[[caption-width-right:350:Face to face, with nowhere left to run.]]

* The giant tick-things [[SlasherSmile appearing to grin]], with [[GlowingEyesOfDoom eyes glowing in the dark]].
** And the octane rating only goes up once they bite you.
--->'''[[spoiler:Marlena]]''': I don't feel so good.
* Much like how the original ''[[Film/Godzilla1954 Godzilla]]'' was a metaphor for the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there's a good amount of terrifying 9/11 imagery here.
* The fact the movie leads with a title card reading "...retrieved from the area ''formerly'' known as Central Park." One shudders to think how the tape ends.
* They're not revealed in the film itself, but see those tube-like things dangling from Clover's belly? According to behind-the-scenes material, those are essentially elongated mouths with teeth-like fingers that lead into Clover's stomach. Anyone unfortunate to be running underneath them are sucked up and {{eaten alive}}. Imagine running for your life, only be sucked up by those things. Or even worse, imagine running with your family, only to watch ''them'' get sucked up.
* [[spoiler:Marlena]]'s fate. While the main characters are walking through a SinisterSubway tunnel (a scene which is [[NothingIsScarier pretty creepy in its own right]]), [[spoiler:Marlena gets bitten by one of the parasites that fall off of Clover. A few minutes later, when they end up at a first-aid center set up by the military, [[TearsOfBlood her eyes start bleeding uncontrollably]]. Everyone starts freaking out, the staff drag her behind a curtain, and we see a huge splatter of blood against it. [[BodyHorror We explicitly see her body rapidly bloat up like a balloon and explode]]. The sound is understated, and possibly more nauseating for it, like a wet burp.]]
** Doesn't help that [[spoiler:a FreezeFrameBonus reveals ''part of [[BodyHorror her ribcage]]'' after the flesh and organs erupt]].
** When they were entering [[spoiler:the first-aid center, some nurses pass through with another "bitten victim" with their ribcage just ''gone'', so as a little {{Foreshadowing}}]]
* The fate of the crew of the M109-howitzer that Clover crushes in full view of the camera. One of the guys almost makes it out and manages to scream before he is squashed.
* The Hammerdown Protocol itself:
--> "..which means they're going to let this whole area go..."\\
"You mean Mid-Town?"\\
"No, I mean Manhattan."
** Just consider [[GodzillaThreshold how bad things have to be]] for the government to even be willing to flatten all of Manhattan. The entire situation can be summed up by one line of dialogue from the soldier that rescues Rob and his friends after they ask him what Clover is.
-->'''Soldier''': If they know, they ain't telling me. But whatever it is, it's ''winning''.
* The scene where Hud comes face-to-face with Clover. We don't even get a cheap JumpScare; he just stares into the camera, takes a sniff, then...CHOMP.
* Hell, the whole movie is goddamn terrifying. It is extremely relentless, realistic and, worse yet, it ''feels'' like you're caught in the middle of a monster attack.
* Clover itself is scary, but the scariest part of it all? '''It's a baby'''.
** Babies spook easily. And when Clover got skittish, buildings crumbled. Worse...
*** There's also the fact that babies have enormous appetites, and in between spooking and running away, Clover has to stop and feed. And it's surrounded by tasty little treats: '''Us'''.
** We never see her, but [[FridgeHorror imagine how big and horrid]] Clover's ''mother'' is.
*** [[spoiler:[[Film/TheCloverfieldParadox We know now.]]]]
** [[HellIsThatNoise Clover's roars are the stuff of nightmares]], but special mention goes to where the Hammerdown Protocol rains down on him offscreen. We only have to think about the type of pain it's going through to cause it to unleash a never-ending scream of '''agony'''.
* [[spoiler:As Rob, Hud, and Beth are being evacuated, they watch as Clover is hit with missiles by the military and seemingly goes down. One of the guys cheers, clearly thinking it's over...then a roaring Clover jumps out of the smoke at the helicopter!]] Possibly the JumpScare to end '''all''' Jump Scares.
-->''[[spoiler: It's still alive...]]''