Nightmare Fuel / Dino Crisis

Lots, which is to be expected seeing as it's pretty much Resident Evil with dinosaurs.

  • Perhaps the scariest part is in the second game, which sees you putting on a diver's suit and making your way through a claustrophobic flooded base that's filled to the brim with Mosasaurs, which are basically crocodiles with fins, and the divesuit clad corpses of a couple of unlucky workers. The music really doesn't help.
  • The scene where the laboratory workers get eaten by the T. rex in the first game. We don't see what happens to them, but Regina overhears the screams and subsequent chewing sounds over the intercom. Just imagine what those guys' last moments were like: Trapped in an enclosed space with a giant predator, nowhere to run and no way to fight back...
  • The woman found near the Third Energy Generator is still breathing when you find her. You turn your back for a while and go into the next room. A while later you hear a shot. You rush back in. There are bloodstains on the panel behind her and she is now dead. It turns out dinosaurs are not your only problem.
  • The Therizinosaurs: the Therizinosaurus in this game was a result of Science Marches On, when all we knew of the species was a pair of large arms tipped with gigantic curved claws. Capcom basically put in the game what they felt a theropod carnivore Therizinosaurus would look like. The result is a terrifying, twenty-foot tall bear-like dinosaur that one strategy guide described as "the raptor's inbred cousin from the Ozarks". It's a walking tank that absorbs ridiculous amounts of gunfire with massive thresher blade-tipped arms that loves to knock Regina to the floor, then stamp on her head if she does not get up fast enough.
  • The first encounter with the T-Rex in the first game is done in a spectacularly frightening way. Just as you turn to leave an office with a large window, likely not knowing that you have triggered anything at all, a head the size of a Volkswagen crashes through that window, snatches the corpse of a scientist and then the game throws you right into your first boss fight after giving you just enough time to realize what is going on.
    • It's an optional fight, and he appears after you've used the keys to get the DDK, so you could always just run. Even if you head for outside straight afterwards, he won't follow you.