Nightmare Fuel: Borderlands 2

  • The Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Just listen to the announcer.
  • The slag test logs, namely the fate of Tiny Tina's parents, which is found in the above location. Uggggh...
  • Lab Rats, whose eyes have mutated so that something is now visible to them, and they've been driven quite insane by it.
    Witness the void.
    I don't want to SEE!
    • Doubly so if you're playing Maya. Whatever it is they're seeing? When you Phaselock them, they see it more.
      • A bit of Fridge Horror: Siren powers are all based on phasing things into another dimension. They're seeing into another dimension... The same one that Sirens can access, which may be where The Destroyer is from.
  • Knock off a Goliath's helmet and enjoy the resulting Body Horror: the flesh around their head flakes off, their skull bursts from their mouth suspended on their elongated spine. That's when it starts to chase you everywhere.
    • And they talk to you, too:
    "I hate... hate... hate... HATE, HAAAAAAATE!
    • And then there's this.
    • Just to show how terrifying they are to fight, they not only turn on whoever they were helping if you're not around, they get stronger for doing it. Every time he does, a musical sting plays for everyone nearby.
  • The log of Taggart, a Hunter who, well, hunted the Stalkers. It all starts out funny enough but the last log:
    Lo.. Lo.. Log... Entry F... F.. F.. Fi... *pause* Henry... and its spawn.. killed my crew and the sadistic bastard chewed my hands off. I could see him smile. *Another pause* .. No.. Henry! Henry! Stay back! Henry! Ahhhh! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOOOOOMMMY! MOOOOOOOOMY! *Accompanied by chewing noises*
    • The concluding quip of the quest doesn't help, either:
    You found Taggart’s missing chapter and, in so doing, discovered a soul-crushing truth: all the confidence in the world cannot prevent you from dying frightened and alone. But on the upside, you got PAID!
  • All of the player characters have a few different noises for when they're set on fire/corroding/being electrocuted. For the original four all of said noises are varying degrees of grunting in pain. Gaige, however, doesn't grunt. She screams in pain very loudly and very realistically. You get to hear a teenage girl scream in agony every time she's hit with an elemental weapon. It's...unnerving.
  • Once Handsome Jack decides to intervene directly following Angel's death, we see just how downright terrifying he can be when he's not being a petty jackass. Before, he was a smug bastard who derived joy from taking petty potshots at you, and then suddenly, Roland has a bullet in his chest and Lilith is kidnapped and tortured! It may be justified, seeing as how you helped kill his daughter, but DAMN...
  • Lilith in "Angel Vision" after the game's Wham Episode. Unlike Angel, Lilith just looks like she's in agonizing pain whenever she talks to you like that. And she is, instantly regenerating in Hero's Pass from Jack, who is stabbing her, repeatedly.
  • Doubles as Tear Jerking. Tiny Tina's reaction to her parents' death. The scary part? It's difficult to tell if she's crying or laughing.
  • Handsome Jack, while undeniably an evil douchebag, manages to somehow be funny with his sheer mania and trolling. However, once you clear Opportunity, his smug, taunting personality suddenly becomes threatening and serious, and his dialogue from then on becomes surprisingly sinister, particular his line when he sics the BNK3R on you.
    Handsome Jack (In a completely serious, low and seething tone) Now do me a favor...and die.
    • Worse is Handsome Jack's treatment of his daughter, which you learn from an audio tape in Fyrestone/Jackville. His sick, sick treatment of her...Not mention his real face. Pure Body Horror.
  • Bloodwing's death scene.
  • Several things Krieg says. When they say he's a Psycho, they mean it.
    Krieg: I'm beginning to remember—STOP IT! Keep the memories down with a knife in its throat! Slash it until it bleeds thought juice across the dirt until it is absorbed into nothingnrrrsss...
    Krieg: THE SILENCE! KILL IT! I'LL FIND YOUUUU! Quiet noises, and I'll STRANGLE the whispers out of you WITH A BONESAAAAAW!"
