Nightmare Fuel / Crestfallen

Given that Crestfallen is (in theory) a much lighter break in the Action from Elemental Doom, you wouldn't think there's much horror present. This has been proven wrong time and time again. Much to the DM's delight.

  • What ever happened to Johann's soul?
  • The Miskrones!
  • Mezmer Full Stop
  • Pavor, the villain from the tutorial dungeon could qualify.
    • he's forcibly retired and kicked out of his own dig and sent to a sanitarium .Somehow though he gets out and sneaks into the dungeon where he found the book and six of his old students were still excavating. Pavor sets fire to everything, killing his whole crew, while he himself escapes deeper down. By the time the PCs track him down, he's naked, wielding two cleavers and has for some reason sewn his mouth shut and his eyes closed. The PCs kill him but no one knows why he did what he did. And no one ever found that book.
  • There's still that giant spider living at the bottom of the Superne Castle that no one talks about.
  • Charades time spent in the Chasm
  • The Peregrine Chasm
  • Rolling high on your spot and listen checks aren't always a good thing. (Johann doesn't need to worry about this.)
    Johann's Character "Good thing I still can't see shit."
  • A few of the PCs when they touched a gem in the Peregrine Chasm lived the life of a Peter, a Tyrolian farmer, from birth to his death at the hands of Forgotten Angels, every laugh and tear, every cut and bruise.
  • The farmers strapped in the soul shards, trapped in darkness and cold, waiting for there souls to be used as batteries.
  • Brand harnessing peoples souls for that reason.
  • Whatever it is the Doffe's hands do.
  • The weepers in darkness.
  • The fucking Pox! It's the only thing that actually destroys your soul in this world!
  • The winds that we're carrying away Bobbie when her soul was separated from her body.