Nightmare Fuel: Dragon Ball Z Abridged

aka: Dragon Ball Abridged

TFS never fails at amusing the fans of Dragon Ball... and scaring them as well.

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  • LittleKuriboh puts on a legitimately terrifying performance as Freeza.
    • Freeza's introduction to the heroes in 24:
      Vegeta: That doesn't matter! Don't you understand?! If it didn't grant me my wish, then I'm not immortal! And Freeza's going to... g-going to... [Freeza enters, to a justified Mass "Oh, Crap!" from all parties present.]
      Freeza: Ohohoho, no, don't mind me! By all means... give me some ideas.
    • His moodswings during Episode 25:
      I'm sorry. I'm usually far more composed. I'm just a little bit ABSOLUTELY LIVID.
    • His rendition of "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things", accompanied by a slow piano tune. The cover has some dissonant notes, making the sound even creepier.
      Freeza: Peaceful young races with fire on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow to their new king, these are a few of my favourite things.
    • In Episode 27, the first 20 seconds are dead serious after Freeza kills Dende:
      Freeza: It's been so long since I've since I've had to use this form. It feels like an old suit I never have an occasion to wear. Unfortunately, whenever I put it on... [glances at Dende, complete with a sizzling sound effect which is definitely not comedic] someone dies.
      Gohan: Dende... no...
      Freeza: Oh, don't cry for the poor thing. I've saved him the fate of seeing what I'm about to do to you.
    • What he says to Vegeta is just mean:
      Freeza: It seems our game is over, Vegeta. Now that we're done here, its time to send you crying home to mommy.
      Vegeta: My mother's dead.
      Freeza: I know.
    • He even manages to scare Goku a number of times:
      Freeza: Sending your friends away to fight me all on your own... how gutless...
      Goku: What... how is that gutless?
      Freeza: Because... suicide is the coward's way out...
    • Playing 20 Questions with Goku in Episode 29:
      Freeza: Are you about to die?
      Goku: No...
      Freeza: Ah, Ah, Ah! *taking aim at Goku's forehead* No lying.
    • Freeza completely losing his mind in Episode 30.
  • Returning in his new, cybernetic form, Freeza's new name for Earth is "Vacant Lot".
    • This quote, not helped by the sheer amount of barely contained rage that he exhibits.
      Freeza: But I won't lie Daddy, I am absolutely ecstatic. When that filthy monkey arrives back on the planet, he'll return not to the smiling faces of his dear friends and family, but a total, unadulterated, genocide.
  • And in Episode 33, during his Villainous Breakdown, he boils over and screws up his programming again, causing him to start shrieking EXTERMINATE!!!!! EXTERMINATE!!!!! as he tries to kill Trunks, all while the New Series Dalek theme plays.
  • Freeza's crowning moment is this:
    Freeza: If I'm really as bad as you say, then let God strike me down where I stand.
    (gets struck by a bolt of lightning)
    Freeza: Ha! Nice try, jackass! Next time, give it your A-Game!
  • He manages to be absolutely terrifying in DBZ Kai Abridged Episode 2 as well, especially when beating up Vegeta.
    Vegeta: ...wait am I immortal?
    Freeza: I don't know! Let's see...

     Mr Popo 
  • Mr. Popo's introduction.
    • Mr. Popo is Nightmare Fuel incarnate in the abridged series. He can appear inside dreams, single-handedly fended off Garlic Jr (whereas it took both Goku and Piccolo to do so originally), has the guardian of Earth answer to him, may be the monster from Cloverfield, can assimilate other beings to become like him, appear inside your computer in real-life, and even invade other abridged series. Just ask Hol Horse.
  • In Episode 31, Kami tells Piccolo that Popo kicked him out of the watchtower for a booty call:
    Kami: "Last time he did this, I found five corpses. He laughed when I said 'five'."
    • The ending. Popo assimilates Garlic Junior and does something horrible offscreen to his minions. It's just as terrifying as when he did it to Blue Popo.
      • What's more, when he did it to Garlic Junior, you can tell from Garlic's left eye that he's being assimilated from the inside out. Popo got inside a character without them even noticing!
      • And now it seems he can even invade video games, as Krillin experienced while playing Slender: The Arrival.
      • Don't forget the ending of Episode 12.
  • And now, since Kame fused with Piccolo, there's a good chance he's losing his mind. Even Goku catches on.