    • Playing as him is a strangely tragic and disturbing experience. Whoever he was before Hyperion got him is lost. He was irrevocably broken, turned into a monster by Hyperion. Krieg emerged from the experimentation as a Badass Psycho, insane with a need to kill. Krieg's former psyche was sent to the deepest depths of his soul and out of control of his own body. His other personality knows this, and has seemingly given up on ever recovering. A player rips their way across Pandora, occasionally hearing the sane part of Krieg quietly commenting on the action, in an utterly mournful voice. Being a Badass Psycho isn't as cool as it seems.
    • Even the names of his skins start to tell a grim story when you piece them together.
    • Krieg's lines can be made far worse because they flip-flop between nonsensical comedy and psychotic horror with little warning, sometimes even with the same thought.
    You're going to scream just like she did. Open mouth. Open heart! Blood and noise forever piercing my skull! Poisoning me with its psychopathic, purple liquid. We watched it all. We felt the knife edge splat down the middle! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!
    • There's a glimmer of hope in his personal intro movie, A Meat Bicycle Made for Two, however. A blue-haired, mystical tatooed, Siren-shaped hope.
    • It's implied in the Son of Crawmerax DLC that Dr. Samuels, who was forced against her will to conduct experiments for Hyperion and is at least partly responsible for Krieg's creation, may have gone just as crazy as him out of guilt for what she had done. Her letter to Krieg is written in typical Borderlands Psycho-speak, although it's possible that Krieg is merely giving his interpretation of what is actually written down, or that she wrote it that way specifically so he could understand it.
      • Some of the Raving Retribution rants (which got patched out for whatever reason) seem to imply this as well.
        Krieg: I'll never forget the way her holes cried. The way she screamed in agony as she pushed the knife slowly into my sternum. Such a beautiful symphony of feelings, and at the end of it, SHE WAS SO! MUCH! GREATER! MY OPERATIC DIVA OF FLESH AND STEEL!
    • Basically, anytime you hear the psycho personality speak in a normal tone of voice instead of comically shouting everything at the top of his lungs like he usually does, you're probably going to hear something creepy.
  • The penultimate boss battle of Assault on Dragon Keep. Having the person you've been trying to save turn out to be Evil All Along isn't exactly new, but when that person is being played by Angel, it becomes quite chilling.
    Princess Angel: At last, I'm to wreak my vengeance UPON ALL THE WORLD!!
    • Becomes just plain sad when you realize that it's Tina who made her evil, in a desperate attempt to blame someone for Roland's death.
    • And good lord is she creepy. You do not want a corrupted Drider smiling at you as she spews spiders from her body at you.
    • To make things worse, Angel stated that Handsome Jack tricked the last four Vault Hunters with Angel, and Tina made Angel into a villain. In other words, Tina knew she was a danger, and Roland paid the price. Tina made Angel as she saw her as: A lure.
  • Also from Assault on Dragon Keep, the first time you encounter a mimic. You've just finished cleaning up some fantasy foes, and are ready to open the nearby chest of loot OHGODWHATTHEFUCKISTHAT.
  • The quest where you have to carry a midget up to the giant fake dragon and set him on fire. Sure, he's going along with it voluntarily, but still, you're basically helping a guy burn himself alive out of devotion to a goddess that you know isn't actually a goddess.
  • Handsome Sorcerer in the last part of Assault on Dragon Keep. He gets so graphic that even Brick points that out.
    Brick: Damn, Tina. That was graphic.
    Tina: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    • In fact, that WHOLE last stretch of the DLC is rigged with The Sorcerer going into gory details about what he and his soldiers are going to do with the queen! It even gives the vibe that this is timed!
  • The Vault Hunters themselves from their enemies' point of view! Krieg especially! And you think that one of the Vault Hunters is a Nightmare to face?
