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Nightmare Fuel: Ever After High
  • The Evil Queen. She lives up to her reputation and then some.
  • The plague that caused Wonderland to be quarantined off comes to mind.
  • The premise of the series is that the fairy tale characters' children are forced into their parents' roles, even if they don't want them or have befriended someone on the opposite side.
  • In one short film, a teacher asks Lizzie Hearts what she thinks they should do with Raven. Lizzie's response?
    Lizzie: Off with her head! (punctuated by her slicing the head off of a playing card)

The Storybook of Legends
  • The briar thorn walls could have very well doomed Apple and Raven to a sharp, pointy, and painfully slow death by bleeding out if Hunter hadn't been around to save them.
  • Bella sister's fake corpse. Found in a dank cave with the abandoned, rotting remains of an awful, solitary life, with "I SHOULD HAVE SIGNED THE BOOK!" signed above her in bright red paint.
  • The Puppy Potion. Imagine being in Raven's shoes, innocently pouring a mixture onto your pet puppy to watch it turn into a horrible bone rat.
  • Why does Apple want to stick to the story so much? It doesn't involve accidentally falling into a well, and drowning to death. Sure, she was only there for 2 minutes but still.
  • Raven's nightmare about what would happen to the Snow White story and its characters if she refused to sign. Apple's head in a goblin bowl shouting "Boo" is particularly chilling—more so because it's the last image before her Catapult Nightmare.
  • Raven Queen's taste of power during Legacy Day. It's frightening how close she came to becoming her mother. What if Maddie hadn't said hello?

The Unfairest of Them All
  • Raven is almost killed by an angry mob.
  • Hood Hollow in general seems to be a pretty nasty place—in addition to the attack on Raven, the townsfolk are viciously prejudiced against Cerise when they find out her parentage, calling her an abomination and threatening to banish her.
  • Maddie almost gets unjustly expelled for what basically amounts to a Crime Against Humanity.
  • The climax: the Evil Queen came this close to freedom.
  • The jabberwocky is free. And it's just going to take a nap before it starts to wreak havoc...
    • Hell, its description in general. It'll wait a few years to regain its strength before it terrorizes all of Ever After...

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