Nightmare Fuel: Clue

  • One of the children's books of the series ends with Mr. Green being strangled by Mr. Boddy's pet snake. Green begs for help, but Boddy just pulls up a chair and says he wants to watch. Pretty dark for a kids' book based on a board game.
  • Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion uses Uncanny Valley 3D graphics. Any time you make a suggestion of who killed Boddy, and where, and with what, the game pulls up a little animation that depicts his death. ...from the murdered man's point of view. The cold, dead stare that the poorly designed faces have as they peer at him just makes the whole thing worse. This version of the game is rated T for a damn good reason.
  • You want a reason to fear Mrs. White? Play the Genesis version of Clue and suggest/interrogate/accuse her with the knife. Good luck sleeping after that.

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