Don't think that just because this is a rhythm and dance series, it can't get a bit scary.
[[caption-width-right:320:W. T. F.]]
* Strike's stage in the first game is pitch black. You can't see anything aside from the prison bars and the chain link ''floor'' the characters are standing on. It doesn't help that underneath appears to be a bottomless pit. And it gets worse. The better you dance, said "pit" starts to glow an eerie red. Look closely, and you can see the eyes of the prisoners behind the bars.
** His [[BoastfulRap boastful rap]] song is also pretty creepy. Definitely not something you wanna listen to late at night.
* Take a close look at the wallpaper on Kelly's stage from the first Bust a Groove (pictured on the right). Some of the images are rather...unsettling, to say the least. To elaborate:
** Two blood splatters
** A spider with a human head
** A fish bone with a teddy bear's head
** An axe
** Two flowers with bloody roots
** And a baby chick with a worm in it's mouth crying a bloody tear, to name a few.
*** Her stage in the second game isn't any better, what with it being a crime scene and all. Complete with bloody chalk outline of the victim.
* Pinky Diamond's ending. Whatever the heck she foretold with her crystal ball obviously wasn't good. And her cackling laughter during the end...*shudder*
* Bi-O himself is quite scary and how he got that way is a TearJerker. As is his stage. His attack? Ripping his head off and throwing it at you. Also has a creepy laugh.
** Robo-Z has a pretty freaky laugh as well.
* Some of the things that happen to James Suneoka are none too pleasant. Examples include getting a hole blasted through him, and [[AndIMustScream being turned into an eggplant]]..
* And who can forget what Comet does with her magical powers? If she's thirsty? She'll turn you into a can of coffee. If she's hungry? She'll turn you into whatever food she likes. The most twisted combo of MagicalGirl and ImAHumanitarian if there ever was one.
* Remember how Hiro-kun's fans would cheer for him during solos and Fever Time? Well, on Pander's stage it's something else entirely... It's supposed to be his male fans cheering. But that ain't what it sounds like.
* Panda's ending in 2 has him appearing in Dance Heroes, like everyone else..........Except here, [[NothingIsScarier the place is empty, there is no audience, no staff, and no lights. Just a sole spotlight shining on him as he dances.]]