Nightmare Fuel / ChalkZone
Thought this was a case of Hypnotize the Princess? Think again!

As charming and wacky as it is, this show has more moments than you can count.
  • Snap, Penny and Rudy singing to a giant, sentient piece of cake as they devour her, little by little.
  • A chalk-targeting vacuum that sucks up about 99% of Chalkzone before it's stopped.
    Penny: Rudy, those chalk chunks are falling into an infinite abyss, which means they'll be falling forever. I'd find that fascinating if I wasn't so terrified.
  • In "Howdy Rudy", the titular character (a sentient Rudy chalk puppet) is about to return to Chalkzone when a dog that he has befriended arrives, and begins to lick him in happiness. You can guess what happens next.
    • Luckily, he ends up surviving due to being created in Chalkzone.
  • Rudy being forced to have a dirty diaper put around his head.
  • The Spine Slurper. It is said to literally slurp out someone's spine. We even see a victim of this working for a cruel king, though thankfully we don't see any live slurpings.
  • "Chip Of Fools" was surprisingly kind of terrifying. Complete with Body Horror, Snap being Strapped to an Operating Table, and it was all just a dream.
  • The deformed impostor versions of Snap, a.k.a. Snips, were also very unsettling.
  • Penny as the Chalk Queen made a particularly scary villain. Yeah; I know she was faking but what if she hadn't been?
  • In "Disarmed Rudy," Jack O' Lantern basically kidnaps Rudy, Snap, and Rapsheeba, and threatens to bury them alive if Rudy doesn't make him a bride. To make matters worse, Rudy's dominant hand is injured and he can't draw with it.
  • Imagine if they had made that episode where Scrawl teamed up with a human who had turned into a Zoner (I wish they had). If a human stays in Chalkzone for more than a day they turn into a chalk drawing themselves and thus can no longer leave. Chalkzone is a damn FISHER KINGDOM. You stay too long, your physical properties change without your consent and you'll be unable to return to your original reality. Water is suddenly a death sentence, you will outlive all of your loved ones by centuries, you will never see the real sun again unless someone on the other side opens a portal and you manage to find it. You are now CHALK.