  • Imagine a pair or three or four or five or six of them against you. It kind of makes you pity the unfortunate souls that have to fight them, yes? Especially when a pair of them compliments one another strength and weakness wise. For example the Player character version of the Ultimate Badass Psycho and the Physical God character type that is the Siren.

    • Axton: Imagine being part of a bandit clan and you see this military looking guy charging at you and your friends! Suddenly, he deploys this metal device which acts almost like another one of him and even worse, it seems like he's got an infinite magazine as he riddles you and your dumb friends with bullet after bullet alongside his turret! Overkill much?
    • Maya: Looks can literally kill as this beautiful Siren uses her special abilities to enhance the effects of her elemental guns and lock one of your friends into a black hole as you all scream for mercy as you are being burned/shocked/dissolved to death! Death never looked so charming before!
    • Salvador: Look at this idiot midget dashing into the fray shouting stupid catchphrases and giving the bird! He's nothing compared to you and your Hyperion buddies! WRONG! No matter what you do, the small guy just keeps taking it and decides to get serious by using both his hands to fire weapons! It's literally a bulletstorm as you dive for cover hoping his bullets don't pierce through you! Suddenly you hear two RPG's being fired. SHIT!!!
    • Zer0: It's just another day out in Pandora. You and your clan have been out here for hours scouting the terrain and killing anyone dumb enough to give you trouble or not! Suddenly, you hear screaming as one of your members suddenly has a bullet put through his head and there's no one in sight who could have shot him. You and your team decide to investigate the reason behind this when someone randomly runs up to another one of your friends and starts attacking them. Before any of you have time to react, everyone starts dropping like flies as the sound of a sword slicing flesh is heard. As you succumb to death, you see the person who did it and it looks an awful lot like a robot or is it a ninja as it speaks in a weird fashion seemingly mocking your group. "Leaves falling from trees / Snow drifting onto the ground / Life leaving your corpse."
    • Gaige: You see a young, high-school-age looking girl stroll casually towards your camp, and you think of all the terrible things you and your bandit friends could do to her. As you rush out to get her, this peppy little girl, who you notice has a robotic left arm, pulls a blue SMG and goes to town on the whole camp. She seems to get crazier and crazier as the battle goes on, firing blindly and pulling Wolverine Claws, murdering everything in sight. Eventually, her huge-ass Robot Buddy joins the fight and begins smashing everybody with gigantic claws and formidable elemental beams. In the end, it's just you and her, and the last thing you see is this sweet high school girl's tool hammer hitting your forehead.
    • Krieg: So normally the various Bandits and Psychos dotting Pandora's landscape seem to get along fine, at least within certain communities. So you, a marauder, probably aren't thinking too much about the Badass Psycho roaming around The Dust at the Southern end of your camp. Until, of course, you hear the urgent shouting and pained screams coming from your buddies near the entrance. This Psycho is somehow a thousand times more resilient than your average, tissue-paper-thin specimen. He unloads lead, explosives, and a seemingly endless supply of buzzaxes into the camp's collective face, with no end in sight. You send out some Flaming Psychos to try to take him down, but the beast seems to enjoy, and even be empowered by, the flames. When he should finally be dead, he just pulls out a bundle of dynamite and runs around like a lunatic on speed, destroying everything in sight. Your own burning flesh is the last thing you smell as this impacable Psychopath breathes fire directly into your face.
    • Or, to look at it another way...
      • Axton: For a Badass Marauder like you, it's just another day in Sawtooth Cauldron...when a Commando jumps down from the cliff into your area and starts blasting away with his Dahl/Vladof assault rifle. The bullets are going everywhere, faster than you can blink, and they're hitting your buddies. You lead a massive charge against him, while air support flies in...then he throws down his turret. A turret that sticks to the wall, with a shield around him, that reflects bullets and slags you, shooting buzzards out of the sky. Eventually, he fires a bullet through your helmet and you fall down, clutching your Bandit rifle, watching your legs separate from your body as the commando continues firing, cheerfully yelling as crashing buzzards and bloody limbs fly past him...
