Nightmare Fuel / Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
aka: This Is It
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and the creativity explosion. Cake full of body parts, anyone?
  • The sequel has the scene where the puppets start rotting alive.
  • Yellow Guy's "MAKE IT STOP", image to the right.
  • The Kickstarter videos. First, there's the entire premise of the puppets being kidnapped and held hostage, which several people have criticized for crossing the line, twice already into legitimately traumatic territory. Then, in "HELP #2", there's Yellow Guy having a bag put on his head and yelling, "No, I don't want it!" It's very unsettling, especially since Yellow Guy is also crying while he's talking.
    • There's also a split-second shot of Sketchbook's face on the floor. Just their face, not the rest of them. They could be dead... or alternatively, they could be still alive, but faceless.
    • Yellow Guy's reaction to being tied up: "Why are we in my dad's house?" It might just be Yellow Guy being Yellow Guy, but considering what we know about his father...
      • Upon closer inspection... They appear to be nailed to the wall. Body Horror, galore!
    • "HELP #3" has the Money Man gathering a collection of body parts (which may or may not come from our heroes) into a bag and writing 'YOU' on the bag with what's probably the puppets' blood. All while distorted cheery music plays in the background.
  • Episode 3, "Love", starts with an animated butterfly getting crushed by Duck Guy (It landed on their chicken picnic), complete with realistic butterfly corpse and blood (Also on their chicken). Also, Yellow Guy is forced to marry his 'special one' against his will. Extra points goes to the strange maggot-like creature that pops out of the egg at the end of the video, which is also smashed by Duck Guy.
    Maggot: Faa-tha!
    • Said strange maggot like creature? If you look carefully, it's a caterpillar, with the same colouring and hair as the Yellow Guy. Consider that the last moment of the "dream sequence" was Shrignold flying with a ring towards him and, could be possible, that the yellow guy was raped.
    • Tony's and Sketchbook's cameos when the cult reveals its true face. If you notice, Tony's eyes are blank and his trim is white instead of black, while Sketchbook's eyes are googly. This seems to suggest that they were brainwashed...
      • As of the reveal in the 6th episode, They weren't brainwashed/possessed victims.... Instead, They're presumably, reality warping beings, mind-controlled against their own will or sentient holographical hallucinations.... or both. cool and unsettling, simultaneously.
      • Another detail from the 6th episode. When Shrignold reappears, Yellow Guy immediately screams. He remembers being raped.
      • The aftermath of the raw chicken and bloody egg picnic, Duck Guy reminding everyone that they've finished it, and then staring intently into the camera for an uncomfortably long time. It's just It becomes becomes especially weird, once you realize that he's literally stareing into the viewer's soul.
    • Do not eat before or after this episode. The hatched parasitic caterpillar-thing and bloody raw chicken are pure Nausea Fuel.
  • Episode 4 has the characters in the digital world. The longer they stay in there, the more grotesque their avatars become, until they just cease to exist in the real world except as terrifying holograms. The best example of this is Duck Guy, who slowly gets more realistic textures and a human-like model that just screeches.
    • The way the computer, got INCREDIBLY MAD, so fast:"DON'T TOUCH MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
    • It also makes this Nightmarish Face while screeching at Red Guy with...something dripping from his eyes and mouth. Not to mention his hands (usually mouse cursors) are now sinewy fingers of red wiring.
      • Immediately after this, Red Guy, Duck Guy, and Yellow Guy are transported into the digital world. Throughout the transition, a bizarre series of glitched, blurry 3D graphics representing the three are shown, and towards the end, screaming can be heard.
      • At first, you'd think the computer was already killing everyone. It doesn't, fortunately.
    • At one point, the computer brags he can tell you the time, and Duck Guy immediately looks at the camera and says "Time?!" in a very surprised voice. It sounds like he's remembering the trauma of what happened to them in Episode 2.
    • The clones are really, really scary. At one occasion, one of the clones JUMPSCARES AT YOU. It's especially bad when It gets faster. At the faster points, every thing becomes dark and scary, and Colin turns into a floating head.
    • Its even worse when the noises turn on.
    • During the scene where Red Guy's alone at the computer, two TERRIFYING avatars of the other puppets pop up on screen for a split second. At closer inspection, they appear to have wires sprouting out of the tops of their heads.
  • Episode 5 warrents even more of a "Don't eat before or after" warning than 3 did. It features such delightful scenes as a giant giggling yellow thing eating the green duck guy's organs, and Yellow Guy being force-fed organs until he's obese. Both characters are completely aware of this and confidentially become helpless to stop it.
    • The Yellow thing eating Duck Guy's Organs? It's a can! That's why duck guy's bits were in cans, and why his face was on them!
      • If you look closely, Duck Guy's operating table has a blood transfusion apparatus. The teachers kept him alive as long as possible. Poor, poor Duck Guy. By the end, he's reduced to nothing more than a bowl of blood, flesh, and feathers, with only his decaying beak still intact.
