Nightmare Fuel: Day of the Dead

Nightmares? That's George Romero's and Tom Savini's specialty.

  • There's one scene where one of the soldiers is ripped to pieces. His head is actually pulled off his torso screaming all the while, but as his vocal chords are stretched to the breaking point, his voice gets higher and higher. And his head is still alive even after it's ripped off. Also, both his eyes have been gouged out by zombies digging their fingers in for a better grip.
    • That bit about vocal cords rising higher in pitch when they're being damaged? Truth in Television.
  • The soldier who dies immediately after the above gets is freaking out as he's being surrounded, overwhelmed, and pinned down, laughing like a hyena before transitioning into screaming as the zombies tear his head open (also with some Eye Scream).
  • And Big Bad Captain Rhodes himself? Actual pig intestines were used for filming his disembowelment. And to make things worse, the refrigerator the intestines were put in broke over a weekend, causing the intestines to rot. One can only imagine the smell.
  • Early on during the ravaged town montage when the pile of hundreds if not thousands of dollars is sitting on the street undisturbed, which really hammers in the nail of society's collapse.
  • Zombie(s) with guns. And they won't kill you with the guns, just shoot you until you collapse and leave you to be eaten alive.