kid jumped. With just his arms, the kid jumped ten feet and tore my brother's throat out with his teeth. He came at me before my brother even hit the ground, I was lucky to get my arm up in time. The little monster still tore my arm out at the shoulder, but it bought me enough time to get a kunai out and plant it in his head. When everything was over and we gathered the bodies, we found thousands more who'd been killed like my brother, with little bite marks where their throats were."

[[folder:Neon Genesis Evangelion]]
* Much of the ''Evangelion'' fic ''FanFic/AndIfThatDontWork'' qualifies, but really the standout if when the acid-dripping spider angel managed to turn [[spoiler:the entry plug of Unit 02]] into a vat of acid and the resultant fate of [[spoiler:the pilot]]. This is even worse considering her fate is blatant AuthorAppeal; ''none'' of the characters view it to be a bad thing for more than a few sentences and [[spoiler:Asuka herself]] considers it an improvement.
* ''Taboo Parallel'', a novel-length ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' fanfic ('''''VERY, VERY NSFW''''') whose plot concerns Asuka and Rei (mostly Asuka) being drugged with aphrodisiacs and forced to perform increasingly disgusting and humiliating sexual acts under threat of blackmail. Every chapter is more horrifying than the one before it, escalating from (spoilered for NauseaFuel) [[spoiler:Asuka being graphically raped, to having to drink semen out of a pet food bowl, to being stripped naked in front of her whole class for an "anatomy lesson", to being forced to ''eat Rei's shit at her own birthday party.'']] The most frightening part of all, however, isn't the violent rapes and humiliations Asuka is subjected to; it's that nobody, whatsoever, shows even the slightest twinge of sympathy for her or Rei, either taking advantage of her vulnerable position to have their way with her or calling her a slut and telling her that all of her problems are her fault.

[[folder:One Piece]]
* This ''Franchise/OnePiece'' fanfic called ''[[ Asteria Nightmare]]'' is about [[EldritchAbomination nightmarish creatures]] who [[MindRape steal dreams]] from their victims, reducing them into catatonic shells. Fun, fun, fun!
* The Manga/OnePiece fic ''[[ Asteria Nightmare]]'' gives us a whole island haunted by Nightmares, which are [[EldritchAbomination hellish creatures]] feeding on dreams. Dreams as your ambition and goal in life; when it's taken away from you, you become a mess gradually wasting away. When Nami tries to make Zoro remember how he wants to become the World's Greatest Swordsman, he almost goes into shock because he can feel ''something'' is ''missing'' and he's unable to remember what. And there's Luffy, whose dream to become the Pirate King is his ''entire life'', going outright catatonic.
** In the last chapter, an ApocalypticLog reveals how Nightmares were unleashed on the physical world: the island was inhabited by a peaceful civilization, and when travelers came upon their shores, they innocently revealed their ability to dreamwalk. It all spiraled downwards as the traveler's leader wanted a way to physically explore the Dream world, making this also a first-grade {{Tearjerker}}.

* There are a lot of disturbing ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' fics out there, but the second half of ''[[ Reunion]]'' is just downright disturbing and at times grotesque. It starts off as a slightly darker AAML fic, with a lot of funny scenes, and then--[[spoiler:Butch gets his throat torn out by a Mightyena, a sadistic psychic Rocket elite who assimilates the minds of the humans and Pokemon he kills is torn apart as the souls he absorbed struggle to free themselves by growing off of his flesh, before throwing themselves to their deaths...with smiles on their lips...]] And ''it gets worse'' from there...
* ''VideoGame/PokemonChannel'' is a cute game, right? [[{{Tempting Fate}} Nothing based on it could be that bad, right?]] Well, there's this little gem known as [[ Pokemon Dead Channel,]] which shows horror and {{Gorn}} in their some of their highest and most scarring forms. Here's a nice little description of a Magikarp, and it's not much worse than most of the other discriptions in the story:
--> ''...[[{{BodyHorror}} but it was foaming at the mouth while a green acidic blood poured out from numerous gashes all along it's body. Multiple organs clung to the many spikes sticking out from it's body. Parts of it's scales had been scraped away exposing muscle underneath, and some parts of the muscle had been what looks like eaten leaving bones sticking out. It flopped around and gasped for air while disturbing gurgling sounds emmited from it's mouth.]]''
* Some of the descriptions in Creator/CoriFalls's ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'' fics. Some notable examples are "The Power That's Inside" where Meowth's narrative describes Pikachu's electric attack hitting Jessie and James as "frying flesh and bone alike", the brutal mass beating of Ash in "New Directions 1" wherein his many injuries are described in great detail and it's clear that if not for the healing lake he might have ''died'', and Jessie's grandparents' beating of Ash and Misty in "Never Too Late". There's something unsettling about the image of two sweet old people pulverizing ''twelve year olds''.
* ''[[ Experimenting Fear]],'' a ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' fanfic that details a 10-year-old Nando being kidnapped by a deranged MadScientist who tortures people using their [[YourWorstNightmare worst fears.]] Said kidnapping is the ''least'' frightening thing that happens in this story: [[spoiler:The poor kid is stripped down to his underwear, chained to a toilet and tortured with high-pitched sound frequencies, then is made deaf by the scientist firing a gun right next to his head.]]
** By the time he ''sees'' said gun, he's been through so much torture that he ends up wishing it would be used to kill him. Let us repeat, a ''[[AdultFear ten-year-old boy]]'' had been put through so much torture that ''[[DrivenToSuicide he wanted to die]]''!
** A line from the original story that has since been removed had the scientist threaten Nando with various other torture methods if he refused to tell him what his worst fear was, including being violated with a pipe or forced to swallow glass.
** Even worse: By the end, the scientist [[KarmaHoudini still hasn't been caught,]] even though it's been [[TimeSkip about 10 years]] and Nando is now an adult. He's still out there, torturing and murdering innocent people...and there's ''nothing'' stopping him from hunting down Nando again and possibly finishing the job.
** And if that wasn't enough, Nando also has a deranged grandmother who abuses him horribly, beating him with a cane, telling him he'd be better off dead and that his parents should have gotten rid of him when he was little. He avoids telling his parents what she does and says to him, afraid they won't believe him (a common behavior exhibited by abuse victims in RealLife). Even after Nando is tortured and mutilated by the scientist, [[MoralEventHorizon she tells him that it serves him right and things would be so much easier if he were dead.]] Thankfully, Nando's mother overhears her and finally throws her out.
* ''[[ The Master's Trick]]'', a ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' fanfic featuring the Trick Master from ''Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald'', May, and a young man named Eddie who is the story's narrator. At first the story seems pretty normal: with the main character meeting and befriending the Trick Master. Then it all starts to go downhill as [[spoiler: the Trick Master, in an attempt to overcome May's challenge to beat his Trick House, ''creates a new universe that begins to eat the old one up'' and he and May apparently ''die''.]]
** Eddie, after finding out that the Trick Master and May have gone missing, enters the burned out house to find him. [[spoiler: After walking down an infinite hallway, he encounters images of the past accompanied by what is presumably a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech lecture]] to May. Then ''Rayquaza'' nearly devours him.]]
** The end of the letter, where he describes what will happen to the world with an eerie calmness. [[FridgeHorror He mentions the world being completely different, and this fanfic was written after the remakes of ''Ruby'' and ''Sapphire'' came out.]]

[[folder:Power Rangers]]
* ''FanFic/PersonalityConflicts'' runs on this and angst. First, you have Tommy's multiple personalities anthropomorphized as an EldritchAbomination. Then, you have... anything dealing with Nyghtmayr or the Shadow Empire. Did we mention that since the main rangers are trying to get witnesses for Zordon's trial, ''children'' fight Shadowborg?