  • It only took a cameo and a single appearance for Cell to get his own folder. First off, the end of Epsiode 40. Piccolo arrives to demand Kami fuse with him due to how insanely powerful the Androids are, only for Kami to reveal that something far, far worse has arisen, and the grimness of the situation is played completely straight with even Nail noticing how dark the tone of the conversation is getting. Immediately the scene cuts to the lower levels of Gero's lab, and the episode ends on a close up of a tiny embryonic creature and a terrifying and inhuman yet raspy Evil Laugh. The Cell Saga has now begun.
    • Kami's last line cements the gravity of the situation:
      Kami: The Androids are a threat, yes. But they are paltry to what I fear comes next.
      Mr. Popo: Well that's f***ing ominous!
    • Coincidentally, the episode prior to Piccolo fusing with Kami and meeting Cell in Gingertown, Mr. Popo decides to trip a lot of acid.
    • Granted he was high on a gallon of LSD at the time, but MR.Popo sounded somewhat worried when he said "Well that(Cell's introduction)'s fucking ominous". While Mr.Popo has yet to express his actual opinion on Cell himself, the fact remains that this is the first time he has ever even appeared even slightly worried.
  • Cell's official introduction is in Episode 42. He's dragging around a still-living victim through a shadowy back alley, nonchalantly approaching Piccolo while singing an off-key version of "Mr. Sandman" in a rasping voice.
    Cell: Mr. Sandman... bring me a dream... make him the cutest that I've ever seen... Give him two lips... like roses and clover... Then tell him that his lonesome nights are... over.
    *drops body at Piccolo's feet*
    Cell: Hello... friend.
    • Making it worse is that the usual episode outro is absent, leaving only the logo over Cell's breathing.
    • The set-up is pretty frightening too. While Piccolo is exploring the empty city, Nail, Kami, and Piccolo are all snarking at each other, and there's some ambient noise/music. It takes a moment to realize that there's another voice there, especially since it starts out very quietly.
  • Earlier, a cameraman is reporting on all the disappearances in town. A Cell-shaped shadow falls over him, visual cuts to static - and audio to screams - and when the static clears there's nothing but clothes.
  • Following that, Piccolo is visibly unerved as he asks what Cell is doing. Cell replies, that he'll answer a question with a question in the most unnerving manner possible, to say nothing of the question itself.
    Piccolo: What the hell is going on here?
    Cell: Ohhhhh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh. Let's answer your question, with another question.
    Piccolo: Yeah? And what's tha-
  • When Piccolo, aghast, asks Cell why he would exterminate an entire city, Cell gives three reasons. The first - that he was hungry - and the third - that their power fuels his own horrifying strength - are unsettling enough, but it's the second reason that gets Piccolo to react with a look of unbridled horror.
    • To add the the nightmare fuel, he suddenly goes from being dissonantly casual and chipper to being dark and threatening, and then snaps back like nothing happened at all.
      • Freeza was (mostly) calm and rational. Not only Cell is way stronger, he actively seeks Nightmare Fuel for his own amusement.
  • If that wasn't bad enough, he spits out a baby's pacifier. By that moment, there's no chance of redemption for him.
  • The comment he makes while absorbing Piccolo's arm is unbelievably creepy.
    Cell: Oh, it must be your first time, because YOU ARE TIGHT!
  • When Piccolo asks Cell about his backstory:
    Cell: You're the first person to ask me "Who?" or "What?". Normally they just ask "Why?"
  • Cell's flashback as how he came from the future, which shows him brutally murdering the Trunks of his timeline, which is depicted simply as brutal and not humorous.
  • Cell brutally murdering TJ and The Wombat after requesting "Video killed the Radio star"
    • Hell, his rampage in Nicki Town was already bad in the original series, but here, it's played for laughs, which somehow makes it worse.
    Cell: "DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL..."
    • The Stinger, which has Cell take over the local radio station
    Cell: Welcome back to 98.5 The Cell! We have another caller making a request.
    Cell: Sorry, that's not in the lineup! (Kills him offscreen)
    • Let's just call the entire last part of Episode 44 Nightmare Fuel because of him.
  • Sure, it's all just a dream, but despite all the satire and humor in the 2014 Halloween special, he still makes every kill count. The effect of soundtrack dissonance even comes into play for a brief moment.
  • As Cell "drinks" his victims, the pitch of their screams gradually becomes lower, and lower, and lower...until only silence remains, as if a balloon is gradually being deflated.
  • In the 45th episode, he's attacked an amusement park. Despite the quotes from Piccolo and Tien, it's just as terrifying as the original.
    • In a thing somewhat related to him in that episode, Dr. Briefs is doing something almost just like Cell's creation: creating clones of his wife, possibly to pleasure him. He's really starting to act like an even more demented version of Dr. Gero....
  • Cell's sole appearance in episode 46: "Hello boys. Room for one more?"

