[[caption-width-right:263:Stage Cle--OH GOD.[[note]]Also note that, by coincidence, the player finished with a [[FourIsDeath 444]] combo.[[/note]]]]
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* From the original ''[=DonPachi=]'', reserved for those who have earned 2nd loop privileges: How are {{Super Soldier}}s created? [[spoiler:[[DeconstructedTrope They're put through seven years of committing genocide on their comrades.]]]]
* In ''[=DoDonPachi=]'', upon unlocking the 2nd loop, finding out that [[spoiler:your commander tricked you into wiping out your own fleet. He starts out by congratulating you, but then suddenly, [[WhamLine "Psych! You're dead meat!"]]]]
* Hibachi's shell in ''dai ou jou'' looks downright creepy.
* The Element Dolls. Consider that humans have little respect for them. Also consider that they have...[[FanService extra details that would be highly unnecessary on a robot]], such as panties. Now [[FridgeHorror imagine]] [[SexSlave what they could be used for]].
** The reveal that [[spoiler:the Dolls are actually [[UnwillingRoboticisation humans converted into androids]].]]
** Pictured to the right is ''dai ou jou''[='=]s Stage 4 clear screen, which consists of Exy in all her {{Stripperiffic}} glory, [[PantyShot her panties visible]]...but [[FanDisservice not only does she have blank white eyes, her head is severed and there are wires sticking out of her neck]]. The fact that she's a robot and designed to be disassembled this way hardly helps much.
* The pilot's [[LatexSpaceSuit Latex Space]] [[http://www.cave.co.jp/gameonline/saidaioujou/character/pilot-operator/ Suit]] in ''[=SaiDaiOuJou=]'' looks rather creepy and alien, especially in contrast to the pleasant-on-the-eyes Element Dolls. Specifically, note that the suit completely covers the pilot's face. There's something not quite human either when it comes to his emotions, as in the endings, [[spoiler:he simply boasts about not caring about the repercussions of his actions, only being the [=DonPachi=] Squadron's AcePilot]].
* Also from ''[=SaiDaiOuJou=]'': Hibachi as [[spoiler:a young-looking girl]] who cheerfully taunts you throughout battle? Kinda cute. Inbachi, who sounds [[TheStoic absolutely cold]] and [[EmotionlessGirl emotionless]]? [[TranquilFury Frightening in a subtle way]], perfect for the ultimate TrueFinalBoss of the series.
* The end of ''Saidaioujou'' if you defeat [[spoiler:"Lolibachi"]] reveals that [[spoiler:she tried to turn everyone into robots, and genuinely thought she was doing a good deed by doing so.]]
* Hibachi's themes from ''dai ou jou'' onwards consist of furious-sounding gabber from hell; special mention goes to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9ThW-rzpJY ]-[|/34<#!]] for featuring what sounds like inhumanly fast rapping.
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