      • Maya: You've spotted a pretty siren in Thousand Cuts, of all places, who also just wandered through the Death Wall that fried loads of dumb bandits. A very pretty siren. Maybe you can capture her and send her to Hyperion for a personal congratulations by Jack, a promotion, a massive bounty and perhaps a new gun...or you can have some fun with her first. You signal to the other yellow-clad soldiers around you, and cock your trusty Hyperion SMG. They take hidden positions as you inch slowly for a closer look at those nice boobs...then she spots you. Immediately, she locks you in a giant black hole. You squirm around, trying to open fire, but unable to move as she lifts her Maliwan SMG and burns/corrodes/shocks/slags your comrades and loaders to death, right she turns around, smirks at you struggling and fires a five round burst into you.
      • Salvador: It's a fine morning in Buzzard Academy, there's absolute havoc. A steroid-fueled midget with a mohawk just entered your camp, with nothing but a legendary Torgue pistol in one hand, and what seems to be a Moxxi-made slag pistol on the other. You watched your buddies attack, only to get slagged and have their skin shaved off or limbs amputated for their troubles as the midget screams one-liners. The Buzzards come, the midget switches weapons, and the Vladof rifles in his hands proceed to send them crashing into the desert below. As you attempt to shoot him with your Bandit repeater, the grinning midget shoots your buddy and the gasoline tank near him, burning you to death while the bullets you fired are absorbed into his ammo supply.
      • Zero: You're a Marshal patrolling the street near the Sheriff's office, when suddenly there's the sound of a giant gun battle in Main Street. You look through the scope of your Jakobs Scarab, and see nothing but bloodstained buildings and the ground littered with thousands of corpses, with horrific stab wounds. As you stop to continue watching over the far end of Gunslinger's Corner, there's the sound of a Maliwan sniper rifle burning and penetrating various bandits. However, you can't see who's doing the shooting. Soon, you go back to watching the far end again...when your fellow Marshal notices an assassin waving his katana around. The Sheriff and her Deputy, as well as the others, attack the assassin. Somehow, he's deflecting the bullets with his sword, and there's no wound on him. Then the decoy explodes and sends a shock nova around you. Recovering from it, you find that he's just wiped out most of the others with his legendary Jakobs revolver. You look on horror as your boss, an ex-Vault Hunter who can outshoot everyone in the town, is blasted in the chest by Maggie and falls from her place on the roof. Her Deputy is waving his Coach Gun, yelling something-and the assassin appears again. But this time, he's real, and he slashes you in half.
      • Gaige: So you and some fellow bandits are just relaxing talking about the grilled skag you just shared, when up strolls this rail spike of a kid in a skirt. She runs right up to your group and is spouting self deluded nonsense like she was auditioning for a slightly more lucid psycho. She draws her SMG, and you quickly try to cover yourself. Only except you realize that every one of her shots is missing. Like, missing by a mile. Your friends share a laugh at this, this girl obviously hasn't used a gun in her life. Then the laughing suddenly stops when the guy right beside you suddenly bursts into bloody salsa. You realize that so many of those missed bullets are bouncing around the place like pinballs, and every shot from the regular SMG is tearing everyone apart like a Torgue round! You manage to find cover as more and more of your group are splattered all over the place thanks to this hell child. When you finally strike the nerve to aim your assault rifle at her head, you're face to face with a floating metal demon covered in bones, knives, and a hellish red glow. The last thing you see are the bladed fingers heading right for your eyes.
  • The fate of Helena Pierce, and the civilians she was escorting. We only hear it over the final ECHO recording. Jack shoots Helena dead on the spot, then casually orders Wilhelm to kill the others. It's only an audio recording, so we simply hear Wilhelm acknowledge the command and open fire — and the civilians screaming.