     The Rest 
  • Dodoria, as Freeza's Bastard Understudy, is pretty creepy insofar as to how dissonantly polite she acts when doing terrible things to people. A special mention goes to a short but effective one-liner from Episode 14:
  • Vegeta has completely lost it after Gohan stole his Dragon Balls.
    • It's his eyes... and after Krillin says that he doesn't have the Dragon Ball? They get worse.
    • It's lucky that Vegeta's power level was around 30,000 at this point. If this happened when he were stronger, say after Dende healed him, he might've gone Super Saiyan.
  • That misfit minion who raped Rudolph, yeah? Listen really carefully to the background sound after he says that. *Shudder* Merry Christmas.
  • 4 words "I AM CHAMPION CHRISTMAS!!!"
  • Way back in episode 20, when Recoome kicks Gohan in the neck. The snap was way too real sounding and if Gohan didn't get that senzu bean, he would have been dead... Try explaining that to Chi-Chi.
    • And in episode 21, where Goku tries talking to Gohan just after being left for dead. The fact that he was nonchalant while trying to wake him up, oblivious to his own son's injured state, is eerily creepy to say the least. It didn't help that Gohan himself looked like a lifeless doll.
  • Gohan... don't piss him off.
    • Gohan excitedly asking if Krillin used his Kienzan to bisect Freeza when he blinded him. While it makes perfect sense, there's something really creepy about a five year old asking his friend if he gorily killed someone.
  • Dende's death. He's a Creepy Child already, but this scene takes the cake.
    Dende: I'm your White Mage, and nobody f***s with the White Mage!
  • Super Kami Guru's slightly offscreen Karmic Death. Even Vegeta looked shocked when he saw it.
    • A bit of Fridge Horror before this, when Super Kami Guru reveals that he was the one who caused the horrible drought on Namek, and blamed it on the Albino Namekians. The other Namekians unknowingly slaughtered innocent Albino Namekians thanks to Guru's lie.
  • King Kai has no problem with the fact that Dende left Goku on Namek with Freeza. Remember, in the original story, King Kai wanted everyone but Freeza evacuated to Earth until Goku demanded that he stay and finish his fight. The kid left Goku there. Granted he likely doesn't know who Goku is of course, especially his relation to Gohan, but the implication that Dende has no qualms about this is a bit chilling still...
  • Chi Chi: WHERE'S MY BABY?!
  • While on Namek, Bulma has a truly chilling nightmare where Vegeta comes to her, with glowing red eyes.
    Vegeta: Hello Earth woman. (Bulma is shaking with fear) You know what I want. Now give it to me.
    Bulma: The Dragon Ball is right here...
    Vegeta: Oh, I'm not here for the Dragon Ball.
    Bulma: Wh... What?
    Vegeta: Spread 'em.
  • Cooler's delivery of this line after beating Goku to a pulp in the Revenge of Cooler special is absolutely chilling.
    Cooler: Look at you... Wasted and gasping for air... But you don't get to go yet. When your planet is in ashes... Then you have my permission to die.
  • There is something mildly creepy about Dream!Goku's casual mention of nothing being real in Gohan's dream at the end of Episode of Bardock Abridged.
    • Keep in mind, that scene was taken from the same episode Chichi hired a sadistic teacher for Gohan. Long story short, he dreams about his dad coming back, but that Goku turns out to be Freeza trying to kill young Gohan.
  • Trunk's Stepford Smile (and the internal scream) after Bulma jokingly told him she'd be his mommy in Episode 33 can be somewhat creepy...
  • In Episode 34, we get a very bleak and dark look at what happens to Yamcha in Trunks' timeline.
    Goku: Wait, you didn't mention Yamcha!