* ''FanFic/PowerRangersGPX'' has very little, even with its ''SIU'' AU version, but [[spoiler: chapter 6]] changes everything. When we're first introduced to the alchemist Ronald, he's a LargeHam, typical ''Power Rangers'' brute [[spoiler:before it's revealed that all the defeats he's suffered over time has turned him psychotic and out for revenge against the Rangers and he takes it out on them]] ''[[spoiler:[[ToThePain by torturing them with the worst pain imaginable]].]]'' [[spoiler: And then his [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice death]] makes it WORSE.]]

[[folder:Ranma ½]]
* The idea of Ranma Saotome in ''[[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]'' "getting in touch with his feminine side" is a popular one for fanfiction, thanks to the combination of his general "manly man" personality, his canonical professions of distaste for his curse, and his rather hypocritical willingness to make use of what advantages the female body can socially give him. The NightmareFuel comes in the fact that in so many of this fanfics, the process extends into LossOfIdentity levels, with Ranma's mindset eventually changing to the point of him thinking of himself as female over male, often going so far as to show him with a boyfriend[[note]]something that Ranma violently rejects in canon and is shown having nightmares about[[/note]], or getting pregnant and giving birth[[note]]something that has canonically given him [[CatapultNightmare wake-up-screaming nightmares]][[/note]] and, usually, becoming "motherly", until mentally there's absolutely nothing inside that remotely resembles him anymore. This is a scary enough idea in the first place -- [[TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody the curse slowly overwriting and consuming the original Ranma]] -- but it's made even scarier in that such fanfics don't ''intend'' to play this for horror. It's quite obvious that [[AuthorAppeal the author approves of the process's end result]], many outright stating that Ranma is "better" after he permanently becomes a mental girl as well as a physical one, with the strong implication (if not outright statement) that [[MoralDissonance being female is inherently superior to being male and so Ranma should be grateful he can make the transition]].
* ''[[ What Do You Want?]]'' has a few moments:
** Kuno weaponizing the DramaticThunder.
** [[OriginalCharacter Himura Tanaka]] all but forcing Ranma to go at school as a girl and join her volleyball team on pain of framing him for a sex offender charge, using Ranma's refusal to hurt civilians and the fact she's a YakuzaPrincess to shield herself from retaliation. That also leads in Nabiki discovering that her subordinate [[OriginalCharacter Hana]] took over all her operations at school, and, differently from her, has absolutely zero qualms, having exchanged them for blackmail on Nabiki. Blackmail that could potentially set Shampoo on her.
*** And as the story progresses, the depths of Himura's sociopathy.
*** Himura [[spoiler:beat her own father into a permanent coma]], and [[AbusiveParent her reasons for doing so]].
** Akane ''snapping'' at Kuno and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown punching him on a steel door until she manages to punch him through]].
** [[NoNonsenseNemesis Shampoo doing her thing]]:
*** When Hana tries to take the money from Nabiki's first counterattack on Himura, Nabiki is quick to inform a passing Shampoo that Hana has taken pictures of Ranma during a physical and prove it, thus making sure Shampoo won't believe anything Hana has on Nabiki... And getting the Chinese Amazon angry at her. Poor Hana quickly finds out at exactly the wrong moment that Shampoo, differently from Ranma, has no trouble hurting civilians if given reason, and is lucky that the Amazon couldn't be bothered to give chase.
*** When she's informed that Nodoka may try and set Ranma with [[AxCrazy Kodachi]] due her being just better than the other fiancees at traditional Japanese stuff and that she, Ukyo and Akane need to work together to stall until Nabiki figures something to get her out of the running, she has to be talked down from stuffing Kodachi into a box and mail her to the South Pole, completely unconcerned over the fact she could die of thirst before delivery. And Kodachi manages to pass the "elimination" phase of the ''omiai'' she suggests to just kill her.
---->"Could take care of her quietly..."
*** Shampoo versus the Hentai Horde. [[KickTheSonOfABitch Even if they fully deserved what she did them]], she had to ''ask'' to know she was to simply cripple them and not kill the whole lot on the spot...
** How headmaster Kuno got away with his antics for so long and puts [[spoiler:Himura]] in her place: he's a retired [[spoiler:''Yakuza boss'']], and still has good friends there, including [[spoiler:Himura's grandfather]].
** The Hentai Horde from Akane and Nabiki's point of view: a rape gang. And when Akane starts shaming most of them into the HeelRealization, the Kendo team and a few others actually start acting like one, at least until Shampoo and Ukyo step in and put them into traction.
*** The Kendo team was planning to use Himura's conditions that prevented Ranma from fight back against aggressions on school grounds to force Akane into a subservient role. That's when Shampoo and Ukyo stepped in.
** Nodoka Saotome actually manages to be scarier than ''Shampoo'':
*** She has suddenly become insistent that Ranma marries and father a child ''right now''. Why? Because she expects him and his wife to go on a training trip and leave her the child to raise, and she sees it as a reward for letting Genma take Ranma on the training trip.
*** She had been using photocopies of the seppuku contract as stationery.
** Rin's incredible power when hitting a volleyball had been PlayedForLaughs for most of the fic... Then she first experienced Genma Saotome and his attitude toward Ranma, and decided to throw the ball at him after hitting it with all her strength. Normal people would have ''died'' from that.

* DarkerAndEdgier Literature/{{Redwall}} fanfic ''Vengeance Quest'' is brilliant, but terrifying. The violence was one thing, but Guardcaptain Kiern's attitude is also creepy: he's pretty sure the actions of his sadistic co-workers are morally wrong, ''[[WellIntentionedExtremist and lets them happen anyway]].'' There's a scene where Captain Veneno rapes a prisoner in order to force her husband to spill the info they need, in front of Kiern, who's getting progressively more uncomfortable, but still doesn't do anything to stop him because there's no other way they'll get the information. Later on he talks to BigBad Nightdeath Longclaws about it, essentially asking to be persuaded that it was okay to do this. Brrrr.
* [[ It Makes Me Happy That I'm Not Them]], set in an IronicHell, veers between the merely eerie and extreme {{Gorn}}. It works surprisingly well for a horror fic based on [[Literature/{{Redwall}} books aimed at ten-year-olds]], but it's still terrifying.

[[folder:Sonic The Hedgehog]]
* A Rose and a Thorn, a ''SonicTheHedgehog'' ficseries on [=AdultFanFiction=].net. Especially during the second fic, in which Shadow is tortured by GUN, has nightmares about it after being rescued, and then proceeds to [[spoiler:stab an illusionary Amy in both palms with knives during a fit resulting from his experience at the GUN facility]].
* [[ Through the Monitor]], a [[Franchise/SonictheHedgehog]] Fanfic that has characters from our world become characters in the Sonic universe, has as a main villain [[spoiler: Void from ''Sonic Shuffle'']], who in this universe is reinterpreted as a PsychopathicManchild. As a result, every scene he's in is NightmareFuel, but the scariest and most evil thing he does is in chapter 56, [[spoiler: when he sinks a cruise ship killing (almost) everyone on board FortheEvulz]]. Sure, [[spoiler: they were saved]], but it's still scary and a MoralEventHorizon.
** In chapter 13, [[spoiler: the murder of the Thorndykes save for Chris because they had the Green Chaos Emerald]]. It serves as Eggman's MoralEventHorizon and one of the fanfic's darkest moments.

[[folder:Star Wars]]
* In the 'fic "[[ Going Solo]]'', Han Solo finds himself in one thanks to being stabbed in the arm and the tip breaking loose and lodging there. First, a MadDoctor sent to treat the captive is angry about his family dying on the Death Star, and he makes trying to remove the blade tip as painful as he can. Han is given a drug to amplify everything he feels and prevent him from passing out. The doctor ignores the use of a scanner and just digs and pokes through Han's arm flesh looking for the blade, all the while gloating about how much it's going to hurt and how much pain he hopes it's causing. He doesn't even manage to extract it before Han slams his good arm into the guy's head due to the blinding pain and is then knocked out protecting Leia. Later, the group escapes and gets aboard a ship bound for base. The problem is that though Luke managed to remove the knife tip, Han's arm is badly infected and must be operated on to remove the diseased tissue if he is to be prevented from losing it, or possibly losing his life. Han also has a raging case of pneumonia, so the general anesthetic on board can't be used to put him out, and there are no partial sedatives on the ship. The result: The ship's medical droid lasering off parts of Han's arm flesh, nearly to the bone in places, while Han lies fully awake, writhing and screaming and begging them to stop, with Luke, Leia and Wedge all trying to hold him down. Worse, Han is partially delirious by then and likely struggling to understand why in his mind he's being tortured more. Everyone is glad when he blacks out.
