Nightmare Fuel / Classic Disney Shorts

Yes. Even in those charming little seven minute cartoons Disney sometimes managed to scare the audience.

  • Steamboat Willie: While not as bad as other examples, Mickey torturing animals, just so that their agonizing screams can be used as musical sounds is somewhat disturbing.

  • The Skeleton Dance: The entire short is creepy, but especially the two shots where the skeleton jumps at the camera and seems to devour it.
  • The Haunted House: Especially when the head skeleton is revealed.
  • Hell's Bells: A 1929 cartoon about Hell. In the opening scenes a big fat spider with teeth swings back and forth and snaps at the viewer. Still pretty creepy.

  • The Fire Fighters: features a scene where Minnie is seen coughing up smoke and nearly suffocating.
  • The witch in "Babes in the Wood" has a potion that can turn living things to stone. Good thing she fell in it, as well as the cat boy not only becoming a boy again, but not being stone anymore.


  • Gulliver Mickey, where Mickey has to fight off a giant spider who bears a canny resemblance to Pegleg Pete.



  • Donald's Lucky Day: As visually dark episode where Donald, now a postman is to deliver a package containing a bomb. Date? Friday 13th.

  • "Donald’s Snow Fight": The ending where Donald is frozen alive. Twice as much if you realize the audience is supposed to sympathize with his nephews - who put him in that state - just because he beat them fair and square in the snowball fight earlier before they got their act together.
  • The Winged Scrounge: A 1942 propaganda cartoon about fighting off malaria. Complete with a shot where a giant mosquito is peering down over a house and chilling voiceover lines like: “Little does he suspect he’s to be the victim of this bloodthirsty vampire!” and “This tiny criminal, which has assumed the proportions of a monster!”

  • Chicken Little: The very disturbing ending where the fox devours every chicken. When the narrator asks him "Hey that's not the way the story is supposed to end!", the fox just calmly tells him not to believe everything he reads.
    • Made more disturbing when you think about what it would be like to be in their, panicking, crowded, trapped in a dark cave with a large (to them) carnivore that going to kill and eat them all, and they can't do a thing about it, and no help is coming.
  • Education for Death: The Hitlerjugend children transforming into brainwashed soldiers marching into their graves.
  • Der Fuehrer's Face: Donald’s entire nightmare in a Nazi landscape.
    When der Fuehrer says
    We "Heil! Heil!" but still ve work like slaves
    While der Fuehrer brags And lies and rants and raves
    Ve "Heil! Heil!" and work into our graves! (Heil Hitler!)
    When der Fuehrer yells
    "I've got to have more shells!"
    Ve "Heil! Heil" for him ve make more shells
    If one little shell should blow him right to (Donald Duck gets hit in the head by a large shell)
    Ve "Heil! Heil!"
    And wouldn't that be swell!
  • The Old Army Game: Donald believes that his entire lower torso and legs were unintentionally amputated after being cut by a razor sharp fence. He becomes so distraught he steals Pete's gun and attempts to kill himself, all while sporting a deranged, psychopathic smile the whole time.

  • "Trombone Trouble": Donald going mad with god-like power, showing off his razor-sharp pearly whites to the camera.
  • Donald Duck and the Gorilla: The gorilla that broke into Donald's house is terrifying.

  • Peter and the Wolf: That wolf is as bad as the aforementioned gorilla.
    • The first appearance of it is especially scary, with its theme playing in the background at the beginning as it snows and we see the wolf's footprints in the snow, the camera travels through the woods where we see a silhouette of something between the trees, then more trees group together, then the camera fades to the end of the trees and then it comes out from behind the trees and roars at the audience.