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Nightmare Fuel: Evil Dead
The Evil Dead movies are horror films first and foremost, so it's natural for them to have scary scenes. Here are some specific examples.

The Evil Dead (1981)

  • The scene from the first film of the demon-possessed trees raping a victim is actually considered one of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments.
    • It's not much better that the scene is incredibly slow. So you, the viewer, have to watch a woman get raped for several minutes or so. Every slow, terrible minute.
  • Anytime someone gets possessed, they talk in a demonic voice.
  • When Shelly gets possessed and Scotty stabs her in the back with the dagger. She lets out a horrible screech that lasts for 30 seconds.
    • Even worse, that still doesn't kill her, so what follows is probably one the most gruesome dismemberment in the Evil Dead series. Oh, and she's STILL conscious while this is happening. Christ.
  • Deadite Linda. her crazy face(Betsy Baker makes an ungodly creepy Slasher Smile and the makeup exaggerates it further), her blank pupilless eyes, her slouching zombie-like way of moving, and that constant high-pitched giggle that doesn't actually seem to come from her(it doesn't, it's the demon possessing her that laughs).
  • The ghastly "melt down" suffered by the deadites when Ash burns the Naturon Demonto at the end of the first movie.
    • More presicely: first they stand still as smoke pours from their bodies, then they start rotting at high speed(with the flesh taking on a multicolor hue for no other reason than yes), then the burning book animates and whips a long tentacle-like tongue around(the deadites do the same, yikes), and they keep rotting...then a ROAR is heard as huge, clawed, bloody hands explode out of the bodies, and the still-standing one falls down on Ash, its head transforming from a skull into a demonic face...then it hits the ground and explodes in Ash's face. as the bodies turn into multicolored goo, demon voices can be heard. the Stop-Motion only increases the surreal horror of this scene.
    • For added fun there's the giant demon hands pulling some hyper space as they try to tear out of the deadite bodies.

Evil Dead II (1987)

The Army of Darkness (1992)

Evil Dead (2013)

  • The opening scene, in which a teenage girl is horrifically and graphically burned alive by her father in order drive out the deadite. What makes it bad is that before she was burned, the girl is pleading for her life, begging her daddy to hold her again. Then suddenly, the deadite kicks in and screams, "I'LL RIP YOUR SOUL OUT YOU PATHETIC FUCK!" When the flames ignite, she then screams, "YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I WILL KILL YOU! LIKE I KILLED YOUR WHORE!"'' Dear God.
  • The tree rape is much worse this time with what seems to be a slimy bushel of thorns heading up into Mia's privates and getting her possessed that way as they apparently come to reside within her. And yes you get to view the whole awful thing.
  • The bathroom sequence. We are first treated to a terrifying scene of Olivia getting possessed, in which she suddenly freezes out of nowhere as the demon takes over her body. It cuts away to Eric, who checks on her after a bit, to find the bathroom pitch dark and the light flickering like a strobe. We hear a sound of slicing; Eric finds Olivia hunched over in the shower, and she turns to reveal she had cut off her entire cheek from lip to ear with a piece of glass. What follows is a gruesome 2 minute brawl that involves said piece of glass, a syringe, and a broken piece of toilet that Eric uses to finally bash Olivia's brains in. And this is a mild version of what comes later.
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