* The fic ''[[ Important Information]]'', with all the torture Han endures. He's beaten, whipped until his back is raw, burned on the raw flesh with a hot metal bar, quite a few bones are broken, and then there are the blood parasites...flesh-eating creepy-crawlies released onto his skin to burrow into and out of the open wounds. And the drugs that amplify the pain he feels. And when he still refuses to talk after all of that, he's repeatedly raped after being given a second drug to heighten the pleasure feelings. In the sequel, His captor even ends up torturing him after her death, apparently having transferred her life essence into him. She intends to push him to kill himself so she can take his body for herself. It takes a big BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind to finally get rid of her and then he still has to come to terms with the same and humiliation of the rape before he's able to be intimate with Leia again.
* When Darth Longinus starts fighting in Episode 10 of ''[[ Tomica Hero Rescue Pups]]'', he effortlessly slaughters an entire regiment like Darth Vader did in ''Film/RogueOne'', but also stabs the troops through the head, explodes their guns in their faces, throws a sniper round back through its sniper's head, catches missiles and blows them up unharmed, and would have killed Everest afterwards if Skye hadn't shown up.

[[folder:Total Drama]]
* Bridgette's nightmare in ''Fanfic/{{Total Drama Comeback|Series}}'' begins with a blood-stained Bridgette huddling in the corner of the shack, crying in pure fear after having just witnessed Geoff's murder. Suddenly, she hears snapping twigs and the creak of a door. She also sees Ezekiel's toque. Is it him here to comfort her and get her away from the camp grounds, just like Geoff tried to do? Nope. Its a cleaver-wielding Eva, back from a killing spree of everyone in camp. Long story short: Bridgette's next!
-->'''Eva''': [[PreAssKickingOneLiner It's payback time, TRAITOR!]]
* There used to be a ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaWorldTour'' fanfic (now removed) called "Pineapple Rape". It involved [[spoiler:Alejandro shoving a pineapple up Heather's vagina.]]

* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' SlashFic stories [[ "What You Never Know Won't Hurt You"]] and [[ "Your Love Is Mine For The Taking"]] are filled with NightmareFuel, to the stalking and AdultFear in the first one, with a major dose of creepy vibes, to the even creepier vibes in the second one, with the chilling [[spoiler: RapeDiscretionShot.]]
** And the most chilling thing is that the stories are presented in a way that's a {{Deconstruction}} of the Decepticon/Human pairing by showing how a 'Con might really act if they ever got attracted to a human; up to and including [[spoiler: attempted murder, the complete fear on the human's part and the complete one-sidedness on the 'Cons part]].
* ''[[ Massacre]]''.

[[folder:Warhammer 40,000]]
* ''Fanfic/TheShapeOfTheNightmareToCome''. Long story short - perfect example how to make ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer40000}}'' even more packed with GrimDark than it already was. Just few examples:
** Orcs goes into fight with Tyranids [[spoiler: resulting in two species merging into unstoppable New Devouer, that ''eats half of the galaxy'']]
** God Emperor Of Mankind dies [[spoiler: only to be reborn in Warp as Star Father - ''Chaos God of Order'']]
** Then there is The Ophilim Kiasoz [[spoiler: that destroys entire star systems just by passing through them]]
** The Nex [[spoiler: (Keyboard attempts to bite editors fingers off and snags a thumb, new editor takes over)]] the merest mention of which causes the scroll the story is written on to turn into a swarm of spiders that nearly devour the author of the story before a sentry gun destroys them.
* Given its [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica source]] [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} material]], ''[[ Puella Stellae Madoka Magica]]'' has plenty of Nightmare Fuel to go around:
** When she's killed, Mami's Soul Gem is recovered by Eldar, who place it inside a Wraithguard construct to see what its properties are. [[spoiler: The [[EldritchAbomination Great Unclean One]] resting inside chooses that exact moment to manifest, slaughtering the Eldar and nearly devouring Mami's soul]].
** The reason Kyoko's father became a more effective preacher, and why Kamijo's wrist is healed? [[spoiler: They were infected by Genestealers, and Kyoko's father is the patriarch.]]
** [[ManipulativeBastard Kyubey's]] real plan- [[spoiler: the Magical Girl cycle is not designed to prevent the heat death of the universe, it's a testing ground for vessels that will help powerful Chaos Daemons manifest in reality with ease. Sayaka was the first successful test when her soul produces and is consumed by a Bloodthirster.]]
** Sayaka's fate. [[spoiler: Her soul is destroyed in order to summon a Bloodthirster, but Hitomi makes a wish that she'll live. Sayaka does, but is rendered a Blank, becoming [[EmotionlessGirl a dull, soulless shell]]. Although it does have the added bonus of protecting her and anyone around her from attacks by daemons.]]
** Madoka's conversation with [[TricksterGod Cegorath]] are... [[UncannyValley off]], especially how the god manifests in different bodies that Madoka might be familiar with (but not necessarily fond of, seeing as how he appears as Kyubey at one point).
** When escaping the Webway, Madoka and her allies are attacked by daemons with [[FallenHero Fulgrim]] making a beeline straight for Madoka. If it were not for [[BigDamnHeroes the timely arrival of Jaghatai Khan]], Madoka would have been killed.
* Most of [[JustForFun/XMeetsY X meets]] ''Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream'' fanfics deserve a place here forever, especially ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'' crossover [[ "With apologies to Harlan Elliston"]]. There is something... chilling while reading constant mind/body rapes about girls from a somewhat heartwarming visual novel.
* ''FanFic/TiberiumWars'' is ''loaded'' with this, most often dealing with [[ChurchMilitant the Brotherhood of Nod]]. Among the highlights:
** Active description of Nod's combat stims, with at least one reviewer commenting that they were out and out terrified by the description of it in action.
** The Black Hand's [[KillItWithFire love of fire]], including a rather chilling scene where they move through a burning building.
--->''He thought he could hear screams, but over the roaring flames, he couldn't be sure.''
** Flame tanks. ''Yeesh.'' The description of their brutal efficiency is horrifying.
** It isn't just Nod and their penchant for fire that's scary. Being on the receiving end of a GDI Mammoth Tank assault is just terrifying.
** LEGION. Even if he ''is'' voiced by Tim Curry. [[AIIsACrapshoot Remember what happened to his predecessor]]?
** And back on the GDI side: Zone Troopers and their ''railguns''. They have ultra-durable PoweredArmor, inhuman accuracy thanks to their sensors, can penetrate armor and buildings effortlessly, and the Nod infantry regulars facing them ''don't even have standardized rifles'', let alone equipment to compete.
** The "smart" claymores. They're small, innocuous disc-like devices that can be attached to walls or ceilings. If you're wearing a recognized uniform or IFF tag, it lets you pass. If you're not, it will hit you with a cloud of hypersonic shrapnel and white phosphorous that leaves the victim spread across a room as nothing but blackened meat and shredded equipment.
* ''FanFic/{{Forward}}'', a ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' fic that doesn't skimp on the horror from the series.
** In the first story arc alone, you have [[spoiler:River and Jayne]] being graphically [[spoiler:tortured by Niska.]] Then later on, you get more graphic brutality with [[spoiler:the Reavers assaulting an Alliance ship.]]
