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Nightmare Fuel: Dawn of the Dead
Once the illusion of the mall's consumer paradise fades away, you realise that you're trapped in there... forever....

From the 1978 film:

  • The original is actually worse with this with Gorn levels of violence.
    • The racist cop in the raid running amok killing off random refugees with reckless glee before getting gunned down. We're treated to an extreme close-up of one of his victims.
    • A biker trying to use the heart-rate monitor machine gets his arm ripped off by a swarm of zombies surrounding him.
    • The original ending would have had Francine commit suicide by sticking her head into the rotating helicopter blades.
  • Peter's “Let’s say the lady gets killed… you’d be able to chop off her head?” line in the Argento-cut.
  • The tagline: "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."
  • The opening havoc in the newsroom. Exposition aside, it shows how much society is slowly collapsing before we even see a single zombie.

From the 2004 film

  • A particularly effective bit:
    "You're going to kill my family?"
  • The zombified baby itself.
  • The obese woman, even before she's zombified.

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