    • The green duck is starting to realize that something's very wrong. Both the green duck and the yellow guy realize that something is missing, and that something is the red guy.
    • Episode 5 seems to veer into Surreal Horror, with Duck Guy disappearing halfway all while Yellow Guy is tormented by the insane Healthy-Food Band. Brr, reaching David Lynch levels of nightmare fuel.
    • Roy returns, hiding above the set, and you can see him at one point. On top of that, several things are "Roy's", like "Roy's Sauce".
    • "Stranger's Plate! Stranger's Plate. STRANGER'S PLATE. STRANGER'S PLATE!"
    • Duck Guy seems well and truly terrified the entire video, never once feeling at ease or joining in unlike with Sketchbook, Tony and Colin. Just before he gets his organs eaten, he seems so desperate to escape... But he can't do anything at all, whatsoever.
      Random YouTube Commentator: "Oh wow, that is some clever story-making! Yes, indeed"

  • The digestive model, which is apparently alive, getting crushed and mangled during the Health Band's demonstration. It also leaves a gross looking liquid on the floor.
  • In the beginning, Duck Guy and Yellow Guy try to realize what's missing. They look at a drawing of the original trio sitting in the living room, but when they look again, Red Guy has left and is visible in the window. Also in the same drawing, Duck Guy has "X"s for eyes and Yellow Guy appears to have a Slasher Smile.
  • Now there's only one puppet left. And it's guaranteed that something horrible is going to happen to him next time...
  • It's a bit hard to tell because it moves very fast, but when Duck Guy pushes the camera down, it looks like the red thing that blurs across the screen isn't the steak, it's Red Guy.
  • In that same scene, there's a split-second shot of the microwave...and Red Guy's head is inside.
  • But if this is how strange, shocking and terrifying the DHMIS franchise is, then one shudders to imagine how gory and frightening the sixth and final episode will be...
    • Fortunately it's averted but, that doesn't make the last episode completely nightmare free.
  • In a recent interview, the focus is mostly on the three main characters, and the silly answers they have for the interview questions. But then, the last question is if Roy has anything to add. His response?
  • Episode 6 Surrealism, Paranoia Fuel and enough mindscrewing to cap the series off with a dark case of an Ambiguous Ending.
    • The 6th one has been released and already the thumbnail alone is horrifying— Tony is back. And he looked kinda looks slightly more surrealistic.
      • And when that scene comes up, much like Duck Guy, Yellow Guy remembers what happened. It explicitly confirms that they experienced their rotting alive experience in 2.
    "You made me die!"
    • Yellow Guy's immediate fear and distress upon being roped into another surreal song is pretty hard to watch.
    • As Yellow Guy drowns in oil, we can hear him screaming and gurgling for help. It isn't pretty.
    • The animated lamp's last song lyric before being interrupted by turning into Tony- "And you can have a dream about burning your friends"- suggests that, had that song been allowed to continue as planned, things would have gotten... pretty brutal.
    • While Red Guy is messing with the machine, he briefly brings Duck Guy back to life. Duck Guy is understandably freaked out.
    Duck Guy:—fish on my tray? WHAT!? WHERE AM I!?
    • Everything about the credits, with the empty and dark background full of fog ( as if its still in the console room), how fast it is, the music (highly reminiscent of the first video's credit sequence), which midway begins to sound like a scrambled mess of crazed laughter ending finally with a noise that sounds like a boat horn or a brass instrument, and the fact that you can see Roy standing in the darkness, still staring at you on the right.
    • During the animated sequence that represents Yellow Guy's dream, Roy is present in every. single. scene. Two in particular are highly unsettling: in the very first sequence, Roy is literally inside the theater in Yellow Guy's mind; when the camera zooms in, for a split second he turns around to look right at the viewer. And when his son is drowning in oil, he's in the window. Watching it happen. Without doing a thing to help.
      • There's also a tiny Roy coming out of the clock on the wall. Take of that what you will
  • Going frame by frame through the set of teachers who pass by in rapid succession as Red Guy frantically presses buttons shortly before Roy grabs him reveals some real horrors: one is a floating version of Duck Guy's head, only disconcertingly square shaped in every detail. Another seems to be nothing more than a screaming cube of meat that looks like it had been recently flayed alive. Another is Red Guy himself.
    • Earlier highlights include the return of Shrignold, accompanied by some very jarring choir music; the Solar System, whose size, movements and clearly human limbs come across as really offputting; and a deranged-looking football surrounded by floating balls.
    • A small detail: when Tony and Colin reappear, Yellow Guy just gives a startled shout. When Shrignold reappears, he screams.
    • Counts as Fridge Horror once you remember the implications at the end of the third episode....
  • Not in the series itself, but this Vocaloid song made as a tribute to the series is pretty creepy, acting as a mutual Villain Song for Sketchbook and Tony. Especially creepy is the following line, which sums up the "media conditioning children" theme perfectly:
    "Stop all of your thinking and start listening to me!"

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