** '''Inducer psychics.''' You think ''River'' was kind of creepy? She can only read your mind. In this story, one of the other projects the Academy was working on were Inducer psychics, who can alter and control your emotions and feelings. But its worse than mere MindManipulation; there is ''no defense'' against them, even if you know what they're doing, and their effects are lasting. If an Inducer makes you hate someone, you'll keep hating them for no fathomable reason. If the Inducer makes you love someone, you'll still love them, even if you ''hate'' them too, again for no reason. Many of the story's reviewers found the description of the Inducers to be terrifying, and this became even more pronounced when they learned [[spoiler:the entire story arc introducing them involved one actively controlling the entire crew for her own ends. ''Including River'']].
** Also in "Charity", it is shown how River gets a full blast of the emotions, thoughts, and history of someone as she kills them in close quarters, triggering her OutDamnedSpot moments. [[spoiler:''This apparently includes Reavers.'']]
* ''Fanfic/{{Renegade}}'' has an absolutely horrific moment when [[spoiler:Corporal Jenkins]] encounters a swarm of Scrin buzzers.
-->''Pain erupted along [[spoiler:Jenkins']] body as ten thousand tiny, thread-like razorblades ran across his skin, into his body, slicing apart muscle and bone and blood vessels. He tried to scream, but blood erupted from his mouth and nostrils and flooded into his lungs. His weapon fired wildly into the air for the few moments his arm remained attached to his body.''
-->''It ended a merciful moment later, when the buzzers found his brain and surgically sliced it apart, ending all consciousness. [[spoiler:Jenkins']] armor crumpled to the floor, weeping blood from a dozen rents and holes.''
* ''[[ Beastly Possession]]'' is a ''Manga/FairyTail'' fanfic of almost non-stop NightmareFuel and gore that borders on {{Squick}}. The writer even warns the audience "Don't read while eating."
* ''[[ Challenge of the Super Friends: The End]]'', where the Legion of Doom travel to a horrific Lovecraftian universe and end up like victims in the ''Film/EventHorizon'' and ''Franchise/{{Hellraiser}}'' films. Lots of horrific transformations and mind-bending imagery.
* [[ This]] ''Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'' fanfiction. There's [[MindScrew mindfuckery]] and PrisonRape and the setting and-- [[BodyHorror what's-- ]] there's ''botflies''. Almost anything that ficcer has done qualifies, from the humorous fic with a Mary Sue getting [=STDs=] from [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Captain Jack Sparrow]] to their backstory for [[Film/OnceUponATimeInMexico Sheldon Sands]]. It's the opposite of putting him in [[DracoInLeatherPants leather pants]]. [[spoiler:Sands as manipulative quasi-psychopath is canon. The sheer awfulness of the eye gouging is canon. This writer's backstory for him has heavily implied BrotherSisterIncest. It's rape.]]
* There's [[ a writer]] on whose volume of work consists almost entirely of extremely gory, badly-written, but extremely disturbing short stories in multiple categories in which a character randomly dies gruesomely, most of them titled "(Name Of Character) Dies a Horrible Death". Interestingly, the extreme badness of the writing makes the stories even more nightmare-inducing, seeing as the language is abrupt and casual and stilted, as though a kid was writing them without putting any serious thought into it or feeling as though there was anything serious about the stories. Just take a minute to think about what kind of person would write like that....
* "[[ Control]]", an ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'' fanfic. It's extremely well-written, includes some well-crafted Fan Characters who manage to avoid GaryStu territory, it takes some "controversial" approaches to some characters (especially Yukari) without straying too far [[CharacterDerailment out of line]]... and if you've ever considered trying hard drugs before reading this, ''you never will again''. It's rated M not just for some {{Lemon}} scenes ([[spoiler:some involving rape]]) but also some of the most graphic violence ever seen in an ''Azumanga'' fic ([[spoiler:as well as explicit accounts of the ''horrible'' pain of drug withdrawal]]).
* The aptly named horror fic ''[[ Nightmares]]''. This is a fanfic of ''WesternAnimation/TheBraveLittleToaster'', a movie already known for Nightmare Fuel. The story is a series of first-person vignettes, detailing the horrific dreams of the other four main characters during Toaster's NightmareSequence. It starts out only slightly unsettling, but gradually builds up, accumulating in the truly horrifying Chapter 4.
* This ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' fic [[ Blood Is Thicker]], one of the few vampire fics that really stands out, with dread starting only a few paragraphs in. The BigBad is [[spoiler:Lloyd's grandmother]], Maetala, a caliber that makes Alucard look tame. After turning Lloyd into a vampire, she twists and manipulates him into giving up what little humanity he has still retained [[spoiler:encouraging him to eat a boar alive is probably the ''least'' horrifying thing she does all fic long]], and the results leave Lloyd, a canonical {{Determinator}} a ''psychological wreck'' and makes it ''horrifically believable.''
* You wouldn't think horror and ''Anime/LuckyStar'' could go together... until you read ''[[ Ahoge]]''. Tsukasa is (arguably) taken down to extreme [[TheDitz ditz]] levels when she thinks Konata's IdiotHair could grow into a plant... This is either [[TookALevelInBadass badass]] or just plain CharacterDerailment. The last chapter is an especially horrifying as Sojiro Izumi takes revenge on the entire Hiiragi family [[spoiler:through ColdBloodedTorture. A, umm, ''nail gun'' is involved at one point]]. You probably won't look at Tsukasa the same way again.
* [[ Visio Vestri]], a MegaCrossover Fanfic which depicts the Website/GameFAQs Character Battle of 2010 as a contest where 128 videogame characters must scale [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Tartarus]] and face [[YourWorstNightmare their worse nightmares]]. It is actually a nice fanfic, but [[VideoGame/CallOfDuty Captain Price's]] death is disturbing. [[spoiler:After the Reaper blasts him with [[LightIsNotGood a spell of blinding light]], his body is ripped APART and he LAUGHS as this happens.]]
* Anything Ann-Kathrin Kniggendorf (otherwise known as [=AKK=]) wrote for ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers''. [[ "The Lie"]] has a brutal rape depiction that can shock even the most veteran reader, and acts as a crushing inversion of DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale. It says something when the poor hero views having his soul ripped out afterwards as a relief! Her pre-series Supertrooper works are all the more chilling when you hear the violence and death described with clinical precision. [[ Walking Through Nightmares]] depicts severe asthma, lung damage, and the inability to breathe in graphic detail. And then there's [[ Raumjaeger]]. Oh, shit. The classic idea of "what if Nazi Germany won" played for all the horror you can imagine and then some. You will ''not'' be sleeping well after it, especially after little details like the human-skin lampshade. Worse is that Ann-Kathrin, like half of the fandom's writers, is German and English isn't her first language. The show itself? A ''kids cartoon'' from TheEighties.
* ''[[ Parts Of A (Bung)Hole]]''. It starts off as a bit weird and angsty, with a CrackPairing, though the author does his best to make it believable. The ending, however, is positively hellish. [[spoiler:After learning that WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead (mostly Butthead) raped WesternAnimation/{{Daria}} & drove her to alcoholism & death in a drunk driving accident, Jane tears open Beavis' throat with her teeth while they're having rough sex & then uses his insides to paint a portrait of Daria on his bedroom wall.]] Daria fans do love them some DarkFic, but ye gods...
* The epic ''Franchise/{{Kirby}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/TheDreamLandStory'' has the entire sequence in [[spoiler: Marx's mind]], which was probably intended to be creepy. There's also [[spoiler: Kirby's Dark-Matter-induced night terrors]] which [[NothingIsScarier are never described to the reader]]. And to top it all off, [[spoiler: Meta Knight's graphic suicide]].
* [[ The Shadows Grow Longer]]. More disturbing than frightening, this ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' fanfiction is 20 chapters of watching a woman succumb to StockholmSyndrome to a monster who spends his time torturing her physically, mentally and sexually.
* [[ One Mistake Too Many]], a ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' fanfic that explores what might happen if Boq's transformation hadn't gone as smooth as it had in the musical- ie, if Nessarose had decided that she should be the one to cast the spell. Here's a hint: the first chapter is called "TransformationTrauma."
