Nightmare Fuel / Elvira

Both Elvira games were among the most frightening on the market when they were released, and years later they still have the power to scare. Some particularly memorable examples below.

Elvira I

Elvira II:

  • There's a scene in the mansion where you come across some shutters that open up into a pantry. You open them, and see nothing but pitch blackne- A degenerate leaps at you. His mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth, and zits the size of fingertips stream pus down his cheeks. You pass out, and wake up in a meat locker full of mutilated bodies. Three guesses as to who mutilated them... and then he comes back for more.
  • The deeper levels of the catacombs. They have traps which paralyze you, at which point you're helpless against the unending hordes of blue ghosts that suddenly fly out of the darkness and into the screen.
  • The dining room in the haunted house. What's the main course? A head of a young woman. Which opens its eyes and smiles at you as blood oozes out from her mouth.
  • A bedroom where you're compelled to fall asleep after you enter. You then have a dream about a sexy woman, and when you wake up, she's still there. Only now she's a lamprey-like Nightmare Face-d monster who promptly kills you.