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Nightmare Fuel: Disney Princess Enchanted Journey
  • Ariel's world has a sequence where you must rescue stolen voices before the Bogs cast them into an abyss and they're lost forever. You can deliberately miss catching them.
  • Cinderella's world. It's Always Night, most of the colors are a muted blue, time is frozen everywhere, there's a creepy forest to traverse, you go to her old home, which is deserted, and at one point the Bogs freeze Cinderella herself, making it the only point where they directly attack a princess. The level even starts with the Bogs freezing Jaq and Gus.
  • Clockwork Bogs can turn the entire screen green and slow you down if they hit you, and Paintbrush Bogs make the entire screen black and white.
  • In the final battle, Zara takes away the player character's voice, causing her to make muffled sounds instead of words. When she breaks free, Zara freezes her solid and destroys her wand.

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