    Trunks: Oh, um... I mean, he dies, but... See, after he found out that my mother was pregnant with Vegeta's child, he sort of...
    Cut to Yamcha's body swinging in darkness
    Goku: Dark.
    • An alternate take had Puar being the rope, inferred by his voice chiming in, asking if he could stop.
  • The Dead Zone movie has this Disney Acid Sequence that is a mix of Surreal Horror and Soundtrack Dissonance with it starting off with a Nightmare-inducing Freeze-Frame Bonus with scary sounds happening the exact same time.
  • Before that was the beginning of the movie. All you see is a black screen, followed by someone apparently growling in the background. The sound progressively gets louder and louder until we are immediately treated with Piccolo's screaming face and the growling becomes a full-blown roar. Piccolo's face shows his wide open eyes, tiny irises, and his gaping maw open wide with fangs and some green substance akin to saliva. Anyone not prepared will be treated to a Jump Scare.
  • Android 17 is already shaping up to be a good source of this, considering his sociopathic, Faux Affably Evil personality and the fact that, if left unchecked, he will turn the future into a dystopian hellhole.
    • He's just so… gleeful about the whole thing that the fact that we already know what's about to happen only serves to build the tension rather than nullify it.
  • Episode 39 shows that Chi Chi doesn't care that much about the pain that Goku is in, she's actually happy that he's home instead. Justify it however you want, her reactions to all of this come across as utterly disturbing especially if she knows what's going on. This marks her (to some) change into either a completely unstable person or a completely uncaring bitch.
  • Back in episode 11, Chichi while telling her son why he should stay in bed and that she worries about him; says this line which makes Goku very scary to be around while you're pregnant.
    Chi-Chi: Did you carry around a baby in you for nine months... WITH A MAN WHO LITERALLY THOUGHT YOU HAD CINNA-BUNS HIDDEN IN YOUR SHIRT?!
  • Android 18 completing her complete and utter curb-stomping of Super Saiyan Vegeta in episode 40 isn't played for laughs.
    Android 18: Hey, so, who's got two broken arms and is a total bitch?
    Vegeta: You stupid bint...You only broke one of my-
    Android 18 proceeds to step on Vegeta's good arm, breaking it as well.
    Vegeta: *Sharply gasps in pain*.
    Android 18: This guy.
  • Goku, in the Revenge of Cooler special. While his hunger is usually played for humor, it takes some disturbing levels in this movie. When he sees Cooler's henchmen, he tell them to get away from "[his] food, [his] friend, [his] two emergency foods (Icarus and Oolong), and [his] son". So, not only does Gohan, in his mind, have a lower priority than simple food, he is willing to kill and eat not just his son's pet, Icarus, but one of his friends, Oolong, just because he gets hungry! And considering that he ate Icarus in the end, it's amazing Oolong is still alive. At this point, Goku's just Buu-lite.
  • Bulma and Vegeta's angry sex in Episode 34. That's pretty much what happened off-screen in the original series, but watching it play out can make you feel pretty bad for Trunks.
  • Kaiser Neko can be really scary when he's angry, as shown in the Episode Breakdown of Cooler 2. Especially when raging "F*** this movie".
  • Three words: THICK. MEATY. VAGINA.
  • For being a Big Bad Wannabe, Dr. Gero is still given some horrendous credit in episode 46. Bulma's looking over his notes and discovered that he only gives model numbers to his successful Androids. He's kidnapped and experimented on dozens of orphans for who knows how many years with only presumably two survivors.

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