* [[ Our little Doll]], a ''Literature/{{Coraline}}'' fanfic, where the Other Mother ''rapes'' Coraline. The actual rape is implied, with just the preparation shown (Coraline being bound and having her clothes ripped off her body by Other Mother). Then we cut to the aftermath, with Coraline waking up in real world with no recollection of what has happened - until she gets abdominal pains so strong that she collapses. In hospital, the doctor says that she was violated by freaking ''knitting needles'', prompting disbelief from her mother. And then it is revealed that Other Mother can '''take control''' of Coraline, forcing her to come to the Other World [[FromBadToWorse again and again]]...
* ''[[FanFic/UltimateSleepwalker Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams]]'' has multiple examples, fitting for a series whose protagonist is an alien from another dimension who fights supernatural horrors and demons:
** The nightmarish dream world that Sleepwalker's ArchEnemy Cobweb creates by possessing the mind of scared young RealityWarper Kevin MacTaggart. The dream world is a shifting twilight world of ugly colors, half-seen images and distorted surroundings that threatens to grow and expand like a cancerous tumor until it consumes the whole Earth, engulfing the minds of everyone on the planet in its wake;
** Cobweb himself, a demon from the Mindscape who thrives on the CycleOfHate caused by racism, violence and war, and actively tries to fan the flames of hatred that arise from such conflicts. He also brutally kidnaps and tortures Sleepwalker's BigBrotherMentor, turning him into a hideous monstrosity called a Dreamkiller, that becomes tied up in the brutal MindRape of one of Rick Sheridan's human friends, who's eventually [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide]];
** John Edward Cicala, alias UsefulNotes/JackTheRipper, the illegitimate son of a British nobleman and a nameless street prostitute who made a DealWithTheDevil to turn himself into a demonic force capable of possessing evil men and using them as his PeoplePuppets to go on a killing spree murdering street prostitutes;
** The [[ScaryScarecrows Scarecrow]], formerly a SerialKiller who murdered almost two dozen people while dressed as a scarecrow but is now a malign demon who speicalizes in murdering innocent people by [[MindRape Mind Raping]] them in their dreams, a la [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]];
** Sleepwalker's EvilCounterpart Psyko, a human gang leader twisted by Cobweb's demonic power into a humanoid abomination that combines [[TheSilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter]]'s disturbing intimacy with his victims with the ability to make his victims suffer [[YourWorstNightmare their worst nightmares]] and a healthy dose of FoeYay and rape imagery that perverts true love and intimacy;
** Mr. FX, a WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds whose psychic temper tantrums reveal a disturbing PsychopathicManchild personality and who triggers deliberate accidents and hallucinations in his victims to make them serve as his "toys";
** Fever Pitch, a living, flaming skeleton and Manson-like cult leader who's obsessed with the idea of [[ToCreateAPlaygroundForEvil a nihilistic vision of burning society to the ground and watching sadism and chaos run amuck]];
** The Dreadknight, an [[TheUndead undead]] BloodKnight who's been forcibly resurrected and sent to kill Sleepwalker, and is [[AndIMustScream unable to die and rest in peace until he accomplishes his task]];
** The Bookworm, a depraved magician who was horrifically tortured by the bullies at his high school and who's now [[WhosLaughingNow obsessed with getting revenge on them, and on Sleepwalker for his opposing them]];
** Sleepwalker's own psychotic breaks after he suffers a vicious CurbStompBattle and MindRape at the hands of Psyko, which drives him insane and nearly leads him to murder his HeroicHost Rick Sheridan.
* ''[[FanFic/UltimateSpiderWoman Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light]]'', set in the same universe as Ultimate Sleepwalker, has quite a bit of this too:
** The disturbing rants of the Brothers Grimm, who's apparently a PsychopathicManchild RealityWarper who uses all sorts of disturbing fairy tale and toy paraphernalia in his crimes and who is prone to [[TalkingToThemself arguing with himself]] in an increasingly disturbing fashion, and whose idea of "performing" consists of kidnapping people and forcing them to watch disturbing sequences involving demonic toy soldiers ripping apart superhero dolls, witches juggling severed teddy bear heads, and skeletons juggling their own bones in choreographed dance routines;
** Jack O'Lantern, a ghoulish Halloween-themed mass murderer who considers himself one of TheUnfettered and a NietzscheWannabe whose ultimate dream is ToCreateAPlaygroundForEvil. He became [[SecretIdentityIdentity consumed by his supervillain identity]] and now seeks to spread misery and horror as much ForTheEvulz as any actual hope of profit;
*** In the first Halloween Special, we see Jack sitting in his cell on Halloween night. He's dreaming of the fond memories he had of hacking into pumpkins, ripping their guts out and carving their faces to resemble jack o'lanterns...and he's fantasizing about what it would be like to do the same thing to a human head.
** Moonstone, a [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulative Bitch]] who kidnapped several people as part of a twisted scientific experiment to analyze the physiological reactions of their families in stress situations;
** Firebrand, a violent bully whose attitude towards life was ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney, and who thought Daddy's connections and Daddy's chequebook would allow him to be a KarmaHoudini. This was ''before'' he became a [[PlayingWithFire fire-manipulating]], mass-murdering PyroManiac;
** Mayhem, a high school student and victim of a high school prank gone ghoulishly wrong, who later returns as a [[MindRape Mind Raping]] otherworldly monstrosity determined to [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge to exact a cold, sadistic revenge on everyone who turned her into the freakish... thing... she is today]].
* [[ This VOCALOID fanfic]], in chapter 6, involves Rin waking up in the middle of the night, walking down the hall, seeing eyes at the end of the hallway, and being "attacked" by it. If you read it carefully, it could be implied that whatever the thing was was attempting to rape her. [[spoiler:However, it's revealed at the end of the chapter that the monster was actually "Caiden" and he wasn't trying to scare her.]]
* [[ Used]], a House fanfic. The things [[spoiler:Tritter]] does to House are pretty certain to give one nightmares, including [[spoiler: raping him with his own cane, and a knife.]]
* Fanfic/ImperfectMetamorphosis' [[WhamEpisode Chapter 31]]. This story is already dark, taking many VideoGame/{{Touhou}} ideas and twisting them just enough to inspire terror and awe. And then you reach this chapter, and the slowly dawning dream from the last four chapters breaks and you realize that [[EldritchAbomination Yuuka Kazami]] (already an insane supplier of scary scenes) has [[spoiler: [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou broken through the fourth wall]] ]] with the simple words:
--> [[spoiler: [[FourthWallObserver "Or to be specific, I may converse with you, the you that's watching behind your eyes]]."]]
--> [[spoiler: [[BreakingTheFourthWall With that, she smiles, looks you directly in the eye, and smiles at you]].]]
--> [[spoiler: [[OhCrap Yes]].]]
--> [[spoiler: [[ParanoiaFuel You]].]]
--> [[spoiler: [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou "Hello dears," Yuuka says sweetly. "Enjoying the story?]]"]]
* [[ "Hard Way to Hollow"]] is a little Manga/{{Bleach}} two-shot detailing Ichigo's slow descent into despair and insanity while his hollow takes over. Contains BodyHorror, EyeScream, NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, and other things best not mentioned here. Sleep well.
* ''VideoGame/CrimsonEchoes'' has the scene towards the end when the heroes are exploring [[VideoGame/ChronoCross The Darkness]] [[RetGone Beyond Time]]... which is a horrifying enough concept as it is. But then you see the journal... "There is nothing outside the windows. I mean that. Nothing." And you realize the people who are there aren't all just frozen and they're... alive and they're '''aware''' and there are billions of them, and you realize all the times when you played VideoGame/ChronoTrigger, '''you''' put them there...
* The ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' fan story [[ Regular Addictions]] involves Benson going on a drug-and-alcohol binge because he is unhappy with his current life and wants to end it all. Since he's a gumball machine (lacking organs and what not), he realizes it leads to nowhere. What's one of the first things he does in his bout of insanity? [[spoiler: He decides to kill Veronica, his ex-girlfriend who is said to have dumped him callously, while saying the lyrics of a song he wrote for her with a dark tone]]. As if that weren't bad enough, [[spoiler:Mordecai had to keep it secret after Benson told him about what happened lest any other event could worsen the situation]].
