Nightmare Fuel / Diablo

This game series is literally filling with horrors and we have to be careful.

Diablo II and Diablo III have their own pages.

  • Sure the creepy dark seems pretty standard dungeon-crawler fare, but when you start reading into the lore of the world, and asking about some of the quests...
  • The Zakarum Cathedral of Tristram, dark and endless and full of all kinds of monstrosities.
  • The Darkening of Tristram as described in the Librarius Ex Horadrim from the Diablo I Manual, particularly the vivid description of the possession of young Prince Albrecht by Diablo himself, and the horrific effects it has upon both the poor kid and the surrounding vicinity of the labyrinth.
  • Special mention goes to "The Butcher", a huge, fat demon who makes his residence in Tristram's church. In a room completely filled wall-to-wall with corpses somewhere above the first floor. He killed a fairly large regiment of soldiers by himself, and he'll probably kill you without a problem, too.
    • "Ah! Fresh meat!"
  • Of course there's the ending too, although in particular when you defeat Diablo as a Rogue. Her scream in the final FMV sequence is nothing short of genuinely chilling.
  • This soundtrack.
  • As does this. One can feel an incoming doom from the darkness.
  • Diablo has possessed your character.
  • The manual tells how Tal Rasha, the leader of the Horadrim, sacrificed himself to contain the soulstone of Baal (which had been shattered, meaning that Baal's essence would eventually be able to escape). Tal Rasha had the shard driven into his heart, and his companions sealed him inside a tomb to wrestle with the spirit of Baal for eternity.
  • This poem just reeks of Paranoia Fuel:
    I can see what you see notó
    Vision milky, then eyes rot.
    When you turn, they will be gone,
    Whispering their hidden song.
    Then you see what cannot beó
    Shadows move where light should be.
    Out of darkness, out of mind,
    Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.