Nightmare Fuel / Carnival Phantasm

Even in the Zaniest Part of the Nasuverse you cannot avoid ALL of its horror.

  • Grail-kun. It's not that he's a Jerkass Genie who only has one suggestion for everyone, that being to kill people with a knife; it's that he looks like a Moe version of the Grail. Not the cup or something as idealized: the hideous, grotesque, deformed thing that's implied to be Avenger's womb, as seen in the Heaven's Feel route. It has a creepy smile, is constantly drooling some weird purple stuff, and talks with a childish voice. Sleep well!
    • Having Sakura's voice actress doing the voice probably didn't help either.
  • Entire second half of HibiChika Special. Lighter and Softer gets thrown out of window, almost every girl is stark raving mad Yandere. Pure insanity that puts Heavens Feel to shame.
    • They animated the Crest Worms... Let me repeat that, THEY ANIMATED THE CREST WORMS IN ALL THEIR SQUIRMING, SHRIEKING, OOZING HORROR and Shirou has to eat one. Even mosaic censorship don't make it better.
  • Is anyone concerned over the possibility that Arcueid killed Nero, cooked what was left of his body on a grill and fed it to Shiki?
    • It certainly doesn't help that the scene could be taken entirely in context that Arcueid is raping him too.
  • In a Sharing a Table segment, Archer and Nanako are having a friendly conversation about their respective masters and Nanako declares that they're stupid, there's an ominous air while they're laughing. The next scene shows a broken carrot, teacup, gem shards and a mostly destroyed coffee table, presumely destroyed by Rin and Ciel.
  • Arcueid is very scary when she's angry, and her face shows! Shiki even admits that he's fine with dying rather than having to deal with an angry Arc!
  • Has anyone considered the possibility that Assassin has been driven insane by being trapped by a gate for at least a year. Suddenly the whole conversation with the Gate in episode 9 has become very ominous whereas before it was simply awkward.