* [[ Eddward]], WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy fanfic in which Edd murders and tortures all other kids.
* A ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' fanfic, ''Fanfic/CampNightmare'', involved Calvin getting signed up for a day camp, which seems like TastesLikeDiabetes until [[spoiler:Calvin finds out it's actually a cult that kills the kids ''[[EatsBabies and eats them]]''! Not only that, but Calvin discovers a room where the corpses are kept]].
* The ''Series/{{CSI}}'' fic [[ Face The Music]] by [=Elm22=] has a lot of this in the form of Grissom's kidnap and torture (and later Sara's as well). The fact that it's an extremely well written, well researched fic makes it all the more haunting.
* ''[[ Mercurial Cognizance]]'', a deeply disturbing ''{{LightNovel/Durarara}}'' fanfiction that shows us what potentially goes on in Mikado Ryugamine's head. An evil doppelganger attacks Mikado, [[CallBack stabs him with a pen]], and ''rapes him''. All the while Evil!Mikado tells Good!Mikado that [[JekyllAndHyde everyone has a dark side that needs to come out]], while poor Good!Mikado is less concerned with the fact that he's being raped [[MindScrew by himself]] than he is truly terrified of the fact that ''he himself'' is capable of doing something like that to another person. Fortunately it turns out to be a dream...[[spoiler:and then Mikado looks down to see that his hand is now bandaged]]. And then he shudders and bursts into tears upon remembering the last thing the doppelganger said to him...
-->'''Doppelganger''':[[spoiler:''It's not a dream'']].
* From ''WebComic/DragonBallMultiverse'' we have [[spoiler: Universe 16 Pan being strangled to death by Bojack. When it looks like she is about to break out of it, he ''SNAPS HER NECK'']].
* [[ All Grown Up!]], touted as a "theory" of Rugrats.
* Melimsah's fanfic ''[[ Never Alone]]'' is ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fanfic that take place after the episode ''Haunted'', and it continues from there in its own alternative way. The story is about Robin who afterwards thinks that Slade is out of his head now that the mind-dust is out of his system, only to once again see Slade when no one else can. As Robin try to find out why, it gets more and more hinted that it isn't the mind-dust again that is behind Slade, but simply his mind losing itself to the grip of paranoid schizophrenia. Slade himself goes from playful teasing and insulting to MindRape and downright physical assaults, causing Robin to somehow hit himself into near death. As the story goes on, Robin's condition worsen each day while Slade becomes more powerful, and he sends Robin into a spiral of delusions and self-destructive behavior, and BreakingSpeech him so badly that Robin goes from a strong leader-type of hero into a scared, self-loathing child, and when the other Titans finds out, they've no idea how to treat him or how to force Slade out of him.
* Minty's fanfic on Encyclopedia that is a supposed Toy Story fanfic in which the main heroine is tricked into going into a home group and her toys are taken away by a woman by the name of Nicole. The story itself makes Lotso from ''Toy Story 3'' look like a kid's show host. Imagine, if you will, that you live in the Milborough of Fanfic/TheNewRetcons; not only do you live with the knowledge that you got the sweetheart deal you did on your mortgage because you live on what used to be a nuclear test site, you have to contend with crazy old Elly Patterson who's convinced that it's the early eighties. Factor in the fact that she had a volatile temper back when she was nominally sane and you realize that her lazy, image-obsessed jerk husband's refusal to do anything about her (as well as the law's inability to lock people up without due cause) has left you having to deal with a human bomb.
* ''Fanfic/RoboBando'' is so filled with graphic violence and torture scenes that makes ''Anime/ElfenLied'' family friendly.
* The ''Series/BigTimeRush'' fanfic ''[[ Big Time Obsession]]'' (Rated M for a reason). It involves they boys and their friends trying to protect Camille from a serial killer/rapist named Hyde. Eventually though Logan is abducted and tortured by said rapist. [[spoiler: Don't worry, he's saved, but people still get killed in the process]]. For details, of the shit Hyde does in the story [[spoiler: he tortures a naked Logan over a two way camera, unless Camille stripped for him, forces another hostage to have sex with Logan, he kills Frieght Train, and a good samaritan that tried to help Logan.]] Now heres the character Hyde himself, [[spoiler: turns out he's actually a split personality of one of the detectives on the case. We meet another personality of his - a child who Hyde shifts to when Logan shoots at him.]]
* Imagine you're imprisoned in a underground facility where no one will ever find you. Everyday, a scientist performs experiments on you such as exposure to extreme heat and cold, enduring sounds that will paralyze you, and cutting off your hand. No matter what you claim, said scientist insists that not only are you not human, you're not sentient and are incapable of feeling pain. Now imagine, this is all being done by your mother. Welcome to the ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'' fic [[ Phantom of Truth]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' fanfic ''[[ Death of a Simpson]]'' is played out like another Sideshow Bob episode, only the differences are that Bob has finally lost his mind completely, so that he actually see people and things that only he can see, that he finally has [[spoiler:killed Krusty in the most gruesome ways possible]], that he's targeting Lisa instead of Bart, planning to simply torture her to death, [[spoiler:and when that fails, it seems that his spirit tries to possess Maggie to be the new him]]. A chilling tale of one madman's revenge against the young people he feels ruined his life to that of a hunted, crazed animal.
* [[ Prisoner of the Magic Kingdom]]. Be on the lookout for a multitude of [[CreepyDoll Creepy Dolls]], VoiceOfTheLegion, AdultFear, UncannyValley, doll Gorn, CreepyChild, claustrophobia, [[SlasherSmile Slasher Smiles]]... and so on
* [[ The Fragility of Time]] has [[spoiler: Rubeus's murder of Mimete in chapter 34, followed up by his murder of Eudial one chapter later.]]
** Making it worse is how he does it: [[spoiler: exploding her Fire Buster and then ''impaling her with his spheres'' (which he also did to Mimete)]] Fortunately, [[spoiler: he pays for it]].
** Chapter 34 introduces [[spoiler: Galaxia. If the fact that she is portrayed as a destroyer of worlds on par with ''[[WesternAnimation/TransformersTheMovie Unicron]]'' doesn't get you, then her plans for Sailor Eiron, a.k.a Sailor Lead Crow will.]] Said plans double as a WhamLine: "[[spoiler:Oh, I am sure you don't want to join me. Rarely does your kind want to, but they have no choice. You see before this day is over you will be executing the rest the council here and then [[AdultFear I think I'll have you kill your own child.]] After all, I am sure that he is still alive here somewhere [[KickTheDog and who better to be able to find him than his own mother.]]]]"
** Even worse is her reaction when she loses Eiron's Star Seed. Said reaction boils down to KillEmAll.
* An [[Literature/TheOutsiders Outsiders]] fanfiction, [[ The Days That Changed Everything,]] has Sodapop and Ponyboy being [[AdultFear taken away from Darry and ending up abused for six and a half months in separate foster homes.]] James, the father in Soda's foster home [[spoiler: abuses his baby daughter Emma, and locks Soda in his bedroom when he tries to protect her and tells him he is wrong for trying to stop him. To keep her safe, Soda makes a deal with him that if he doesn't fight back against James, he'll leave her alone - leading to James burning the word [[PhysicalScarsPsychologicalScars "WRONG"]] into Soda's shoulder with a cigarette, threatening to hurt Emma if he struggles. The worst part? When Soda goes back home, James ends up killing Emma.]] But as horrible as that is, it ''pales'' in comparison to what happened to Ponyboy: [[spoiler: When Ponyboy did something that Robert, the father at his foster home, didn't like, he would drag him out to the backyard, force him to dig a hole and lie down in it, and then ''[[BuriedAlive bury him alive]]'' with only a straw to breathe through, nearly killing him. Worse, he does this ''twice,'' once during a thunderstorm.]] Their experiences leave both boys badly traumatized.
