Nightmare Fuel / Dean Koontz

While the works of Dean Koontz usually sit on the idealistic end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, that doesn't mean they can't be scary...

Works with their own Nightmare Fuel pages:

Everything else:
  • The short story "We Three" from the Strange Highways anthology. It's about three children (two boys and a girl) with immense psychic powers. The military tries to keep a watch over them, so they decide to kill everyone on the planet with a thought. Afterwards, they enjoy the empty planet for a while, with the girl deciding that they're the "new breed", superior to the older version of humanity. The boys get the girl pregnant (thankfully glossed over by Koontz), and then they sense that the child growing within the girl is already aware, and way more powerful than they are. When the boys ask if it's male or female, the girl replies that it seems to be both, and while she denies it, the boys realize that the fact that the fetus is asexual means that in spite of being the "new breed" all three of them are now expendable.
  • Bruno's punishment in Whispers. See the Alas, Poor Villain entry on the Dean Koontz page. Shudder.