* ''Fanfic/MagnaClades'' has a lot of these moments, but one in particular that really takes the cake is when the BigBad [[EvilChancellor Zoisite]] becomes a BlobMonster and liquifies the ''mayor of Beach City'' to death alongside many others!
* The ''Literature/LesMiserables'' fic [[ When The Cat's Away.]] Marius and Cosette being kidnapped by Thenardier and Patron Minette for their money, and Marius [[spoiler: nearly being murdered]] is bad enough, but the most terrifying part is [[spoiler: Cosette being tied to a bed and raped over and over by Montparnasse and Claquesous. They torture her, too - when Marius and Valjean arrive to save her, she's crying, bruised, and bloody. She specifically mentions Montparnasse sticking his knife under her fingernails when she tried to refuse him.]]
* In ''Manga/SoulEater'', the BigBad, [[MadGod Asura]], is stated to have [[CannibalismSuperpower eaten his own weapon partner]] after going insane with fear. In the fanfic [[ Mad Love]], Vajra was first beaten senseless by his partner (who [[MadLove he was in love with]] and [[IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship had been good friends with]]), and then EatenAlive before he was aware enough of what was happening to transform back. And [[FromBadToWorse then it turns out]] that he ''[[AndIMustScream is still alive and conscious inside Asura's body]]'' and was imprisoned for centuries along with him. When Asura is freed, he can hear and sense what's going on around them, but he can only see when Asura pokes him out of his mouth to fire his lasers, and cannot move or transform back to human form. The kicker? [[MadLove The poor bastard is still hopelessly in love with Asura,]] and keeps telling himself that one day he'll be repaid for his loyalty and Asura will free him.
--> ''Thinking of all they have lost and all that they can never be again, Vajra feels as if Shinigami ripped him apart too, and he wishes so badly it'' hurts ''that he could still scream.''
* The ''Manga/DeathNote'' fanfic, [[ The Hanging Tree]]. It runs on the {{Fanon}} that [[VillainProtagonist Light]], as a Death Note user, became a {{Shinigami}} after his death, meaning he now has his own Death Note. What's the first thing he does with it? Get ''brutal'' revenge on the Kira Task Force and Near for killing him, of course, and drag poor Misa into it too! He first restores Misa's memories of the Death Note, and tells her that he wants her by his side again, [[GodIsEvil so they can act as Kira forever from the realm of the Shinigami.]] [[spoiler: However, for that to happen, she has to die. While a horrified Misa protests, Light cheerfully shows her that he's already written her name in his Death Note, and [[DrivenToSuicide she is forced to hang herself against her will.]] Light notes that she is visibly frightened while she does this.]]
** And then when the Kira Task Force (Matsuda, Aizawa, Ide, and Mogi) realize that Misa's missing and go to look for her, they search the woods and find [[spoiler: her body hanging from a tree branch, with four other nooses tied neatly to the branch alongside her. Aizawa then gets a call from Near, who (while in so much pain he can barely speak) warns him that Kira has killed everyone in the SPK and is forcing him to call and tell the task force that he is coming for them next, before dying while still on the line.]] While they're all panicking, Matsuda realizes that [[spoiler: the four other nooses are for them, and yells at the others to run. They don't even get out of sight of the tree when the Death Note takes effect, and the four of them are forced to slowly turn around and go back to the tree. They try to turn and run again, but they can't stop, escape, [[AndIMustScream or even scream]], and they are forced to hang themselves while terrified and ''still fully conscious.'']] Matsuda's last thoughts before [[spoiler: he is killed are "Please, Light, don't kill me, please don't - !" ]]
** The worst part? [[DownerEnding The story ends with]] [[spoiler: Shinigami King Light, now immortal and [[MadGod implied to still be insane]], becoming Kira again for eternity, with Misa as his queen.]]
* The ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' fic [[ My Child]] centers around Corporal Levi being harassed by a [[TheLegionsOfHell demon]] who has followed him around for decades, trying to convince him to make a DealWithTheDevil so he can take Levi's soul. However, Levi (being aware of the JackassGenie trope) knows better than to let himself be tempted. The demon, [[FauxAffablyEvil Xaphan,]] appears when Mikasa (now an adult, as the fic is post-series) is in labor with Levi's child, and offers to give the child lifelong safety in exchange for Levi's soul. Once again, Levi angrily refuses, and essentially tells Xaphan to fuck off. Xaphan refuses to go and says that Levi would regret it if he left and [[ShameIfSomethingHappened something were to happen.]] [[spoiler: [[DeathByChildbirth Cue severe shoulder dystocia that will suffocate the baby before it is born.]] It's heavily implied that Xaphan caused it to [[SadisticChoice force Levi to choose between his life and his child's life.]] And it ''works'' - Levi gives up his soul to the demon in exchange for his child being saved, and is dragged to Hell immediately after, before he can even see his son. The story ends with Levi imprisoned in Hell, faced with an eternity of ColdBloodedTorture at the sadistic Xaphan's hands.]]
** Levi's [[ImagineSpot Imagine Spots]] of all the ways childbirth could go wrong, including "Mikasa torn open from the inside and bleeding out, their baby coming out strangled on its own umbilical cord..." and of his child being EatenAlive by a Titan.
** The ending, or more specifically, Levi's thoughts about [[spoiler: how Xaphan tortures him in Hell. He's perpetually restrained in Xaphan's room, with [[EvilIsBurningHot searing hot chains that impale him and wind through his body. He remembers having "red-hot weapons stabbed into every part of him]] [and] a pack of hellhounds chomping and tearing at him like an oversized bone."]] Worst of all, it's all but outright stated that [[spoiler: Xaphan has [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil raped him countless times]] while he's helpless to fight back.]] And the real kick in the ass is that [[spoiler: Levi is enduring all of this for nothing. Xaphan [[LoopholeAbuse neglected to mention that the deal protects Levi's son Rivahn from everything except him]], and the last line of the story is Xaphan taunting Levi about how he's going after Mikasa's and Rivahn's souls next.]]
* The Manga/DetectiveConan fanfiction [[ Observations]] has Takagi and Conan kidnapped by a man whom Takagi was to visit that day. Turns out, [[spoiler: the kidnapper is part of a larger group that likes to imitate the methods of past serial killers. Specifically, they plan to brand Takagi with his own badge, shoot him in the head with his own gun, and leave him on the roof of a police station with his wrists in his own handcuffs a week after his disappearance. This is apparently what a serial killer did to other police officers eight years before the events of the fanfic, and this means the police have a week to find Takagi. As for Conan, the group intends to try and turn him to their side, not knowing [[OlderThanTheyLook the truth]] about Conan. The group even starts using mind games to try and make Conan defer to them even while he's being held prisoner. This fanfic also gives chapters to Satou and Ran, who are extremely upset and scared for the kidnapees]].
--> '''Lion''': ''(addressing Conan)'' Interesting, [[spoiler: Kitten]]. Very interesting. ''(Leaves room where Takagi and Conan are being held)''
--> '''Takagi''': ''(Realizing implications)'' [[spoiler: Kitten. He called you Kitten]]. ... Conan-kun,
--> '''Conan''': [[spoiler: I'll never be their Kitten, Takagi-keiji. Never]].
* [[ For You, I Will]], a {{Literature/Twilight}} hatefic that twists the concept of [[OneTrueLove imprinting]] into something horrifying: [[spoiler:the imprintee, Melanie, is a psychopath, and now has [[HijackingCthulhu Hijacked The Werewolf]]... and he ends up [[MindRape liking it]]. Worse, not only has she got Embry to help her torture and kill people, she successfully convinces him to ''wipe out his entire tribe''.]]
** What's worse is that the author didn't even need to twist the concept- everything she based the fic on came directly from canon.
** What's even ''worse'' is that before [[spoiler: Melanie orders Embry to commit genocide on his whole tribe]], the two of them talk about how, instead of outright stopping them, Jacob presented them with a compromise, that, as stated above, is completely canon-compliant. [[spoiler: They can torture, rape, kill, and eat whoever they want, as long as they ''try'' not to do it to innocent people and stick to criminals. Jacob and the rest of the pack think it's ''perfectly okay'' to let them do this, because they're doing it for the sake of the bond between imprint and imprintee.]]
* [[ He Was Hungry]] is a {{VideoGame/Ragnarok Online}} fanfiction in which Flamel Emule (the main character) is portrayed as a [[BigEater Big Eater]]... as well as a cannibal. But if the violent opening scene doesn't scare you, then the [[ImAHumanitarian End]][[CruelAndUnusualDeath ing]] will do so. The story is really violent, so be careful.
* The ''Manga/{{Magi}}'' fanfic [[ The Prince's Reckoning]], in which Kouen [[spoiler: has an extended NightmareSequence where he]] sees what would have happened if it had been his siblings who had suffered and died instead of Hakuryuu's. He watches Kouha being tortured by Phenex's Ring of Admonition, Koumei being GuttedLikeAFish by al-Thamen priests and bleeding out at his feet, and every single one of his sisters being incinerated alive. What's worse is, Koumei is PeacefulInDeath and content as long as it means Kouen survives, but Kouha and Kougyoku are ''screaming in agony and begging Kouen to save them.'' And there is absolutely ''nothing he can do.''
** The whole [[spoiler: dream]] consists of the vengeful ghosts of Hakuyuu and Hakuren coming back to haunt Kouen because [[TheyDiedBecauseOfYou they blame him for their deaths, their country's corruption, and Hakuryuu's insanity]], accuse him of being a traitor who wanted it all to happen, and completely ignore Kouen's protests that none of that is true and he wishes that they were still alive. It's also worth mentioning that [[spoiler: the dream ends with Hakuren holding Kouen down so Hakuyuu can ''chop his fucking head off.'' And that upon waking up, Kouen mentions that these are ''RecurringDreams'' of his, brought on by his guilt over everything that's happened to their family and country.]]
* Despite some already scary moments in the 1989 ''Batman'' fanfiction ''Through a Glass Darkly'', arguably the darkest was after the Joker abducted a little girl, and poisoned her with Smilex, promising to cure her only if Bruce paid a large ransom. The worst part? For the ransom demand, he videotaped himself injecting the child with Smilex and sent it to Bruce... [[PapaWolf driving Batman to do what it takes to save her]].
* The ''extremely'' [[NotSafeForWork NSFW]] [[ Hydra Trash Party]] KinkMeme is built on NightmareFuel. This KinkMeme is dedicated to coming up with as many horrific things to do to the [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier Winter Soldier]] ([[spoiler:Bucky Barnes]]) and other [[Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse MCU]] characters (but mostly the Winter Soldier) as the minds of the anons can produce, usually ranging from frequent physical abuse or [[MoreThanMindControl mental abuse and conditioning]] to [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil actual rape]], ColdBloodedTorture, and MindRape.
* [[ Closer]], a [[VideoGame/MetalGear Snake/Otacon]] SlashFic, has Hal recalling his sexual abuse at the hands of [[ParentalIncest his stepmother Julie]] and his developing OedipusComplex. It really doesn't set in until [[spoiler:Hal overheard Julie [[{{Squick}} having sex with his father, Huey]]]], and was then woken up by [[spoiler:Julie straight-up raping him]].
* The ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' grapefruit (super explicit) fanfiction [[ Sweet Red Wine]], which can be summed up as "Sayaka and Kyoko rip each other apart and get off while doing so".
* [[ This]] fanart of [[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfSuperHeroes Shadow Lady]], a PaletteSwap and WhatIf version of Chun Li. In it, she dies 15 minutes after giving birth to a baby, and it's unknown who the child's father is, as she was dating Dan and Ryu simultaneously. Shadaloo was aware of this, so they decided to steal her body for their own nefarious purposes by turning her into their [[ReforgedIntoAMinion brainwashed]] [[UnwillingRoboticization cybernetic]] [[TheDragon minion]], effectively condemning her to a FateWorseThanDeath. Before her death and transformation into Shadow Lady, Chun-Li routinely foiled Shadaloo's plans at every turn, so it's apparent that she was roboticized in retaliation for her foiling many of their plans. Designed to be the ultimate anti-Interpol weapon, she was sent out by the heinous Shadaloo leader to gather information on her former allies so they too could be turned into mindless cyborgs like Chun-Li was. As Shadow Lady, [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul her formerly cheerful personality was obliterated,]] her body's physiology altered so it experienced no emotion apart from being an ruthless and emotionless assassin and serving as M. Bison's right-hand, as it was only fitting that the one constant pain in Bison's side be given this 'honor', and hopefully, turn her into their main pawn against Interpol. In essence, she is a completely different person inhabiting her body and mind, and serves as nothing but a weapon against her former allies. And though she retained her original moves, the enhancements also gave her new abilities, including lasers, RocketBoots, an electric shield and a large drill in her hands. It's unknown how much of her body has been automated, but anybody can speculate that much of it is now robotic, save for a few parts such as her brain, which has been [[NeuralImplanting surgically implanted]] so she only follows Shadaloo's orders through her OdangoHair shaped RobotAntennae at their command through secure radio links. The breathing apparatus covering her mouth gave the appearance of a female DarthVaderClone. Thirty years later, the robot is deployed after extensive training and programming (aside from painstakingly preserving her body), and although others are suspicious that this robotic assassin named Shadow Lady aka Droid Li looks a lot like Chun-Li, they're totally unaware that this ''is'' indeed the body of the fallen Interpol agent, converted into a soulless cybernetic zombie. But the worst part? Her child won't be aware that their mother has been revived as a [[ArchnemesisMom brainwashed and cyborgized machine]]. Also, neither Ryu nor Dan are aware that their [[RoboticSpouse former date]] is now a {{Brainwashed}} RobotGirl. All in all, while Chun-Li is back again, she's now more of an EmptyShell, [[LaserGuidedAmnesia with no record of her old memories]] [[AndIMustScream as they've been]] [[BlankSlate overridden]] with pre-programmed directives ordering her to be a [[ReforgedIntoAMinion killing]] [[RoboticPsychopath machine]] for Shadaloo, and effectively condemning her to a FateWorseThanDeath via DeathOfPersonality, LossOfIdentity and CyberneticsEatYourSoul.
* ''Beaver Soup'', a '''very''' {{NSFW}} ''WesternAnimation/AngryBeavers'' fanfic that's since been removed. In a ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' universe where humans and cartoon characters coexist, John -- the AuthorAvatar protagonist -- is a paraphiliac [[StalkerWithACrush obsessed with Norbert]]. He moves from New Zealand to a cabin located in the same remote American forest as Norbert and Daggett's home. When his sexual advances are rejected, John [[spoiler:kidnaps Norbert, rapes him, and murders Daggett [[AxeCrazy with]] [[AnAxeToGrind an axe]]. Then -- wanting Nobert all to himself -- he fatally stabs Norbert in the chest, butchers him into soup, and ''[[{{Squick}} turns his corpse into a stuffed body pillow]]''. After [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone realizing what he has done]], John then [[DrivenToSuicide commits suicide]]]]. Granted, [[spoiler:it was [[AllJustADream only a dream]]]], but the bleak, graphic imagery and John's psychotic behavior are horrifying.
* There is a DeviantArt ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'' fan fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Popeye the Sailor Man that starts out lighthearted and humourous, but takes a very grim turn when the killing blow comes. Popeye uppercuts Luffy into the air, then rips open a hole in reality, opening up a blank white void for Luffy to fall into. Luffy manages to grab the edge, only for Popeye to pry his fingers loose while mockingly playing 'This Little Piggy', causing Luffy to fall into the void. While not a brutal death, it's still horrifying in that Luffy is still alive and fully conscious when he falls, meaning he's doomed to fall in an empty void until he dies of natural causes. Truly a FateWorseThanDeath.